Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec 26 2014

Okay so it has been a while and let's just say a TON has happened!! But I will just tell about the main good stuff :) But first off, >Merry Christmas!!! I hope it was super wonderful for everyone. I know it was for me :) It was so fun to talk to you guys and see your beautiful faces :)


So... AMY!! So she was a self-referral and I said a little bit about her last week. But she is seriously a blessing from Heaven. She is a blessing for us missionaries because she makes us more excited and the spirit is just so strong, and a blessing for the Jönköping ward! I am so excited for her. So she will be getting baptized the 10th of January. So that will be so cool!! I can't wait for her because she is so excited! haha We have taught her a few times and she gains a testimony on everything we have talked about like right when she hears it come out of our mouth. She just feels the spirit so strongly. She has such an amazing relationship with God and I feel so blessed to help her learn these things that she has been searching for!! :) She absolutely LOVED church as well. It is super cool because there is a new convert from earlier this year and he is from Kenya as well and she was just so excited. Everything is perfect timing with her. 

Rikki, the 25 year old who was baptized previously this year, we have been meeting with him still and it is pretty fun. He is super funny and so we are all pretty good friends! We had dinner with the Ahlströms and had Rikki come along, so that was super fun! We had korv (sausage) stroganoff, which I have heard before is not good at all, but I actually liked it! Maybe the one who said they didn't like it had it from a bad cook or something. haha

Oh last week (on the 17th) we were out and something fell through so we prayed to figure out what we should do. Then Sister Lindsay felt we should go do a swing by to a less active that lived on this certain street, which was funny because I also felt that we should go contacting down that street. And on our way we ran into a guy and contacted him and then we ended up having an hour lesson with him standing there kind of cold. But we taught him about the whole restoration and the differences between our church and other christian churches, and he said I don't think you guys are going to convince me to change, and we were like, we aren't here to do that, but the spirit is! Can you feel that? Yeah that is the spirit, take this book and you will be able to know for yourself from God! He took the Book of Mormon happily and said he would read it and pray about it. I can't wait to follow up with him (his name is Rikard) but he is in Africa during the Holidays. So when he comes back hopefully we have a new investigator :) It was really cool because we were also definitely blessed with the gift of tongues as we taught him!!

Friday Dec 19 2014 - We had Zone Conference last week as well which was SO GOOD!! Oh my goodness. I wish I had my notes with me right now, but a lot of work was put into it, and it showed! I absolutely loved it :) Came out of there a lot more motivated and with some newly opened eyes. Two parts of it that stand out to me are first, the focus on my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I realized how I need to continually be nurturing it, not because I haven't been studying and serving, etc etc. But I just need to make a more conscious effort as I pray to really poor out my heart to my Father and that I know through the Saviors Atonement I can receive comfort, guidance and support! The spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting, and I was just super happy about that! Then we had some instructions about inviting people to be baptized. We talked about so many times missionaries get scared to invite people to get baptized! Especially in the first or second lesson, and those are some of the most perfect times! It felt good knowing that I have been doing better about that and I have seen the difference. It was just super motivating to make sure I invite those I meet with to be baptized the first lesson. Not because I am expecting a yes every time, but the Yes is going to come a lot more often than if you didn't ask at all!! And it helps the investigators start pondering that and really focusing the lessons on the goal of baptism and activation in the church!! Also at zone conference we did fun little skits. And our district did The Districtet! haha it was super funny, and yes we are acting in it, it isn't all real, but it is based off a lot of real things that happen in the mission. (other than the pride thing. that was just to be funny.)  
Dear Elders and Sisters,

Below you will find a link to the Dropbox folder that contains all of the Christmas Skits performed at all of the Zone Conferences. From there you will be able to watch and/or download them if you so desire. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy Dropboxing!
MVH,Proselyting Office EldersSweden Stockholm
Note the clip showing the top of the temple is the one with Syster Bolton in it. 

