Monday, August 11, 2014

Aug 11 2014

Short crazy story- but please don't let this make you worried. We received a referral from someone, and we went to visit him, it was farther away so we drove there and went to his house. We walked up to the door, all the lights were off but the TV on. We knocked, and no movement, we knocked again and we both heard what sounded like the cocking of a gun. He came to the door, obviously super drunk. he yelled at us "what"? with a shot gun in his hand, we said have a good day, and briskly walked away then ran to the car and sped off. It was crazy like. That was the only dangerous situation I felt that we have been in at all. Everyone is pretty chill here. :)

BUT. Tuesday, we did service for some members who live out in the middle of the forest. I was smart and very grateful I wore pants.. well sister Eborn did not and suffered from that decision... and so did I. hahaha seriously though, she is allergic to mosquitoes and she was like eaten alive. She swelled up big time, and the next couple days she could hardly stop scratching them. we bought her some stuff and she like drenched her legs in it, and then gave up and went to tooth paste all the time. haha it made for some adventures, and I really got to know my companion as I rubbed all sorts of things on the back of her legs for her.. haha. The poor girl. 

We had a super good member dinner on Thursday, the food was great, and the DESSERT. holy cow, nothing is that great in america after all. Homemade cheesecake. It was frozen, and was a little bit like ice cream, but still cheesecake. best stuff I've ever had. Hopefully I can figure out how to ask for the recipe in Swedish sometime soon :) haha 

We taught an investigator on Friday (who we contacted and set up an appt. on Thursday.) and he committed to baptism! It was a solid lesson, the spirit was really strong! But we will see how committed he is, as we meet with him more.

We tracted like maniacs this week, we are working our tails off, and it is just exhilarating. What is so cool is that I don't really even have to see the success, because I know what we've done and we've  done all we can. we are making ourselves just tools in the Lords hands, anything we are directed to do, we do. We talk to everyone, and we are trying to find those who will act upon our message. It opened up some doors (hehe literally) as we tracted and met people who are actually interested and we set up times to meet with them this upcoming week. Sometimes all we can do is have a lesson with them, bring the spirit in, but we don't have a return appointment. But it is fine, because the Lord is giving us the opportunity to help strengthen their faith. Sister Eborn says, every time we place a Book of Mormon we know it isn't wasted. People in Sweden will give it to someone, leave it on their shelve, possibly even read it, but will never throw it away. So that is always a cool thought. We've placed about 3 Book of Mormons a day this week I would guess. 

This week I studied chapter 7 of Preach My Gospel, "Learn your Language" and under the gift of tongues it said a few things that touched me. Thomas S. Monson said "The language of the Spirit comes to him who seeks with all his heart to know God and keep His divine commandments." also that one must struggle and labor to learn their language. Sometimes it is hard to pay attention for all three hours in church in a language I am trying to understand and learn, and so I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to help me have the strength to struggle in it and progress and learn something from the meetings. During sacrament meeting, I could catch onto ideas that were being discussed, and the spirit filled in the words around it. As I wrote more and more direct revelation came to me. It was very neat to see how as I struggled with the Swedish, that the spirit gave me what I needed to know. I love that and I know that as we do seek to do all we can, to know God, and to follow Him, he will bless us. :)

I started a letter to you last week, and will finish it today, with a lot more responses to the things you've told me. Also with cooler experiences and such. Emails will continue to get shorter, because writing about my experiences is a lot more fun, because I have time to think about things :) So sorry to.. everyone. haha Mom and dad you can share those with the siblings and such as they come over :) 

But most importantly: I LOVE YOUUUU. I love youuu. i llooooovvveee youuuu :)
I pray for you each daily, and trust the Lord will take care of you.

Love, Sister Bolton

Received the following e-mail from a member of the Luleå branch about Cassie on Aug 9 and sent the following picture as well.

Dear families; 
I want to send a greeting from Piteå in Sweden (Luleå bransch).
We are happy to have your son or daughter with us and for their desire to serve 😄
Äldste Archibald and Syster Bolton is very welcome to Sverige !!!! They are being good care of , by their companion Äldste Noso and Syster Eborn! 
We just had one of our best days this year as we got our son back home from his mission 😄! We felt the Spirit around him and also the hard feelings that came to him , when he had to take of his nametag that said "  Elder Wirtala"   ....and the church name underneath.💚. He had served the Lord with his whole heart and mind and even though it was hard he loved it. 
Syster Bolton and Elder Archibald will really 
Have some hard months with the language and we will try to help your son or daughter to have some uplifting moments here in Luleå area (which is the largest area in sweden mission !).
We are so happy they are here and Äldste Noso and Syster Eborn really want to serve their companion 😉!
I do wish I had someone for them to teach !!! 
Love from a happy and blessed mother in the north of Sweden ,

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