Monday, October 27, 2014

Oct 27 2014

Monday Oct 20 2014 - After Pday last Monday we met with Ehsan, and had a good lesson confirming his baptismal date, feeling out where he is at, and just seeing what he needs mostly. It was good, and just exciting! Then we went and swung by someone I had contacted on the bus like a month and a half ago, but she said wait a month, then last time we went by she was sick, but this time she let us in! it was great! We taught her the restoration and committed her to read and pray. She isn't really searching it doesn't seem, but hopefully a desire grows in her.

Tuesday Oct 21 2014 - We had a solid five lessons, and it was just a pretty fun day. We taught Chi again, and she read Mosiah 18, so we discussed baptism and the gospel of Jesus Christ, but like I said before, a translator will be needed. We can understand what she says, and she can understand what we say, but we do not have any idea of where she is really at. I feel like we've given her a lot, but it would just be better in her first language, then she could focus on the spirit and her feelings rather than each word we say. But we are meeting with her Thursday again, and there is a new missionary who is from China/Sweden, so she knows Chinese and said she would be down to translate for us! So hopefully Chi is okay if we do that! We also taught Dodo and committed him to living the word of wisdom! He says coffee is hard not to drink, but he has been doing it! He is so scared about sinning after baptism, so he doesn't want to set a date yet.. even after us describing repentance and everything. So we think it might be something more. Hopefully as he continues to read and pray and live more of the commandments he can come to a better understanding!

Wednesday Oct 22 2014 - we had exchanges with our Sister Training Leaders. Who is Sister Eborn and Sister Byrd! Kind of funny, but I was with Sister Eborn! It wasn't really expected, but they had prayed about it and that was what they felt was right! haha So it was super fun to spend the day with Sister Eborn, and we went and taught some less actives who live far away. So we had lots of time to talk while we were driving there, and it was just fun. It made me appreciate our time together some more. She is a life long friend :) But we then tracted a little bit to finish off the day because two of our lessons fell through, but it was great because while we tracted, we got two other lessons, and one new investigator out of it! We took them to the airport, and said goodbye, just for one more week (we have a zone conference this week in Stockholm) haha. 

Then Sister Modersitzki and I went to a lesson with Rahmen Haidari, and Fatemeh, mom and daughter from Iran who are just so sweet! The language barrier is large, so translators are needed. We had a lesson planned with Mojgan, but she didn't answer when the time came, so we called Sasson, a new member in Sundsvall and he was able to translate for us. We had given them the Book of Mormon and a chapter to read, and as he followed up on that, he explained to us that they loved it! They wanted to know what else they could read. They also loved the feelings they had from the previous time when we had prayed. We explained the Holy Ghost, and they explained that they really want to know for themselves if it is true, and if they do they want to change religions. They are very sweet. The daughter is about 15, and reads the Book of Mormon in Persian to her mother, because her mother cannot read. We are excited to meet with them more with Mojgan, and hopefully soon we will have a baptism date with them as we can explain it all! But they are just eating it up! I love them :)

Thursday Oct 23 2014 - Well Elder and Sister Tolley came and brought us a full body mirror!!!! YAY :) finally we can see what we are wearing. haha But we made sandwiches with Sister Tolley while Elder Tolley installed the mirror. Then we got on the road. It was awesome! We picked up Elder Allsop and Elder Archibald, and went up north. We first went to the town Morjärv, which is a very special town to Elder Tolley. He served up here in Luleå 38 years ago, and while he was here, him and another experienced elder were asked to take a train to Morjärv which is just a tiny little town, and about an hour drive north from Luleå, they spent three days there, and were able to teach almost everyone in the town, because they were just eating it up. They taught people for hours each day, and it was like groups of 50 people. And everyone just loved it. They planned to visit two weeks later, and made their way back home to Luleå. When they came back, sadly, the Swedish priest had heard the news and warned them all to not listen to the missionaries. Super sad for Elder Tolley. But as Elder Tolley has been here in Sweden the past year and a half, he has come to find out that there has been multiple people who have been baptized who were from that little town. Super special and cool experience that he shared. I wish I could explain it in full, but it was so fun to be there with them, somewhere that was so close to his heart. 