After having some really good lessons with Josef... he dropped us. :( he called and said that he believes we have the wrong way. I am grateful that he does have good beliefs and is a good guy, has a relationship with God, but we think he came across some anti material or something. :(

Wednesday Dec 24 2014 - I guess I will just finish off by telling about our Christmas celebrations! It was super fun :) The members did well taking care of us here! Which I am super grateful for :) But on Christmas Eve (which was seriously like Christmas day here in Sweden. It is super weird, but everyone does Santa n the evening on Christmas eve. plus the big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.) We had a relaxed morning just studying and then organizing some stuff then we went to the Robayos for the day. They are from Colombia, so we had a Swedish/Colombian Christmas! haha when we first got there we watch kalleanka (which is like donald the duck clips plus other Disney movie clips, and stuff.) but everyone in Sweden watches it for some reason. It is at 3:00 every year on Christmas Eve. It was funny, but kind of weird. haha. Then we had dinner, which was super delicious and visited and such then we ended the night watching the Polar Express! Which was soo fun. It just felt so like Christmas, and I loved it :)

Thursday Dec 25 2014 - Then Christmas day we woke up and got ready quickly and we went to the church and did waffles, bacon and eggs for our Christmas breakfast with the Elders and Marcus ( a YSA ) then went to Marcus´ and watched Frozen (elder Jones hadn't seen it yet. Oh ps. Elder Peter Jones is cousins with the Fagers! He is from Arizona) Then played phase ten (I kicked butt;) haha) Then we headed over to the Hegyesseys, where we watched.... HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!! I was of course stoked. Alex did that for me :) I was so happy, and yes it was amazing if anyone was wondering. I loved it!! Then we had a wonderful American Christmas dinner with some super great Swedish desserts :) cant get better than that. Then we kind of had a small testimony meeting on Christ which was super special! Then we headed to the church to Skype :) ah which was super amazing and I am super grateful for you guys!! :) That was so much fun to talk to you and hear you!


Oh PS. so transfers this week! Sister Lindsay is going to Norrköping on Monday! ah I am so sad to say goodbye, but she will do great! Then I get Sister Austin my MTC comp for just one week! then we will see what else happens to me! I don't really know exactly but I know Sister Austin is going back to Malmö after the week of being together, then heck maybe we both will train? maybe not? but we will know by next Thursday which is our next pday! Well I love you guys sooo much and I hope you have a wonderful week :) Happy New Year!!


I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for everything :)

Love, Cassie

Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22 2014

Cassie did not have much time to e-mail today, since we get to speak with her on Christmas Day, but did provide some pictures. :)

Note about my week, 
We have an investigator Amy who will get baptized the 10th or 17th of Jan! She is a gem!! Can't wait, she is from Kenya, so we speak English with her and she is the cutest thing ever. But pretty much I will tell you more Thursday, I love you all and I can't wait to talk to you all!! Have a great and very Merry Christmas!! LOVE YOU!!

Friday Dec 19, 2014 - Zone Conference

Elder Miles (District Leader), Syster Bolton and Syster Lindsey

Syster Spencer, Syster Bolton, Syster Quinn and Syster Lindsey.  Syster Quinn and Syster Spencer are the Sister Training Leaders (STLs) over us.

Syster Bolton, Syster Quinn and Syster Lindsey

Syster Bolton and Syster Christensen

Syster Austin and Syster Bolton  (MTC Companion)

Christmas from home

Saturday Dec 20, 2014 - Note and pictures from one of the members where Cassie is located.

Christmas is approaching and we had dinner with these fine missionaries Saturday evening. We had a grand time! Thank you for supporting your sons and daughters!

Attached are a couple of photos. If you wonder who the "old" ones are, it's me and my husband Dick :-)

Merry Christmas
Maria Thörn in Jönköping

Monday Dec 22, 2014 - What happened to the snow in Jönköping?



Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15 2014 (6 Months)


Had a pretty good week, again! I love being a missionary, honestly, don't really have bad weeks very often. haha I just love it. But.. 

Tuesday Dec 9 2014 - we taught quite a few people, but the best lesson of the day was with Josef, the really funny one. We got a baptismal date with him!! Woot woot! It is a soft baptismal date, but a baptismal date none the less. January 24th is the goal, he said he will if he feels that it is right. He doesn't have problems with commandments it seems, and so now it is just helping him gain a testimony of the restoration. We also taught Per, someone who has been taught for like the past 4 months? He cancelled on us the first few times we tried to meet with him, because of being sick and then something coming up, but we finally got to meet with him, got to know him a little bit, then tried to understand what is holding him back from baptism. He mostly just wants to learn more, and stuff, he feels like he has gotten part of his answer that it is right, but just wants something more. So we asked if we could pray with him right then. We all knelt down, and he said about a 30 second prayer, then we stayed quiet.. then we all started praying to ourselves. We were kneeling for 20 more minutes, and I could have sworn he was going to stand up and say he needs to be baptized because the spirit was so strong, but then he ended up saying he felt really good, thank you for that, and then checked his phone (because it rang 7 times during us praying and he ignored it every time.) and saw that it was his mother, so he was like, I better run now, thanks! and left.. haha We would have liked to have talked a little more, but that is okay! Hopefully he can start having more faith in the faith and answer he has! But now we will just continue to teach him so that he feels like he understands everything and can be baptized. That night we had dinner with a member, Bella Nilsson, and it was super good and fun. She is a cutie.

