Monday, August 18, 2014

Aug 18 2014

It was a pretty solid week! I super enjoyed it, and I will try and explain some of my favorite things.
-  Tuesday we were taking buses and had a connecting bus. We got off the one, had about 2 minutes before the other left, we were walking along the side of it, she closed the doors and started driving, so sister Eborn started smacking the side of the bus! We could NOT afford to miss it. We were even running, and then the lady stopped, and we realized all she was doing was moving forward so the bus we just got off could move forward. haha awkward.
-  We had transfers which just turned into work overs because of the time limit, so the two sister training leaders flew from Stockholm up here, and they got here Tuesday night, we took them home, then Wednesday they had to leave by 3:00. It was a little silly since they were so short, but with flights and they had to do transfers again that night, it was just how it had to happen. So I was with Sister Christensen,who is going home in like a month, but she is super super awesome. I really enjoyed getting to know her! It was so neat to see other approaches at contacting, tracting and teaching. It was super good :) The biggest thing I learned though was that I really do have the BEST trainer. Sister Christensen is super great though, and helped me understand some things better, but it also made me appreciate that sister Eborn does EVERYTHING possible. She is very courageous, and so she is getting me in great habits to ALWAYS ask for a referral, etc. it is just so sweet :) But after they went home Wednesday we had four lessons and they were terrific! It was probably the most solid day of missionary work that I've experienced. None of our lessons bailed, and the spirit was super strong in all of them!

We've taught Asaffa the one who committed to baptism three more times, we taught the P.o.S., the gospel, and a group of the commandments, including word of wisdom, Sabbath day, living prophet, etc. He is AWESOME. ah, he takes everything in, and is like, yeah okay that makes sense, I'll pray about it and I'll live it. He has questions here and there like with the revelations scripture of no other books to be added to this, but says he thinks it will come in time and wants to know if the BoM is true. :) Just super cool. I actually taught him yesterday the commandments with a member, while Sis. Eborn taught another investigator. A little nerve racking, but its okay, because they are things I know :) 

Thursday was adventurous, we had zone conference in Umeå and well.. haha we had to wake up at 3:45 so we could leave by 4:30 to catch a bus to catch a train... welll we slept through the alarm that went off, and woke up at 6:10. At first a little hectic, but we were out the door in NO JOKE 4 minutes. and ran to catch a different bus, and long story short, was only an hour late by taking a 3 hr. bus trip instead :) but they moved it around so we missed the lunch with them but were there for the whole meeting! The conference was great, it was just all our missionaries in the zone and our zone leaders conducted and taught us about obedience. They also had the three greenies bear their testimonies, and then after we went and grabbed some lunch. I had my first "kebab" pizza, which was actually super good. Its the picture with the french fries and stuff on top. Super good, super interesting though :) haha 

We are Speak Your Language (SYL)-ing again and it is great. We are trying to find anything that we weren't being exactly obedient with, and realized we super needed to do that. We SYL outside of the apartment and church, and each week we will add one more thing (like next week in the apartment we don't SYL) so in a few weeks it will be constant again, and it has already helped my Swedish a bunch!

Sunday was bomb. I gave a talk so that was terrifying, I had Friday and Saturday to prepare... which means like 2 hours during personal times. I was so scared to do it in Swedish, but I did it. gave a 10 minute talk, and didn't even write it all out, just did the normal bullet points with my ideas and talked about them! It was good, could have been better if I had more time.

Had Sunday dinner with our branch President Newell and his family (son of the old mission pres.) they are adorable, they have 3 little girls, and I just love them dearly! We also had Deborah (10 yr. old) and Diana (her mom) come with us to that dinner, and we taught them, and recommitted them to baptism. I am so excited for them. They are so cute :)

Couple things about a Persian family we've been teaching. Ah they are the beeestt! They are so nice, and I really like them. So two boys who are 21 and 19, their mom who I think is like 37, and uncle who is like 25. Their uncle doesn't know any Swedish, the mom speaks simple Swedish, but the boys understand. But we teach them with a translator over the phone, (she is the sweetest). We taught them the Plan of Salvation (P.o.S.), and the Restoration. We had a baptism on Saturday (the Elders, his name is Sergei) and we invited like everyone to come. The mom of the Persian family came with her son who is like 3 yrs old. And she LOVED it. She ate it up. So Sunday, their whole family came into church, even with the 12 yr. old and 3 yr old sons, and they even brought a friend! They stayed for all three hours, they were taught by two members during Sunday school, and the mom, Camella asked for one of the relief society books so she could read it in advance and so she could follow along more during relief society so she could understand more, etc. Ah! it was just so cool! It really has touched their hearts, I can SEE it. I am excited for them! They are Muslim, so it will be hard with a couple of our beliefs, but I think it is really touching their hearts and they are really pondering about it. I just have come to love them. The uncle is awesome, even though we can't really talk, we just gesture, and I feel like I get him, since I came and was in the same boat of not being able to get to know someone cause you can't talk with them, but he has helped me see that that isn't needed! He is just stellar. :) 

But being a missionary is WONDERFUL!! I have some cool insights from this week that I will write home about and I super want you to share it with all the family :) It was just solid.

Thank you so much for all your love and prayers, you make me so happy! I am so grateful for all of your examples! I hope you know I love you soo soo much! Thanks for everything! :)

Love, Cassie :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE ONE AND ONLY.... ANDRE!!!! Love you so much, and hope you enjoy it :) you are getting sooo old. ;) Hope you and chels have a good day together.

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 Thursday Aug 14 2014 - Pizza with Fries and Kabob

Cassie's comfort food from Grandma and Grandpa McLaughlin

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Monday Aug 18 2014 
Secret Agents haha

What a picture!!

Beautiful Sunrise

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