It was so special, and so fun to road trip with the Tolley's for the day!

After that we headed up the the Arctic Circle!! WOOT :) So we drove up there, and the farther north we got, the shorter the trees got. Kind of interesting, but makes sense because their growing season is so much shorter! So pretty much been to the Arctic Circle!! That was legit :) something more crossed off the bucket-list. We had a blast with the Tolley's and that evening we came home and did areabook, and ringstoonding!

Friday Oct 24 2014 - Had a lesson with a super Muslim guy, and it was nice because he wasn't debate-tive. He just liked to talk about all the differences and we were like yepp.... but gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would totally read it. We bore testimony on Christ too, but it didn't seem to hit him too much. But hey, he is reading the Book of Mormon. And come to find out he is on page 250 something... so that is pretty cool! Hopefully he softens his heart to be able to find out for himself that the book is true and that Jesus is the Christ our Savior and Redeemer!! 

Then we had a lesson with Joel on the Book of Mormon, and it was so good! Really cool because the spirit was so strong. We committed him to read out of the Book of Mormon everyday along with other scriptures like the Bible. We think it will be so good for him, and really strengthen his testimony. He hasn't missed church at all during October, so we are so happy :) I'm super happy for him, because I see him changing and coming closer to Christ. He's a special one. Just hope he continues :)

On Thursday, Attila (Stefans dad) called us and asked if we could meet with Stefan one last time before he visits his mom, just because he thought it would be good for Stefan. So we arranged to meet at the university since Attila works there and has keys to it all :) but we had a great lesson with him about how the Holy Ghost works, especially as he shares his feelings and testimony with his mom. It was super good, we also gave him the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet so if he wanted to he can give that to her and explain more about baptism. He is super. We are praying that his mother's heart is softened and that she listens to what he really wants! So just keep praying!! But I just love the Muhi's, they are a super strong little family and will do amazing things in the work of the Lord! Attila has been called as our new mission leader, so I am excited to work with him :)

Saturday Oct 25 2014 - It was kind of a rough day because we had district meeting, and weekly planning, so it was just a lot of time being inside. But once we got out on the streets we bo
th felt better about it! We went and taught Asefa, and then we taught Ehsan. Sister Anna Newell came with us to teach Ehsan, so that we could teach him at his apartment. (which is super nice, and well kept.) But he is doing great. He is praying and reading and trying to really find out for himself. He has friends in the branch, and we are working on getting him more. He is progressing towards his baptism, and gaining more feelings about it for himself. He sadly missed church yesterday because he didn't know about the time change and he came at 10, but because no one was there he went back home! Pretty sad, but he had the desire so that is great! I am excited to meet with him throughout this week!

Sunday Oct 26 2014 - Church was great, we taught the gospel principles class about prophets. It was a lot of fun, and I am definitely feeling more comfortable teaching in that kind of setting. But still... haha I kind of realized I super need to work on my Swedish more. I feel like I've been falling behind, so I just need to make my language study hour more effective. For those who have been on missions and learned a new language.. what were the things that were the most effective for you?

But we had dinner at the Tapanis, and it was delicious!! Then had a lesson with a cool family from Ethiopia. The language barrier is quite strong, but they are willing to read and pray so we will see what we can do! Because they speak Aramaic. - a pretty crazy looking language. haha

Tonight we fly to Stockholm, because tomorrow we have zone conference! It will be fun, I am excited!! But this week has been great, and my companion is a champ. I just stinking love working with her, and learning from her. I love the Lord, and am grateful I can be here to learn and grow. Well I love you all so much, and I hope you have a great week :) 


Pictures below are from the trip to Morjärv and the Artic Circle with Elder and Sister Tolley

Elder Allsop feed a moose an apple! It was awesome, the moose came from across the field to us, and came right up to the fence. Obviously it has had many friends visit before.

Arctic Circle!!!

Herd of reindeer!!!