Wednesday Dec 10 2014 - HAHAHA okay... well we just LOVE running for buses and such. haha So summary, is that we had district meeting in Borås, and its a 2 hour 15 min bus ride, so we got up and ready and we left our apartment like 5 minutes early, walked to the bus stop, and upon getting there we read it and it was like, oh hey this bus stop has been moved to this street from this date to this date. So we through that address into our phone, and just started booking it, because we couldn't miss this bus. Well we ran all along this street and couldn't find any bus stop, and eventually gave up with the knowledge that we missed it. Kind of dumb, so then we look up other options, find some other bus we can take in an hour, and it is a more direct bus so its like an hour and a half drive, so we got on that bus, and after figuring that out, we got there a half hour late.. and they hadn't started since another companionship wasn't there either. But district meeting was awesome. Seriously loved it. Then after District meeting we went over the skit thing for zone conference this coming week.. We were going to do a nativity thing then figured we wanted to have something more funny, and such... so one of the elder presented this AWESOME other idea.... THE SWEDISH DISTRICT. haha As missionaries we watch the district a bunch through training and stuff, and so we are making one like 5 minutes long, of all these screen cuts that are relatable to the Swedish Stockholm mission, but like copying ideas of things that go on in the district. It is going to be SO funny. Something we will treasure forever. haha So we started filming that through lunch... then got to our bus, and after riding on that bus for 2 and a half hours... then realizing we were not pulling into Jönköping like we should have been... asked the bus driver, and long story short, it was a weird "bus 200" and it went in a CIRCLE!! haha it went half way home... then took a route south and went back to borås. oh boy.. cancelled our dinner appointment, and found another bus. Yes we were on a bus for way too long. Then we got back finally, our whole day gone, so we ate some dinner, since we hadn't eaten since breakfast since we recorded the movie during lunch... haha oh my goodness.. it was just a treat. anyway..

Thursday Dec 11 2014 - HAPPY 6 MONTHS MARK!!! WOOO haha I've been a missionary for officially six months. A third done, how weird! but fun that is for sure! We met with Josef again, committed him to church. Then we went to a less active who... talked a lot. haha she told us like her whole life story. But it was fun. Oh that night we went to LUCIA!! So Lucia is very Swedish, a tradition that is done every year, like everywhere. It is about like a Italian women coming to Sweden with candles, but really just bringing in the light to Sweden which is so dark during the winter and Christmas time. So we went to a Jr. High performance of it with Alex, and it was way fun to see! Didn't understand much of the songs, but then they also just sang some other not Lucia songs, like Christmas songs in English :) haha I love it. It was super fun! Every single one of them had candles. And Lucia is the one in the front who wears a white dress, with a red belt, and has the candles on her head. It was really pretty. They did a good job. Plus there were like 200 girls in white dresses with candles, because they were all around the top banister kind of a thing, I couldn't get a picture of it, but it was really pretty. OH! Plus something super cool was that they had a few girls do the sign language of one of the songs, it was a Swedish song, plus Swedish sign language, so I couldn't follow how close the SL is to ASL, but it was super cool.

Friday Dec 12 2014 - We met with Per again, and another less active, Pauline, and kind of called her to repentance because she isn't coming because she was offended... so we are working on that. We had a YSA activity and we had our new member Rikki teach us all yoga! it was so much fun!! We met with him afterward too, and he is doing alright. I am worried about him though.

Saturday Dec 13 2014 - We taught a couple lessons and did some weekly planning as well, it was a pretty good day! I love weekly planning probably more than a normal one would. but it is fine! haha I just love being able to get organized and call up a bunch of people, and set goals and all that. fun stuff. :)

Sunday Dec 14 2014 - Josef came to church, all three meetings and really enjoyed it! It was super cool :) We had a lesson with him after church and he said he loves all churches, and cant think of any church as being a bad church, after explaining that that is not what we are saying, it still didn't go completely across as well as we would have liked. But it is just really needing him to get a testimony of the restoration. But this week!! He will be listening to the Book of Mormon, so that will help (he has bad eyes and can't read). Then we went to the Hegesseys for dinner, and to help them decorate their Christmas trees! It was fun, plus delicious food. Alex is in that family by the way. PS. Church was incredible. Honestly the spirit was SO strong. I just loved it!! I love Christ, and am so grateful for His atonement.

