Monday, October 20, 2014

Oct 20, 2014

Monday Oct 13 2014 - Last Monday all together, so we went to Storforsen, hence the plenty of pictures. There was snow, and we had a snow ball fight which was so much fun! Fatemeh, who was baptized a few weeks ago came with us, and we just had a great time. After pday was over we went to Stefan Muhi's house for his baptismal interview. While Elder Noso (our District leader) interviewed him we taught his dad, Attila about performing the baptism and confirmation. He is a recent convert of a year and a half, so he hasn't had much opportunity to use his priesthood. It was so much fun. We had dinner together, and some cake :) We said goodbye then went on our way home, a little later than planned, but still. They live in the middle of the forest, about a 45 minute drive from town, so by the time we got back, it was 9:00. The Elders dropped us and Fatemeh off at the Danells (the members who we had dinner with last Sunday) and Linea gave us a ride home. But we realized sister Eborn left her coat at the Muhi's. Kind of a bummer, but figured his dad could bring it to town Tuesday when he came in for work. But as we pulled up Sister Eborn realized she left our apartment keys in the pocket.... needless to say.. we got home at midnight. Whoops... 

Tuesday Oct 14 2014 - We had lunch with Chi again and began teaching the Plan of Salvation. We super need to find a Chinese translator, or we will be teaching like one part of the plan each time we meet. It will continue to be slow, but hopefully we can find someone to help. But she is super prepared, and I am excited for when we can teach her more time effectively. Since it was Sister Eborns last day in Luleå we met with Joel and had dinner with him, which was a lot of fun! Then we met with Familjen Hu.. which are just so busy in life, and having a hard time seeing the importance of the gospel. It is hard to set up times with them, but we will try and continue to meet with them. Then we went and visited Asefa. The NORTHERN LIGHTS were out when we were walking into the library to meet him, so we just ended up having him come outside and we walked and had a lesson and goodbye together outside so we could watch the lights. It was amazing, honestly they were dancing. I was amazed at God's creations and power. Wow, it was a tender mercy and I guess a good way for me and Sister Eborn to spend our little time here together. It was special, but weird, and still hadn't sunk in.

Wednesday Oct 15 2014 - TRANSFER DAY. We took Eborn and Noso to the airport early, Elder Allsop had arrived before that, so it made transportation much easier on us. But after saying goodbye at the airport, I was alone for a crazy long 3 hours. I did some personal study, then made my way to the train station to wait for Sister Modersitzki! The poor girl took a night train all the way up here from Holmstad. So she was on a train for like 19 hours or something. But after I got her we took her home, had some lunch then went through the area book hard core, and I just talked her ear off for like an hour and a half about everyone in the area. It was exhausting. We then went and visited Birgitta, then we had a lesson with Dodo. We had a follow up lesson, and went over the restoration because it was a long time ago, but it went really well. He remembered it, and said he believes it! He is just scared to get baptized at this point because he doesn't want to sin afterward. We explained that to him, but I think as he continues to read and pray he will feel more ready :) I loved the lesson we had with him though, it was so fun to teach with Sister Modersitzki. I felt like I was more myself than I have been during a lesson the whole time. It was just super good. Not because my teaching drastically improved, but my confidence was up, and the situation was just different. I think I've been needing something to knock it out of my head that I can't just turn to sister Eborn and she will make it all right.. haha But after we had a lesson at the Vinberg's with Andrew, and taught and committed him to the Word of Wisdom! He is the eternal investigator, who finally just moved out of his sambo's house!! :) So living the law of chastity, now hitting the Word of Wisdom. 

Thursday Oct 16 2014 - A whole day of traveling to Umeå and back. But we had a great zone training. With the transfer, every single one of the companionships were changed except one. So it was fun to meet everyone! They talked about prayer, and beforehand asked us all the read the Supernal Gift of Prayer. Which I had read recently, but read again, and it is a great talk :) I would recommend it. We seriously traveled all day, did our studies, and weekly planning while we traveled, then did swing-by's that night. It was a good day to get to know Sister Mod better! I freaking love her, and am soo happy to be able to work with her!! She is a rock star. 

Friday Oct 17 2014 - We had a few lessons, but also bloasts which was a bummer! Had institute which was super good, and we focused on the atonement of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for Him, and the love He has for us. It is amazing, and I just am so grateful and want to truly become like Him. We also called the Muhi's to check something for Stefan's baptism, and Attila (his dad) had just finished talking with Stefans mom.. and the baptism was called off. :( I was heartbroken for Stefan. His mother wanted to talk to him face to face before he is baptized, and said it isn't okay. The Muhi's were all heartbroken, especially Stefan. We made many calls, and said many prayers. We now just have to wait until he visits her in two weeks, and hopefully her heart will be softened and give him permission since it was completely his decision. 

Saturday Oct 18 2014 - Instead of Stefans baptism, we made a trip to visit him for his birthday. Elder Archibald, Elder Allsop, Peter (a new convert as of four months), Sister Mod and I made our way there together. We had a little lesson with him about sharing his testimony with his mother, then had cake, and played a game all together. It was a great time, and a special time. I think it really uplifted the Muhi's though, and we invited Stefan to set a new date to work towards for his baptism. We aren't giving up, but we are praying that his mom's heart will be softened. 

Sunday Oct 19 2014 - Ehsan came to church! He had been out of town for unexpected training and that was why we couldn't get a hold of him before. But he is back, still wanting to be baptized, and just super awesome! We got a baptismal date with him for the 15th of November! Can't wait to continue to meet with him. Then we had a pretty empty day, so we did swing by's and tracting for a couple hours. Saturday as we planned, we planned in faith that we could get five lessons since we would be out for five [half hour] chunks. And well when you have faith, guess what happens! We had five lessons! It was awesome, three of them with return appointments. It was great :)

This week was crazy, but so fun. I love Sister Modersitzki, and can't wait to know her better, and spend more time with her. She is fun, hardworking, and super positive!! It will be a great companionship I think :) I miss Sister Eborn, but I'm excited to learn from Sister Mod! She is just stellar.. I love her and I love Luleå!! Can't wait to see what this week holds!!

I love you all so much and am so so so grateful for your support and love!! Work hard, pray hard. Remember the Lord is more than just aware of you. He knows everything you are experiencing, but He still wants you to share it with Him through prayer!!

Love, Cassie :)

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