Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Jul 2 2014

Well last Wednesday we went to the temple, and I am just so grateful for the spirit that is there. It is truly the best place in the world. But these next two weeks the temple is closed, so we are cleaning it today! I am excited to see what we will do. I'm sure it will be neat. 

This past Friday was the bomb. We taught Hans Frälsningsplanen (the Plan of Salvation) and the Heliga Anden (Holy Ghost) was SO styrka (strong). I absolutely loved it. I have been concerned lately that if I didn't work hard enough, and memorize enough and such that I didn't understand how I could expect the gift of tongues. If there wasn't enough in my mind for the Spirit to draw from- it just wouldn't work. Well this isn't the case. I worked, I studied, yes I could have done more-and am working on that. But I also realized that I am not expected to have everything memorized already, and so I put all my faith in the Lord. I was prepared for my lesson, but I really didn't want to have to read off my paper at all- even though I knew I didn't have it memorized. Well the Spirit works. The gift of tongues is real, and with faith, you can do anything. I know Hans could feel the spirit, and we were able to explain the Plan of Salvation to him. We asked him if he would pray about baptism (he still wanted to learn more-like he said), but it was just amazing how the Lord truly filled my mouth in the hour I needed it. When Hans needed it. Yesterday we went back and taught him, and he reads A TON out of the Book of Mormon, always more than we ask. Then he comes back with questions and such, it is so neat. We asked him if he had prayed about baptism, and he said he did not, he said he didn't really remember how to pray, and didn't understand how the Holy Ghost worked. We spent our whole lesson talking about his questions and the scriptures. It was so neat. I feel like he understands that we are his guide, but he is the one who has to do it if he wants it. I am excited to go back and teach him more of the gospel of Christ. He is such a brilliant guy, so a lot of people in our district don't really like teaching him, because he always has DEEP questions, and he isn't necessarily jumping right on, but I honestly love teaching him. It is way more realistic to what the field will be like, and I am happy to be experiencing it now. 

So every Sunday we have to write a talk on the specific topic, and then after the sacrament they announce who will be speaking. Well that was me this Sunday. It was actually pretty exciting. It is only supposed to be a 3-5 minute talk, so it makes preparation shorter, but it is hard to decide what to say when you only have 5 minutes. So I spoke about the Gift of the Holy Ghost, I read 2 Nephi 33:1 and talked about two main points. That first, the Holy Ghost carries it UNTO the hearts of the children of men. So for both us missionaries, and for our investigators, we have to decide to let it INTO our hearts. We can teach our investigator with the spirit all we want, but if they will not open their hearts and let it in, we can do nothing. I also talked about the beginning of that scripture - I am not mighty in writing or speaking (which I am not at all in Swedish, let alone English.) But that if I teach with the spirit, our investigator can understand. And I know that as I have been here, that is the only way they are truly understanding the message that we are sharing with them. I shared a quote from Gordon B. Hinkley which is in Preach My Gospel, pg 94 I think. But I don't have that with me. 

A scripture that I stumbled upon when planning a lesson is Doctorine and Covenants 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not." Definitely has strengthened me as I have been here. I hope all  of you can also take this into your life, and look unto Christ more often, because with Him we do not need to fear. Trust in Him.

Tuesday Devotional was stellar. It was by Lowell Snow a former of the Seventy. Every devotional, I have gotten the message that I need to be more converted to the Lord, and this devotional along with our devotional district review, I finally understand it. I have felt like, oh I'm not going to have an an Alma the Younger moment, how can I have a mighty change of heart? Something clicked, and I don't remember what was said exactly, but it makes sense to me a little bit more now. My mighty change of heart can be truly just letting the spirit fill my heart. I cannot think how to explain it right now. But I am Choosing Christ, and now all I must do is act because I have already decided. I pray that all of you will also Choose Christ. Choose Him. He loves you, and will bless you. Trust Him!

Sunday Devotional by Stephen B. Allen - He said "you have three choices  when you wake up in the morning; if you are going to have a good day, a great day, or a bad day." DECIDE TO HAVE A GREAT DAY :) love you all.

From Elder Holland, "Never let your faith be difficult to detect."

I love you all sooo much! I know this is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, and He wants us all to return to Him. Only through His mercy can we do so. Remember the Atonement can be active in your life, let it be, let Him in.

Jag älskar dig. Jag vet Jesus Kristus lidande för oss. Vi kan återvanda till Gud. i Jesu Kristi namn, Amen.

Love, Syster Bolton :)

Picture; Top left: Syster Powell, Sister Woster (going to Denmark), Sister Demille, Sister Beckstrom (those two are in the other district of Swedes), bottom:Sister Sorenson, Sister Austin, me. :) I love them!!
Picture: Sister Austin and I with President and Sister Nally (Provo MTC President)

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