Monday Dec 15 2014 - today we did the normal Pday stuff, and then we went shopping for some little gifts for the families we will be spending Christmas with, and then for each other. haha it was hilarious, we were trying to hide our stuff from each other, while still being able to see each other. That was an experience. It was fun though. haha Then we are emailing earlier today because the elders in our district are coming to be able to film our DISTRICTET (the district in Swedish) so that will be awesome! Pretty good week!! I don't know, I am just dying over the fact that Christmas is in like 10 days, it seems so unreal!! haha but I am excited! I hope you have a wonderful time! Have a good week and remember the true meaning of this time of year.

Love; Syster Bolton

Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8 2014

Monday Dec 1 2014 - We taught a new convert, Rikki, which was fun, he is like 25, pretty chill, from China, but having lots of doubts :/ We had a good lesson with him, helping him understand that it is a sin not to come to church, and obviously he has a reverence to the Lord because that really caught his attention and he made up for it by coming to church!! :) So hopefully he can continue to do the big three (read, pray, and church) to build up his testimony and help him become truly converted!

Tuesday Dec 2 2014 - Well we had Anna, who the other sisters met with before. It was my first time meeting her and lets just say... it was an experience. She came in and just talked about doing a dancing number with us and asked if I could sing and stuff, and I was like okay... can we talk about the gospel? But that wasn't going to happen until we "practiced this dance" with her that she had made up so that we could perform it at a restaurant with her! hahaha oh my goodness, the poor girl was more than heart broken, which I felt way bad about but I definitely wasn't going to do that. Especially because this "restaurant" was definitely a bar. I felt really bad that she wanted to so badly, but after she finally realized we were not changing our minds she... screamed. Yes she literally screamed at the top of her lungs. We were in the Church and we were both appalled. Then she started crying, and then we tried to bring in Christ and how we can find real, lasting joy through Him. She didn't listen for very long until she stormed out. Oh man, I felt so bad for her. She just really doesn't know the purpose of life here on earth, and it just made me so much more grateful for that knowledge, but it also made my heart just ache for her.

On a funnier note, Sister Lindsay was praying in Swedish for us, and she said something wrong, so tried to fix it, then said it wrong again, tried to fix it, then was like "dang it!" hahaha it was hilarious. :) lightened the mood I guess.

We also had a little bit of time that evening because all of our lessons bloasted, so we decided to do a little thing with the He is the Gift initiative. You know how around Halloween people "Boo" each other and leave a little ghost with a plate of treats then you put the ghost in the window and you have to pass it along? So we did that! But Christmas style, hoping it goes around the ward, and hopefully non-members get it as well!

Wednesday Dec 3 2014 - we taught an investigator named Josef, and it was a lot of fun. We had to be pretty bold with him, so that is probably why it was a lot of fun :) It is really cool, because the spirit just builds up inside me, and I just realize how much I know it is true. Josef is so funny though. He is 31, from Iran or Iraq, and has a Christian background, but doesn't know why he needs to be baptized again, and doesn't believe in Joseph Smith at all- But! The bold lesson made him realize he can't say that "there can't be prophets today" because he doesn't know! It was really good because we committed him to read pray and church and told him it would take time, etc.

Thursday Dec 4 2014 - We had dinner with a member Juan (the one with the old Swedish Military outfit on in the pictures) he is hilarious, and loves old things, he is planning on investing in it when its all worth even more money. It was fun, the elders, us and Juan. He is great. He was like, of course I can feed the missionaries, the Lord has blessed me with so much, that I can give His missionaries some food, easy! He has an awesome testimony too!


Friday Dec 5 2014 - we had a district meeting, which was kind of funny. Way different than past ones, but it was fun. We have a district of 5 companionships, 3 sets of elders, 2 of sisters. So Sister Demille from my MTC group is in my district now!

We met with an old investigator to go teach her friend. She is like 60 years old, crazy, but hilarious. She doesn't believe it herself, but like while we were on the bus, she like introduces us to random people and explained what we do as missionaries and stuff. It was so funny, but hey cool! 

