Monday, August 4, 2014

Aug 4 2014

Well, it has been a pretty tough week if I think about all that has happened, but when I look back on it, I feel good about it. We worked our tails off, and the bad things just leave your mind. We dropped many investigators, and our whole investigator pool disappeared. We now have 2 still with baptismal dates (last week it was 6), and then 2 other investigators (last week, I couldn't tell ya but... I'd say more than 10 total). So thinking about it like that.. not so hot. But we know the Lord is in charge of His work, and even though our people have dropped, our work hasn't. I think the Lord was clearing it out so we could start fresh and find. We are contacting and tracting and such quite a bit. We were able to have some street lessons and such along the way. We went out of our way to talk to everyone we saw. We had a great street lesson with a guy, who clearly wasn't interested when we first starting talking, but as we continued to explain the Book of Mormon, as he listened to sister Eborn and I both bear our testimonies on it, he totally changed his mind. it was amazing!! We extended a commitment, gave him the book, taught and bore testimony, and held a prayer together. We got his address to visit him and figured out we've taught his girlfriend before.. so hopefully we can get in and teach them both again soon :)

My companion and I stopped speaking Swedish constantly because we hardly knew each other, and our unity has grown immensely. She is super funny, weird, an amazing teacher, and a hard worker. I love it a lot. Saturday was a little crazy, filled with a TON of walking (speed walking plus contacting along the way for a few hours.) We should have been buying new bus passes, but after much walking we found out you cannot purchase them on Saturdays then to get to our appointments that we had to move because we had to get new bus passes... etc. Already confusing enough for ya? yeah, I will stop, but as we ate our late dinner at the church we watched some mormon messages, and they came out with a new one! One about an atheist, which was super sweet because I am serving in the most atheist country in the world!! And that is a fact. 
Yesterday we had a great member dinner, which I loved. The food was all great, plus dessert :) haha Sister Wirtala (the W is pronounced like a V) has come along on a teach with us before and she is the nicest lady in the whole world. I think I will become good friends with her and her family. 

Oh our AWESOME P-day last monday (Jul 28) will supposedly be the best one of my whole mission... we went to Storforsen. Which is the longest waterfall in all of Europe. Not sure the definition of a waterfall because it is more like a steep river of white water rapids. haha But it was LEGIT. It was seriously so amazing. I took lots of pictures, but a picture could never do it justice. God's creations are incredible. We had a lot of fun, and we decided we are going to go back at our 6 week mark.. which they say that it will be mostly frozen over. AH I'm going to be frozen sooo soon!!

Yesterday during relief society (because it is in swedish, it is not as spiritual and more just brain killing to understand it) I read and studied the talk "I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee" by Thomas S. Monson Oct. 2013 conf. ( ) and it was AWESOME. I've read this a few other times, and its funny how different parts stand out. Two lines that got me this time read: "Shall I falter, or shall I finish?" Difficulities always will come, but it is our decision if we will get through them holding with the Lord, or if we will give up and give in. Do not give in. "To finish involves enduring to the very end of life itself" which we will do. Right now I can look at it in the mission sense. I am tired, but will I falter or will I finish? and I already know that answer. I also know that answer for after my mission. I will finish. I hope you can say that as well. Build yourself in your faith that you know that whatever comes your way, it cannot sway you from the gospel. We can do this as we "make the gospel of Jesus Christ the center of our lives. This si what will pull us through whatever comes our way." I challenge you to make this gospel of Jesus Christ the center of your life, because it will make everything else come to balance!!

I wish I had time to go into everything I experience more, but the work is calling, so I love you all so much and I am so grateful for your love and support. Hold to the gospel. Remember who Christ is because He has overcome it all! :)

Syster Bolton

This is my address for probably the next 4-6 months: (you need all of that)

Sister Bolton
c/o Jesu Kristi Kyrka
Tunastigen 24
973 44 Luelå

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