Tractor museum!! We were just on our little road trip with the Tolley's and there were hundreds of old tractors in this yard, so we pulled over took some pictures, walked around a little bit. It was sweet, I figured my nephews and brothers would appreciate it so I tried to take multiple pictures. :) 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Monday Oct 13 2014 - Last Monday all together, so we went to Storforsen, hence the plenty of pictures. There was snow, and we had a snow ball fight which was so much fun! Fatemeh, who was baptized a few weeks ago came with us, and we just had a great time. After pday was over we went to Stefan Muhi's house for his baptismal interview. While Elder Noso (our District leader) interviewed him we taught his dad, Attila about performing the baptism and confirmation. He is a recent convert of a year and a half, so he hasn't had much opportunity to use his priesthood. It was so much fun. We had dinner together, and some cake :) We said goodbye then went on our way home, a little later than planned, but still. They live in the middle of the forest, about a 45 minute drive from town, so by the time we got back, it was 9:00. The Elders dropped us and Fatemeh off at the Danells (the members who we had dinner with last Sunday) and Linea gave us a ride home. But we realized sister Eborn left her coat at the Muhi's. Kind of a bummer, but figured his dad could bring it to town Tuesday when he came in for work. But as we pulled up Sister Eborn realized she left our apartment keys in the pocket.... needless to say.. we got home at midnight. Whoops... 

Tuesday Oct 14 2014 - We had lunch with Chi again and began teaching the Plan of Salvation. We super need to find a Chinese translator, or we will be teaching like one part of the plan each time we meet. It will continue to be slow, but hopefully we can find someone to help. But she is super prepared, and I am excited for when we can teach her more time effectively. Since it was Sister Eborns last day in Luleå we met with Joel and had dinner with him, which was a lot of fun! Then we met with Familjen Hu.. which are just so busy in life, and having a hard time seeing the importance of the gospel. It is hard to set up times with them, but we will try and continue to meet with them. Then we went and visited Asefa. The NORTHERN LIGHTS were out when we were walking into the library to meet him, so we just ended up having him come outside and we walked and had a lesson and goodbye together outside so we could watch the lights. It was amazing, honestly they were dancing. I was amazed at God's creations and power. Wow, it was a tender mercy and I guess a good way for me and Sister Eborn to spend our little time here together. It was special, but weird, and still hadn't sunk in.

Wednesday Oct 15 2014 - TRANSFER DAY. We took Eborn and Noso to the airport early, Elder Allsop had arrived before that, so it made transportation much easier on us. But after saying goodbye at the airport, I was alone for a crazy long 3 hours. I did some personal study, then made my way to the train station to wait for Sister Modersitzki! The poor girl took a night train all the way up here from Holmstad. So she was on a train for like 19 hours or something. But after I got her we took her home, had some lunch then went through the area book hard core, and I just talked her ear off for like an hour and a half about everyone in the area. It was exhausting. We then went and visited Birgitta, then we had a lesson with Dodo. We had a follow up lesson, and went over the restoration because it was a long time ago, but it went really well. He remembered it, and said he believes it! He is just scared to get baptized at this point because he doesn't want to sin afterward. We explained that to him, but I think as he continues to read and pray he will feel more ready :) I loved the lesson we had with him though, it was so fun to teach with Sister Modersitzki. I felt like I was more myself than I have been during a lesson the whole time. It was just super good. Not because my teaching drastically improved, but my confidence was up, and the situation was just different. I think I've been needing something to knock it out of my head that I can't just turn to sister Eborn and she will make it all right.. haha But after we had a lesson at the Vinberg's with Andrew, and taught and committed him to the Word of Wisdom! He is the eternal investigator, who finally just moved out of his sambo's house!! :) So living the law of chastity, now hitting the Word of Wisdom. 

Thursday Oct 16 2014 - A whole day of traveling to Umeå and back. But we had a great zone training. With the transfer, every single one of the companionships were changed except one. So it was fun to meet everyone! They talked about prayer, and beforehand asked us all the read the Supernal Gift of Prayer. Which I had read recently, but read again, and it is a great talk :) I would recommend it. We seriously traveled all day, did our studies, and weekly planning while we traveled, then did swing-by's that night. It was a good day to get to know Sister Mod better! I freaking love her, and am soo happy to be able to work with her!! She is a rock star. 