Then we taught this potential investigator who is now a new investigator! :) He doesn't remember meeting missionaries, and didn't know like anything about it, but when we called him and set up the appointment he was like sure! So we met, and he had a bagillion questions, and it was super fun to teach him! He isn't necessarily seeking right now, but hopefully he will begin- His name is Navid.

Saturday Dec 6 2014 - We taught Josef again, and softened his heart about being baptized again, and so now he is also praying about that! He is so funny, because he is kind of like a child, as I called to confirm and asked if he could still come, he was like, oh no I can't and then after being like what? he's like, I'm just kidding! He did that with stuff as I followed up on prayer, etc. So now I just know he is always lying to me. haha

Sunday Dec 7 2014 - Kind of disappointing, no investigators came. We called Josef and he said he just can't today, tried to remind him it is a commandment, and it will help him find his answer, but he said it himself that he was just being lazy. :/ But Rikki came and we had a good lesson with him after church! Helped us understand more where he is at (he is the recent convert), then we had dinner at the De Lima's - she is from Sweden and her mom is Linnea Dannell (from Lulea!! haha) and he is from Brazil. They are super awesome, we had fun with them, and they have three cute crazy children! It was great :)

Monday Dec 8 2014 - Today! We went bowling with the elders, which was super fun!! I hit 162, so that was fun!! haha Not too bad considering my high score in my life is 167! But we had a lot of fun, plus we got 3 games in in one hour! 

This week was super good, I still love my companion more than anything, and I love the work! Weird realization of the day was that in 2 weeks it will be 3 days away from Christmas... WEIRD!! haha I will be talking with you all very soon :) Exciting, but weird as anything, that is FOR sure!!! haha

Swedish Fun fact- Swedes like to wear black. Like all black, all the time. It is kind of funny. Plus most missionaries blend in well when you wear a black skirt, and then like everyone has a black coat except me.... bright blue! haha I guess I will stand out :) But it is fun! I love Sweden :)

I love you sooo much!! Have a wonderful week! The Lord loves you and hears you!!!

Love, Sister Bolton

Christmas from home (Tree, Stockings and fun stuff)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dec 1 2014

Hej då Luleå, Hallå Jönköping! This week has been crazy! A little long since the last pday, but oh my goodness it has been so good!!! 

Monday Nov 24 2014 - Said bye to everybody, had a lesson with Henrik, who I am not sure will progress much longer. Then a lesson with Joel who is just a rock star. 

Joel and I
Then Jocke.. who is a little peculiar, and I don't know if he is really that interested in changing but he likes hearing about it, so I don't think they will continue meeting with him for very long. But who knows. Anyway, then we went the Newells for one last time, visited for a little while, ate some waffles, and then said goodbye! 

Newell Family: David (President Newell), Linnea, Alise, Anna, Emelina, me. :) 

This song is Come Lord Jesus from Savior of the World, but in Swedish :) Alise, Emelina, and Linnea Newell, with Anna playing the piano. I love them!

Then we went to the Lilijansalo's and helped them set up their nativity, which I LOVED (mom your obsession wore off on me, and I just love them too.) so that was fun, it was a willow tree nativity that she had gotten from Utah. But then we had meatballs and some vegetables with them and visited which was a lot of fun. Then playing with the kids a little bit, shared a message with them, and said goodbye. Ah too many goodbyes. It was pretty sad. I love those people and will miss them a lot!!

Lilijansalo family :) Otto, Marja, Norra, Jesse, Veera, Leo
Tuesday Nov 25 2014 - Finished packing, and it was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be on Monday. haha The weight is a killer is all, but I did it!! woo hoo :) So that was nice. Then I pretty much traveled all day. HEY! I saw Elder Adam Elinkowski! Just for like 5-10 minutes is all, while we were in the airport, so that was cool to see a friend from high school and see that we are actually in the same mission since he has been in the south west of Sweden the whole time and I have been in the north east... then we traded! haha But it the trains went well thanks to Sister Mod!! It was funny actually, she helped me onto the arlanda express from the airport to go to Stockholm central where my train would leave from and she helped my baggage on, but the doors closed behind her so she had to go with me! It wasn't a big deal since she needed to go to Stockholm as well, but she was going to be taking a bus instead because that is what the office elders has sent her. But it was a HUGE Blessing for me! She helped me get around Stockholm central, and find the train and figure out all the things I had to do! haha It was sad to say bye to her, but she has a lot of fun things ahead of her!! Then a stranger helped me with the baggage as I traded trains. Oh how I love people!! :) I traveled for a total of like 7 hours? So not too bad. Then as I stepped off the train an elder pulled my bag out of my hands and Sister Lindsay and others were waiting. It was fun to meet them, and then we just went home and pulled the bags in, etc. and then it was planning time! haha

