Monday, October 6, 2014

Oct 6, 2014

This week, I don't even know how to attempt to explain it all! General Conference was INCREDIBLE!! I loved loved hearing from our leaders :) I was able to have some questions answered, guidance found, and just some more understanding. It was pretty great :) I hope you guys enjoyed conference as much as I, even on the other side of the world :)

Monday Sep 29 2014 - Well pretty good pday, and I was able to write you a really good letter mom, so that should be coming in the next few days. :) haha Then we went and taught Familjen Hu, they are from China, moved here a year and a half ago, we teach them in English, and have Chinese materials for them. They don't really have religious background, but are willing to try, and want to understand. They are really cute, and have a little son who is like 8 months old? 

Tuesday Sep 30 2014 - We went and visited some less actives who live pretty far out, and did some service with them. First we visited Maria Juto, and we had a great time with her. We put up her shelf for her, and because I'm the "strongest" it was my job to drill it in, (Cassie forgot to put the picture up this week) haha and Sis. Eborn held it up. It was fun, and after we had a good discussion and ate waffles with her. It was a good lesson, and we invited her to come and watch conference at the church, and found there is a bus that she can take to get there, so hopefully she will start coming! Then we visited Karin Andersson, who I just love. She is so funny, and great. We had a really good lesson with her as well about finding out if something is from God if it is good, and invited her to watch conference and decide for herself. We also invited her to the women s conference that all the women in the relief society watched Wednesday night and she said she would come! We also taught five other lessons, and just had a pretty good day.

Wednesday Oct 1 2014 - We went out to the Muhi's house and taught Stefan. They live like 45 minutes away in the middle of the forest. :) haha But we had a really fun Plan of Salvation lesson with them. Stefan is a great artist so we had each of us draw part of the Plan of Salvation and then we taught about it, and shared our understanding of it. Since he has grown up coming to church, he really already understands the doctrine, so we are just helping him become prepared and strengthen him! Then that night we had the general women s conference with the women in the relief society, and it was great! Karin Andersson came and she was able to talk with some old friends who she hadn't seen in years. It was a good warm environment for us all. We wanted to take a picture with them all but had to slip out early to get home on time!

Thursday Oct 2 2014 - We had lunch with a new investigator, Chi, she is also Chinese, and super cute. Has a young baby, and she has read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon already!! It is so fun to help her understand the role that God plays in our life, and help her gain a relationship with Him. I'm excited to continue teaching her. Then we had a good lesson with Joel, and committed him to general conference and to have a question! We taught Familjen Hu again, and watched the restoration video, the spirit was really strong, and although they thought it was a fairy tale, as we testified it was real, it sunk into them. They are great, and so open to the gospel. I love these two cute Chinese families we are teaching :)

Friday Oct 3 2014 - We taught Arif, had a really good lesson about the restoration, and committed him to baptism! It was a soft commitment because he wants to understand everything first, but the goal is Nov. 8th. We had a really good lesson with Birgitta, a less active, because she is in an old folks home, in a wheelchair, but a testimony of fire. It was really fun to be there with her, and she was very much herself, bright and happy this time, so it was just special :) Then we had a great lesson with Veronica, probably one of the best lessons we have taught together as a companionship! :)

Saturday Oct 4 2014 - Fatemeh got baptized!! The elders have been teaching her, and she is great :) So cute! Arif even came to the baptism, which was super good for him. Then we moved everything out of the church- like everything, so they will be doing the construction. We went to the Newell's house after and had dinner then watched conference! SO GOOD

Sunday Oct 5 2014 - Watched conference and such. Ah I just don't have time to explain, SO SORRY. :)
I have like one minute left, but pretty much conference was amazing, I know the prophet is called of God and leads the church under his direction. It is so wonderful that we have them to look towards. I learned so much from conference and look forward to learning much more as I review their talks.

Love, Cassie


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