Friday Oct 17 2014 - We had a few lessons, but also bloasts which was a bummer! Had institute which was super good, and we focused on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Him, and the love He has for us. It is amazing, and I just am so grateful and want to truly become like Him. We also called the Muhi's to check something for Stefan's baptism, and Attila (his dad) had just finished talking with Stefans mom.. and the baptism was called off. :( I was heartbroken for Stefan. His mother wanted to talk to him face to face before he is baptized, and said it isn't okay. The Muhi's were all heartbroken, especially Stefan. We made many calls, and said many prayers. We now just have to wait until he visits her in two weeks, and hopefully her heart will be softened and give him permission since it was completely his decision. 

Saturday Oct 18 2014 - Instead of Stefans baptism, we made a trip to visit him for his birthday. Elder Archibald, Elder Allsop, Peter (a new convert as of four months), Sister Mod and I made our way there together. We had a little lesson with him about sharing his testimony with his mother, then had cake, and played a game all together. It was a great time, and a special time. I think it really uplifted the Muhi's though, and we invited Stefan to set a new date to work towards for his baptism. We aren't giving up, but we are praying that his mom's heart will be softened. 

Sunday Oct 19 2014 - Ehsan came to church! He had been out of town for unexpected training and that was why we couldn't get a hold of him before. But he is back, still wanting to be baptized, and just super awesome! We got a baptismal date with him for the 15th of November! Can't wait to continue to meet with him. Then we had a pretty empty day, so we did swing by's and tracting for a couple hours. Saturday as we planned, we planned in faith that we could get five lessons since we would be out for five [half hour] chunks. And well when you have faith, guess what happens! We had five lessons! It was awesome, three of them with return appointments. It was great :)

This week was crazy, but so fun. I love Sister Modersitzki, and can't wait to know her better, and spend more time with her. She is fun, hardworking, and super positive!! It will be a great companionship I think :) I miss Sister Eborn, but I'm excited to learn from Sister Mod! She is just stellar.. I love her and I love Luleå!! Can't wait to see what this week holds!!

I love you all so much and am so so so grateful for your support and love!! Work hard, pray hard. Remember the Lord is more than just aware of you. He knows everything you are experiencing, but He still wants you to share it with Him through prayer!!

Love, Cassie :)

Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13, 2014

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Bolton. Loved loved loved them :) It made me happy to get some mail from home, and I loved the pictures from Chelsey's wedding. Sheesh my family is adorable... its ridiculous :) I also loved the quotes G&G, they are so cute, and one of them has especially helped me as of recently :) Thank you so much. 

Tuesday Oct 7 2014 - We had lunch with Chi, an investigator, and taught her the restoration again and watched the restoration video with her in Chinese, and she understood it all this time. :) It was great, the spirit was there, and she is totally prepared. I was leading the lesson, but not taking full lead, which made it so I didn't resolve her concerns about the commitments we extended so the goal next time is to do so. I am really trying to learn to teach, and lead, and they are probably the thing that I have the hardest time with. Just not a natural talent I have, but I will work on that for the rest of my life, but hopefully it becomes a strength a little sooner rather than later, but I will just be persistent with that.  We had lunch with Marianne Näslund, and later that night while tracting found a new investigator, Henrich, who is 27? and he knows his bible, he knows his church history, and has read the Book of Mormon before, but doesn't seem to do much about it. So that is our goal is to get him acting in faith!

Wednesday Oct 8 2014 - We rocked out a bunch of swing by's to old investigators, and potential investigators, and a couple less actives. We worked hard all day, and it felt good. It was a fun day that we had together, good memories made. :) We also taught Joel, and had a good lesson on tithing and fast offerings and committed him to live them :)

Thursday Oct 9 2014 - Welll... haha teaching is not my favorite thing. The institute teacher cancelled because she was sick, so we offered to have a little one with Joel and with our investigator Henrich, and Sister Eborn said I could teach it - since institute is a one teacher thing. Well Swedish.. not enough time to prepare a lesson on D and C 16-20 which has a bunch of stuff in there. Yeah.. I am not a talented teacher.. plus with bad Swedish. Oh well, it is an experience I learned from, even though it was not a very understandable lesson. haha.