Transfer from Luleå in the north to Jönköping in the south
Wednesday Nov 26 2014 - we taught Nandino, and did lots of swing bys, and spoke Swedish only during certain hours of the day, and planned, and set goals as a companionship and stuff, and it was aweessommmeee!! I was super glad we both want to strive, and it will just be an amazing companionship. We seriously get along so well, I just love it!! haha It was a pretty good day, contacted lots of people, and having a second hour of comp study is kind of fun too :) Especially since I am on the other side now! haha It is fun to be able to share with her things that I have learned and stuff. 

Thursday Nov 27 2014 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! :) Well for thanksgiving we celebrated in our own little way! During our second hour of comp study we listened to the "grateful in all circumstances" talk by Pres. Uchtdorf, and then made a little gratitude wall with post it notes and stuff, and just talked about our traditions and things we are grateful for. It was fun :) Then we did more less active swing bys, and got to teach one of them-even though he isn't interested in coming back or anything, but we are hoping to just invite him to the YSA activities and such because he seemed that age. So hopefully! We also helped decorate for the Christmas concert, which took them forever, and we were there for two hours. Mormons are the same everywhere... haha they go all out!! Then for dinner we made ourselves some mashed potatoes out of powder, and gravy, and we had corn and we cooked up some chicken! It was a wonderful thanksgiving dinner for what we had :) haha I thought it was actually so much fun, I was just super happy, and grateful. So I guess that is really what makes thanksgiving isn't it? Then that night we were invited to some members house for sweet potato pie, which was yummy! And it was just nice to have some pie on thanksgiving:) It was at the Hegysessys home. The dad is American, mom is Swedish, and their son, Alex is the assistant mission leader.

Friday Nov 28 2014 - We had zone training in Göteborg!! It was fun to go there, plus we only had to leave at 7:30 in the morning, not the usual 5:30 when I was in Norrland! haha But it was fun, we studied on the train, and getting there was fun to see all these faces I had never met! Except for a few. It was definitely a different feeling than other zone trainings I have had, but it was still good! It was all focused on the "He is the Gift" Initiative! It was really cool :) check out the December Ensign to see what it is all about. It is for missionaries throughout the whole world!! I love it :) Then we went the Mullsjö on the way home and taught Emelie and her friends. So a group of 7 guys and girls that are 18 years old. Okay, it was sick! I'll have to explain more about them all later. But pretty much their school came to the church and one of the members did a presentation of the first three lessons and some of the commandments to all of them for like 2 and a half hours and they all loved it and just had tons of questions, and so we got some potentials out of that, one of them being Emelie. This was our first time meeting with her again since that, and it was super fun!! We didn't expect all her friends too, but I guess more of them were interested in learning more still :) That teach was fun and crazy cause they just asked question after questions with views on homosexuals, and if you don't get married in this life if your alone forever or not, etc. etc. haha but it went really well! I love that they can all speak English, so it made it easier for sister Lindsay to join in, plus with some of the weird topics I broke into English too. But it was fun, I can't wait til we can go back and visit with them again! 


Saturday Nov 29 2014 - We were bloasted, and it was the Jul (Christmas) concert for the ward so we were there early so that sister Lindsay could practice with people, and stuff, and it was fun to mingle with the ward so early, and such! The concert was great and beautiful!! 

Sunday Nov 30 2014 - The ward is seriously awesome. We have a nice church building, and I am way excited to be here!! :) :) I looovveee Jönköping and my companion Sister Lindsay!!!! :) They are both stupendously amazing!!!

Some thoughts;
Sister Lindsay and I both want to be exactly obedient, no excuses, no justifications, we want those miracles to come and we are both willing to do what it takes. So I am SO happy about that. It feels really good to be here with her.

