Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jun 25 2014

It has been a pretty great week! Things are getting a little easier, as I am getting used to the schedule and the load. Last Thursday we taught Haydar again, it was like our fifth lesson with him, and we committed him to baptism, then he said he was moving to Sweden Friday morning! haha But he is just our teacher, and is now another investigator Håkan who we teach every other day. And Broder Bush is another investigator Hans, who we teach on the opposite days. It is all moving fast, but I am enjoying teaching them. Even though it is definitely hard. We taught Hans yesterday about the Restoration, and it went really well, the spirit was so strong, and it was a solid 45 minute lesson. This week Sister Austin memorized our purpose as missionaries in Swedish, and she said she does not know why she memorized it because she would not ever use it in Swedish. But our purpose says; To invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them recieve the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His atonement, repentance, baptism, the receiving of the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. During our lesson Hans asked what the gospel of Jesus Christ was, and we did not know how the best way to answer that, then I turned to sister Austin and said "recite your purpose! it's the doctrine of Christ!" so she said it, and it was awesome! I just followed her by saying, as well as all that we will be teaching you. It was really neat that she said over and over that she wouldn't use it, but she memorized it anyway, and then she could use it! 

Sister Austin is my favorite, we are tight, and we understand each other, we are learning daily how to teach and work together better. We motivate each other, and I think we bring out the best in each other. 

Sunday night we had to say goodbye to Elder Bonner (who has been our zone leader) and Sister Bradley (our sister training leader.) and I stinking balled. I was fine, and holding it together, and then Elder Bonner shook my hand, and looked me in the eye, and I knew the tears were coming. haha I just had a really good friendship with both of them. Since both of them were solo's, I just found myself talking to them more. They are the bomb. I will really miss them. 

Things I learned from the meetings on Sunday; Relief Society- I just need to remember that I love to serve people, and when things are hard, and I am discouraged, I need to remember to uplift others, and focus on them, and that is how I will find joy. Sacrament- Check on yourself throughout the day to make sure that you are heeding the promptings of the spirit. We had a devotional by Janice Kapp Perry, cutest lady ever, plus her husband. He stood up and kissed her while she was talking about meeting each other!! hahaa it was so much fun.

We met our mission president and his wife on monday- they are seriously the best. I can't wait to serve under their direction. They are so cute. Supposedly President Beckstrand facebook stalked us all before he came, which I thought was brilliant and hilarious. 

A couple days ago during personal study I read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and the testimonies of the witnesses, and it was INCREDIBLE. Can I tell you all to read it now? I know personally, I haven't read it every time I start the Book of Mormon, etc. But it is amazing. Peace filled my soul, and my knowledge of the book, and that it holds the gospel of Christ, and that I can get direction from it was re-confirmed. I was able to also bring it up in our lesson as we talked about the purpose of the book, I was just so grateful for that experience.

Devotional last night was STELLAR. So it has been the new mission president seminar about the past 4 days, and so our main building was closed to all missionaries. But there have been all the apostles and the prophet here. Yesterday after gym time, we saw President Uchdorf walk to his car, and he waved at us a bunch. Then for devotional there were six apostles! Plus a bunch from the seventy. The spirit was amazing. It was so neat to be directed by D. Todd Christofferson as we sat not too far away. He talked about the worth of a soul, and directed us to remember that as we do the work of the Lord. He mentioned that you could say that the worth of a soul is the capacity to become as God. I also was touched by the spirit that I must be fully converted before I can expect others to become fully converted.My time here at the MTC is so that I can become fully converted, and continue to grow in that way. Two one liners that he shared that stuck with me were "you do not walk alone" and "HE has faith in you." LOVED IT :)

Something I didn't get to say about last week, but wanted to:
This is for my young women mostly, but then again, we all should hear it. When I was in a lesson with the Mia-Maids, we talked about personal revelation. Many brought up the concern that it is difficult to understand your own thoughts vs. the promptings of the Spirit. When we were in the devotional with Sheri Dew two Sundays ago, she brought this very topic up. She was talking with a friend once about these concerns, and he asked her, "have you ever prayed for guidance in learning how to understand revelation?" We can ask Heavenly Father to let us know what revelation feels like for us. We should ask Him to tutor us in the language of the Spirit. It won't just come, it is like studying a language (which is super hard by the way.) you must work at it everyday, and practice in the language. Girls, PLEASE do this. Actually, everyone really should, because we all need a little more direction when it comes to understanding the Spirit. I wish I would have thought about praying to our Heavenly Father to help me feel what revelation feels like for me, because when the Lord is helping you learn, you learn so much faster. I love you cute girls, and I hope all is going well :)
[mom, can you print that off and give it to one of the Mia-Maid leaders. Thanks :)]

I just love you all and I hope all is well. You are in my prayers, and I hope you can find a way to go beside yourself and serve another this week.

Thank you for the letters- they are so uplifting :)

Love, Cass

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