Friday Oct 10 2014 - We had a half hour lesson with Arif, and our translator Morjkan, and it was a good lesson, the spirit was strong, just too rushed. We hope that Arif will start keeping his commitments because his heart is totally there, he believes in Jesus Christ, and He feels that this is right of what he knows and understands so far. Good news! We found Dodo! The one who had a baptismal date, and was all for it, then fell off the face of the planet...

Saturday Oct 11 2014 - We had a solid day, 5 lessons, three new investigators from those lessons, and then some crazy news. But one of those lessons was Dodo, he said he has been in the hospital.. don't know exactly why, something to do with his brain. So we are a little worried about him. But now we can start meeting with him again. He explained he is a little bit scared of sinning after being baptized, but I think we were able to help him see the use of the Atonement is for our whole lives. We will meet with him again on Wednesday, and hopefully that will go great :) We also taught a cute couple from Iran, Shahin and Reza, and they totally want to understand more about God's plan for us. We explained some of it, but took a long time to make sure they understood, and just kept it simple. We want to meet with them this week, and have Morjkan translate for us so we can really explain it to them to the depth that they want to understand! We then met with Asefa, went and bought dinner together, and it was so fun to be with him! He said to us that "I just love meeting with you sisters. It makes me happy, and I feel something different in my heart." Ah how the spirit works wonders. He is such a gem. I just love Asefa, and am excited to continue to work with him and get to know him.

Oh then for the crazy news... TRANSFERS. So Sister Eborn will be transferring to Uppsala, and will be a sister training leader there. (actually my STL) and Sister Moderzitski will be coming up here and serving with me :) She has been out one transfer longer than me. She was the sister who entered the MTC April 20th or something right after finals. I am way excited to work with her. I don't know her very well, but she is a fun cute girl who just loves everybody. There are three sisters from my group in the MTC who are training.. Sister Powell, Sister King, and Sister Demille. They are rockstars. I will be honest, I am grateful it isn't me, because training would be WAY hard. But good for them :) Anyway, I am excited for the change, but really sad to say goodbye to Sister Eborn. She has been a great companion who I have learned SO much from. She is a gem, I am excited for her to go STL, I think it will be a great position for her, to help be an example to many sisters in the mission. :) And Elder Noso will be going to the Stockholm area (Gubbangen) and will be a zone leader there, which he will also do sooo good at. The means that Elder Archibald has been called the be our district leader, which he will do so good at. He is a youngen for it, but he will rock it. We have become good friends, and I am excited to continue working with him. 

Sunday Oct 12 2014 - Loved taking the sacrament, and being in church. It is such a wonderful place :) Elder Noso and Sister Eborn gave goodbye testimonies from the ward, which were pretty special, and then we were invited to go to the Danells for dinner after church. But Sister Eborn and I taught the youth Sunday School class and took it as a mission prep class, which was a lot of fun. We made them role-play, and we were the investigators, and it made me understand even more of how important it is to understand where your investigator is at, understand what they are feeling, thinking, and what they already know. It was fun to be there with them though! At the Danells they had taken all their furniture outside to redo their floors, so we did some line dances and random stuff as we waited for dinner, it was a bunch of fun! :) Dinner was fantastic, and then we left a spiritual thought with them and went to work. We went and knocked doors for most of the night, which Sunday nights are the best for because everyone is home!! We knocked 150 doors, and got one potential investigator from it! Not quite as successful as usual, especially for how many people opened up, and were home. But if they are accepting or not, we need to give everyone that chance to say yes or no!

Today we are going to Storforsen again! I am way excited. It will be so much fun, especially since we are all like best friends now. One last thing before Elder Noso and Sister Eborn leave. Guessing the water will be frozen now.. but maybe not quite yet. It is cold here, and getting a lot more grey. Not seeing sun has been wearing me out a little bit, so I am grateful for the vitamin D in the package!