I read Enos this week, and I thought it was great. I learned a few things that I hadn't seen before. Especially in verse 20 it talks about the Nephites attempt to help the Lamanites come unto the Lord but because of their wickedness their work is in vain. I was like, dang sometimes that feels like our work. haha But then I thought about the importance of their "diligent work" even though it was in vain, and there was a cross reference to Moroni 9:6 which talks about doing the work no matter the outcome so that we can "conquer the enemy of all righteousness," which just reminded me of how much it helps us in our lives, and shows God where our hearts really are. Our work is definitely not in vain, I have already seen some beautiful outcomes, and am excited to see more, but it just felt good to remember no matter what, you need to be working diligently!

The spirit has helped a lot this week, first with comforting me as I was a little nervous to transfer, to train, and just be in a new area. Then as well with helping me with the language as I couldn't rely on a companion to understand all the time, and then also giving me answers to quite the crazy questions. I didn't know the best way to answer them, but the spirit definitely guided me, which I was so grateful for! I have just felt the spirit more as I have been here in Jönköping with Sister Lindsay. I don't know exactly why that is, but I am feeling happier, and more comfortable. Probably a little bit to do with the obedience and I feel like my prayers have continued to improve and become more sincere!

Well obviously I absolutely love Sister Lindsay!! She is AMAZING. I will enjoy it while I've got her. She is stupendous, just wanting to learn and do her best! She is an excellent missionary, and I feel very blessed to be able to finish her training. This transfer was exactly how it needed to be. I feel like we will grow so much together, and I just love everyday. I never feel uncomfortable around her, so that is really nice. She is amazing! I am doing great as well, and love the work more than ever :)

I love you guys soo much! I am soo grateful for you and your prayers. I can really feel the strength!! I hope you guys love the holidays, even though I am not there in person, my heart is still right with ya :) ah I LOVE YOU :) Have an amazing week!!

Love, Cassie

Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24 2914

Note from Parents: Cassie's pday was switched to Saturday Nov 22 2014 and since they did not know the library closed early they only got 1 hour to send an e-mail. So below is part 2 of Week 17 in Luleå Sweden.

Sunday Nov 23 2014 - Well, the last Sunday in Luleå!! It was so weird, but it was fun! We contacted a TON of people before church, then during church none of our investigators came... again. :/ But I was asked to bear my testimony since I would be leaving, so I was able to do that. It was cool to stand up there and remember how I did it my first Sunday here, and see the difference. Now I could say what I wanted to say for the most part, now I stood up there and saw all these faces and they all meant something to me, now I said thank you and goodbye. It was weird, but special. I hugged just about everyone and said goodbye. We had Ward Council after church, which was weird for me just because none of the things they were talking about would effect me anymore! But it was fun! Then we went to the Wirtalas for dinner AGAIN!! :)

They invited us over even though we were just there last Sunday, and it was so much fun. We got there and they said it was a Christmas dinner! It was mostly for Elder Allsop because he had only had one Christmas in Sweden (the other was in the MTC). So we got there and we decorated their Christmas Tree, then ate the traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner (which was a little random/weird- I'll explain more later.)

Then watched a tiny bit of Pippi's Christmas (allowed by mission president) (like pippi longstocking. it is originally Swedish.) Then sang some Christmas songs and then they gave us each a present, which we unwrapped and it was a Kex candy bar!

They are just the sweetest things ever!! Seriously though, it was soo much fun! It felt like Christmas, and although I wasn't home with family, I was with people who loved me and I love them, so it was so special! So I guess I will get two Christmas' in Sweden too! haha one yesterday, and one this Christmas! Craziness :)

After we left, they called and said I forgot my camera there, so we swung around and got it, luckily we hadn't gone far! But after retrieving my camera, and finally looking at it, I found all these beautiful selfies of the Wirtala family!! :) hahaha I love them so much! I will miss them! Ah!! But it was pretty wonderful time.


I love the Lord, and I love the people he puts in our lives. He really knows what He's doing, doesn't He?



P.S. Oh Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!! I am so so grateful for you. Mom and Dad you have been the best gift from the Lord, and I am forever grateful. Bro's and Sisters, thanks for all you do, and for loving me, and always having fun with me! Friends, thanks for the love support and fun times! I love you and am SO GRATEFUL for YOU!!!

So I will be moving tomorrow! I fly to Stockholm then take a train to Jönköping! I think it will be like a 4 or 5 hour train ride! So I will get there tomorrow night about 8.00. 

I am wayy excited to serve with Sister Jessica Lindsay! She's a doll :)


Syster Bolton and Syster Modersitzki