Monday, September 22, 2014

Sep 22 2014

Dear family and friends,

I'm apologizing now that this email is... meh. haha just shorter with a lot less details. But anyway,

Tuesday Sep 16 2014 - we visited Syster Broström and painted a dresser for her. The picture of me in all black with a red belt on and an older lady which is her. She is so sweet, we usually visit her and her sister but her sister was sick. These are the ones that we visited about 3 weeks ago who hadn't had a visit from anyone for five years. We shared a message about gratitude, and I shared my experience of trying to be more grateful out here in all the circumstances I am in and how I have felt so much happier, and she said she can see it. That I am happier and more confident than I was last time we came. It was good to hear that things I have been working on have been improving. :)

Wednesday Sep 17 2014 - We had our sister training leaders come and do work overs with us, and this time I was with sister Anderson. She is darling, and it was so much fun to be able to work with her. It was a good opportunity for me to feel the responsibility of the area on my shoulders, and to lead. But she is just darling and was energy that I needed! It was fun to talk and get to know her, and learn from her. 

Thursday Sep 18 2014- We had zone training in Umeå which means a 4.5 hour train ride there, and a 4 hour bus ride back consisting of studies and weekly planning. But the training was really good. I heard some things that I specifically needed, about moving mountains and how we can continue to defeat them. They also recommitted us to a week of exact obedience. So we've been trying to really focus on every little thing again of what we can do.

Friday Sep 19 2014 - We had two pretty dang good lessons, and both of them now have a baptismal date! One of them we set the baptismal date on Sunday, but still they are both awesome. The first one is Giovanni, he is from Colombia, and really only speaks Spanish, and is just starting to learn Swedish, so one day we'll be able to communicate but for now we use a missionary, Elder Pavon who is in our district who's first language is Spanish. Elder Pavon has just taken over the teaching, and we are just here to be his friend and see how he is doing, but because we don't get to teach him really, we just also need to know what is going on since he lives here in Luleå. But we committed him to baptism on the 4th of Oct. so yes that is general conference weekend.. but we will figure that out. The second is Essan who come from Iran, he has explored many different religions, and is Christian, and trying to find the truth. He speaks both English and Swedish, fluently but not enough of either for all the gospel discussion. So we will have a translator help with some of it. He is super great, and has committed to baptism for the 11th of Oct. I am excited to continue working with both of them, because they are really great! Essan is also very much of a he needs to find out for himself, and he is going to do what we say like read, pray come to church, so that he can know. It is really cool to see his desire. :) 

Saturday Sep 20 2014 -We taught some good lessons, and had a dinner with the Vinberg's and Asefa and taught Asefa about following the prophet and about general conference coming up. It was good to have them fellowship him, and it was nice to be in their home. They are such a sweet old couple, who are so committed to the Lord and His work.

Sunday Sep 21 2014 - We have church in a school now!! Woo! I put on some pictures of our old church that they will be building upon. They need to make it bigger since so many people come :) It will be nice to have church in the school since it is bigger, but a little weird. haha I'll have to take some pictures of that too. But we also had dinner with the Danells and had spaghetti, which was really good. Mom yours is great too, but I think I just have become to love the almost american or homey foods that people serve us. haha :) but yeah!

I can't really explain everything I experienced this week, but I did have an experience, or many that made me grow to appreciate and know my Savior better. I know that He has felt all that I have felt and that He is the healer of my heart. He understands, and He will never let me go through anything alone. This is His work, and I am happy to be a part of it! I love the Lord with all my heart, and am grateful that He suffered and that He knows how to succor and comfort me. He has all power and knowledge. Turn to Him for guidance, because His advice and counsel is the best you're going to find.

I love you all so so much, and am grateful for your prayers. I know this Church is true and that God lives.

With love, Cassie

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