But anyway... I won't ever really be able to write about conference.. I just hope you all were able to find something cool for yourself :) It is pretty amazing to be here in Sweden, and I am very grateful to be a missionary for the Lord. Focusing and working hard is the best feeling, and I am happy I can do so :) Thank you for all your love and support. Sorry my emails are probably pretty lame. If there are things you would like that are more specific about something, let me know. I don't really know how I want to format my emails.. I'm considering changing it a little bit. But yeah! Anyway, I love you all soo soo much, and am grateful for you :)

Remember how much the Lord loves you. He is there with His arm around you even if you don't see Him or feel Him. Keep a desire there.

Love, Sister Bolton

Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

This week, I don't even know how to attempt to explain it all! General Conference was INCREDIBLE!! I loved loved hearing from our leaders :) I was able to have some questions answered, guidance found, and just some more understanding. It was pretty great :) I hope you guys enjoyed conference as much as I, even on the other side of the world :)

Monday Sep 29 2014 - Well pretty good pday, and I was able to write you a really good letter mom, so that should be coming in the next few days. :) haha Then we went and taught Familjen Hu, they are from China, moved here a year and a half ago, we teach them in English, and have Chinese materials for them. They don't really have religious background, but are willing to try, and want to understand. They are really cute, and have a little son who is like 8 months old? 

Tuesday Sep 30 2014 - We went and visited some less actives who live pretty far out, and did some service with them. First we visited Maria Juto, and we had a great time with her. We put up her shelf for her, and because I'm the "strongest" it was my job to drill it in, (Cassie forgot to put the picture up this week) haha and Sis. Eborn held it up. It was fun, and after we had a good discussion and ate waffles with her. It was a good lesson, and we invited her to come and watch conference at the church, and found there is a bus that she can take to get there, so hopefully she will start coming! Then we visited Karin Andersson, who I just love. She is so funny, and great. We had a really good lesson with her as well about finding out if something is from God if it is good, and invited her to watch conference and decide for herself. We also invited her to the women s conference that all the women in the relief society watched Wednesday night and she said she would come! We also taught five other lessons, and just had a pretty good day.

Wednesday Oct 1 2014 - We went out to the Muhi's house and taught Stefan. They live like 45 minutes away in the middle of the forest. :) haha But we had a really fun Plan of Salvation lesson with them. Stefan is a great artist so we had each of us draw part of the Plan of Salvation and then we taught about it, and shared our understanding of it. Since he has grown up coming to church, he really already understands the doctrine, so we are just helping him become prepared and strengthen him! Then that night we had the general women s conference with the women in the relief society, and it was great! Karin Andersson came and she was able to talk with some old friends who she hadn't seen in years. It was a good warm environment for us all. We wanted to take a picture with them all but had to slip out early to get home on time!

Thursday Oct 2 2014 - We had lunch with a new investigator, Chi, she is also Chinese, and super cute. Has a young baby, and she has read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon already!! It is so fun to help her understand the role that God plays in our life, and help her gain a relationship with Him. I'm excited to continue teaching her. Then we had a good lesson with Joel, and committed him to general conference and to have a question! We taught Familjen Hu again, and watched the restoration video, the spirit was really strong, and although they thought it was a fairy tale, as we testified it was real, it sunk into them. They are great, and so open to the gospel. I love these two cute Chinese families we are teaching :)

Friday Oct 3 2014 - We taught Arif, had a really good lesson about the restoration, and committed him to baptism! It was a soft commitment because he wants to understand everything first, but the goal is Nov. 8th. We had a really good lesson with Birgitta, a less active, because she is in an old folks home, in a wheelchair, but a testimony of fire. It was really fun to be there with her, and she was very much herself, bright and happy this time, so it was just special :) Then we had a great lesson with Veronica, probably one of the best lessons we have taught together as a companionship! :)

Saturday Oct 4 2014 - Fatemeh got baptized!! The elders have been teaching her, and she is great :) So cute! Arif even came to the baptism, which was super good for him. Then we moved everything out of the church- like everything, so they will be doing the construction. We went to the Newell's house after and had dinner then watched conference! SO GOOD

Sunday Oct 5 2014 - Watched conference and such. Ah I just don't have time to explain, SO SORRY. :)
I have like one minute left, but pretty much conference was amazing, I know the prophet is called of God and leads the church under his direction. It is so wonderful that we have them to look towards. I learned so much from conference and look forward to learning much more as I review their talks.

Love, Cassie