Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Jul 9 2014

Okay so last Wednesday we had the incredible opportunity to clean the Provo Temple since it is closed for two weeks. We were there for three and a half wonderful hours. It was seriously soo cool! The sisters were able to clean the chandeliers in the celestial rooms! We took it apart piece by piece, cleaned it then put it back together. The best part was turning the light back on and see how much prettier it was after it was cleaned. It just sparkled. The spirit was so strong in those little rooms as we climbed up on ladders and put the chandeliers back together. It took a long time even though we had four of us working on one. We put them in piece by piece. It reminded me of how we learn; piece by piece, bit by bit. We must have patience with ourselves, we can't do too much at once or we were likely to break one of those precious crystals. I've learned that a lot here, as I learn the gospel and the language both one step at a time, and at first when I tried to get every single thing we were taught I didn't come out with much at all. Once I focused on one thing at a time I can come to understand that, put it in the proper place and continue to grow. I love the temple, and know it is the house of the Lord. I was so grateful to serve there and feel the spirit immensely even as we were cleaning. It is the house of the Lord, it is the closest we can get to Heaven on earth, and the ordinances performed are TRUE. Go to the Temple often, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want us to participate in the work, remember the covenants we have made and come closer to them. Live worthy of the temple daily. Work towards it, and visit the grounds. Family, I can PROMISE you the Lord will bless you if you make it your goal to visit often if you can go in or not, He will help you understand its importance and come closer to Him.

The fourth of July here in the MTC was great! We like all wore red white and blue, so that was great. I need to get some of those pictures and send them home. I will try to right after this. :) But we had a devotional, lots of musical numbers, and a speaker. The speaker talked about our wonderful country for a while then turned to the freedom we received from Jesus Christ. I know as I have come to Christ I have gained freedom from sin and from Satan. He made a point that we should give our agency to the Lord so that we can really be free. I hadn't thought about it this way. I have heard the saying "Let go, Let God." But this gave me a new perspective on it. The Lord gave us our agency one of the finest gifts, but as we choose to  give Him our agency we can be completely free. We will always say "Thy will be done."

We had a mission conference for fast Sunday instead of our other meetings then had Sacrament with our normal branch. But the mission conference is with all the missionaries. There were 6 speakers in the two hours. It was so powerful, I absolutely loved the things I learned! President Roach (2nd couns. in MTC pres.) talked about Preach My Gospel! Oh my goodness it was INCREDIBLE. He talked about the history behind it, which was incredible, did you know that it is the manuel that had the most time spent on it, and the most people. Every single one of the quorum of the twelve and first presidency worked on it. One of those who worked on it said; "It was written on the other side of the veil, and we had the wonderful opportunity to assemble it here." This book is from latter-day prophets, straight from God. We must STUDY it. "Preach My Gospel was made to convert the missionary before they convert their investigator." Well we are all missionaries aren't we? and we all want to be more converted to the Lord? Well then- study what they have given us. It will help you understand the doctrine of Christ- the most important part of your testimony. The doctrine of Christ should be your foundation, you don't have to understand the deep doctrine of the gospel to be converted to it, you just need to know His simple doctrine of Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Enduring to the end is continually building your faith, continually repenting, making commitments, and following the Holy Ghost. We can study Preach my Gospel over and over and still receive revelation every time. I want you to read it all the way through, it doesn't necessarily have to be in a certain order, but study it and I promise your testimony and faith will grow!! :) It explains the gospel of Christ so wonderfully, so we can truly come to have a better understanding on it!

President Nally also spoke and during the new mission pres. seminar, they received knowledge and direction from the first presidency that a couple changes would be made. Those include, 1. You will teach lesson 5 "laws and ordinances" before baptism. 2. It is now the missionaries responsibility to re-teach all 5 lesson after baptism, and 3. that new members will be worked with closely for 3-4 months, and contact should be kept for at least a year. Our focus to "find, teach and baptize," was expanded to also "retain and activate." Just amazing that these things will hasten the work and this is directly from Jesus Christ, He knows that these changes will improve the strength of the church! Ah so cool :) They all had fantastic talks, I wish I could share all I've learned.

On Monday, we studied how we can let the Holy Ghost play a bigger part in our lessons and how the Holy Ghost is the key to conversion. We then taught our investigator Hans and the spirit was incredible! We've truly learned that this is the Lord's work and we are just there to do what He directs us. It was incredible. He still hasn't committed to baptism but I think he is truly experiencing conversion and that he will be willing :)

Okay one last thing, Tuesday devotional was...... NEIL L. ANDERSON. Can you believe how many of the twelve we have been able to hear from recently? We have been so blessed. I was so excited, because last time I heard him speak was at our stake conference at home. That was when I decided with no doubt that I was to serve a mission. So he brought back a lot of wonderful confirming memories. :) I honestly don't remember anything he spoke about at that stake conference, but the spirit is what I remember, and how I felt. Mom it would be awesome if you could find my journal and open up to that day, and send to me what I wrote in it. But one thing that stood out to me was.. D&C 121:45-46. It talks about virtue and then having the Holy Ghost. He said directly "You do NOT need to learn skills to know more about the Holy Ghost, you only need to live a life
that will let you be open to it." Virtue is everything my friends and family. We don't need skills, we just need to be clean and willing. how amazing of a promise. I know I have been worried about being skilled in understanding the spirit, but if I am clean I will have the Spirit to be with me. I felt a pure testimony again that this gospel is PERFECT. I know it is true, and am excited to be sharing that. I will share that knowledge for the rest of my life, and will stand up for the truth no matter what. Because I cannot deny that the Holy Ghost has born testimony to me that it is true. Perfectly true. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I hope you can take my testimony and experiences and try them for yourself. Be open to what the Lord wants to tell you. I love you :)

12 more days!!! I can't believe it :) I am scared, but I have FAITH. That is definitely the reason I am here still - Love for the Lord and Faith in Him. It is going to be awesome :) I love you all dearly thanks for being the best in the world. 


Syster Bolton

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