Monday, October 13, 2014

Oct 13, 2014

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR THE PACKAGE Mom and Dad and Grandma and Grandpa Bolton. Loved loved loved them :) It made me happy to get some mail from home, and I loved the pictures from Chelsey's wedding. Sheesh my family is adorable... its ridiculous :) I also loved the quotes G&G, they are so cute, and one of them has especially helped me as of recently :) Thank you so much. 

Tuesday Oct 7 2014 - We had lunch with Chi, an investigator, and taught her the restoration again and watched the restoration video with her in Chinese, and she understood it all this time. :) It was great, the spirit was there, and she is totally prepared. I was leading the lesson, but not taking full lead, which made it so I didn't resolve her concerns about the commitments we extended so the goal next time is to do so. I am really trying to learn to teach, and lead, and they are probably the thing that I have the hardest time with. Just not a natural talent I have, but I will work on that for the rest of my life, but hopefully it becomes a strength a little sooner rather than later, but I will just be persistent with that.  We had lunch with Marianne Näslund, and later that night while tracting found a new investigator, Henrich, who is 27? and he knows his bible, he knows his church history, and has read the Book of Mormon before, but doesn't seem to do much about it. So that is our goal is to get him acting in faith!

Wednesday Oct 8 2014 - We rocked out a bunch of swing by's to old investigators, and potential investigators, and a couple less actives. We worked hard all day, and it felt good. It was a fun day that we had together, good memories made. :) We also taught Joel, and had a good lesson on tithing and fast offerings and committed him to live them :)

Thursday Oct 9 2014 - Welll... haha teaching is not my favorite thing. The institute teacher cancelled because she was sick, so we offered to have a little one with Joel and with our investigator Henrich, and Sister Eborn said I could teach it - since institute is a one teacher thing. Well Swedish.. not enough time to prepare a lesson on D and C 16-20 which has a bunch of stuff in there. Yeah.. I am not a talented teacher.. plus with bad Swedish. Oh well, it is an experience I learned from, even though it was not a very understandable lesson. haha.

Friday Oct 10 2014 - We had a half hour lesson with Arif, and our translator Morjkan, and it was a good lesson, the spirit was strong, just too rushed. We hope that Arif will start keeping his commitments because his heart is totally there, he believes in Jesus Christ, and He feels that this is right of what he knows and understands so far. Good news! We found Dodo! The one who had a baptismal date, and was all for it, then fell off the face of the planet...

Saturday Oct 11 2014 - We had a solid day, 5 lessons, three new investigators from those lessons, and then some crazy news. But one of those lessons was Dodo, he said he has been in the hospital.. don't know exactly why, something to do with his brain. So we are a little worried about him. But now we can start meeting with him again. He explained he is a little bit scared of sinning after being baptized, but I think we were able to help him see the use of the Atonement is for our whole lives. We will meet with him again on Wednesday, and hopefully that will go great :) We also taught a cute couple from Iran, Shahin and Reza, and they totally want to understand more about God's plan for us. We explained some of it, but took a long time to make sure they understood, and just kept it simple. We want to meet with them this week, and have Morjkan translate for us so we can really explain it to them to the depth that they want to understand! We then met with Asefa, went and bought dinner together, and it was so fun to be with him! He said to us that "I just love meeting with you sisters. It makes me happy, and I feel something different in my heart." Ah how the spirit works wonders. He is such a gem. I just love Asefa, and am excited to continue to work with him and get to know him.

Oh then for the crazy news... TRANSFERS. So Sister Eborn will be transferring to Uppsala, and will be a sister training leader there. (actually my STL) and Sister Moderzitski will be coming up here and serving with me :) She has been out one transfer longer than me. She was the sister who entered the MTC April 20th or something right after finals. I am way excited to work with her. I don't know her very well, but she is a fun cute girl who just loves everybody. There are three sisters from my group in the MTC who are training.. Sister Powell, Sister King, and Sister Demille. They are rockstars. I will be honest, I am grateful it isn't me, because training would be WAY hard. But good for them :) Anyway, I am excited for the change, but really sad to say goodbye to Sister Eborn. She has been a great companion who I have learned SO much from. She is a gem, I am excited for her to go STL, I think it will be a great position for her, to help be an example to many sisters in the mission. :) And Elder Noso will be going to the Stockholm area (Gubbangen) and will be a zone leader there, which he will also do sooo good at. The means that Elder Archibald has been called the be our district leader, which he will do so good at. He is a youngen for it, but he will rock it. We have become good friends, and I am excited to continue working with him. 

Sunday Oct 12 2014 - Loved taking the sacrament, and being in church. It is such a wonderful place :) Elder Noso and Sister Eborn gave goodbye testimonies from the ward, which were pretty special, and then we were invited to go to the Danells for dinner after church. But Sister Eborn and I taught the youth Sunday School class and took it as a mission prep class, which was a lot of fun. We made them role-play, and we were the investigators, and it made me understand even more of how important it is to understand where your investigator is at, understand what they are feeling, thinking, and what they already know. It was fun to be there with them though! At the Danells they had taken all their furniture outside to redo their floors, so we did some line dances and random stuff as we waited for dinner, it was a bunch of fun! :) Dinner was fantastic, and then we left a spiritual thought with them and went to work. We went and knocked doors for most of the night, which Sunday nights are the best for because everyone is home!! We knocked 150 doors, and got one potential investigator from it! Not quite as successful as usual, especially for how many people opened up, and were home. But if they are accepting or not, we need to give everyone that chance to say yes or no!

Today we are going to Storforsen again! I am way excited. It will be so much fun, especially since we are all like best friends now. One last thing before Elder Noso and Sister Eborn leave. Guessing the water will be frozen now.. but maybe not quite yet. It is cold here, and getting a lot more grey. Not seeing sun has been wearing me out a little bit, so I am grateful for the vitamin D in the package!

But anyway... I won't ever really be able to write about conference.. I just hope you all were able to find something cool for yourself :) It is pretty amazing to be here in Sweden, and I am very grateful to be a missionary for the Lord. Focusing and working hard is the best feeling, and I am happy I can do so :) Thank you for all your love and support. Sorry my emails are probably pretty lame. If there are things you would like that are more specific about something, let me know. I don't really know how I want to format my emails.. I'm considering changing it a little bit. But yeah! Anyway, I love you all soo soo much, and am grateful for you :)

Remember how much the Lord loves you. He is there with His arm around you even if you don't see Him or feel Him. Keep a desire there.

Love, Sister Bolton

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