Monday, November 10, 2014

Nov 10 2014

Okay, well I wrote SO much in my journal this week so I'm just going to give you guys a little bit of the highlights. But good thing my journal writing has improved.. but that also means my emailing with detail will probably decline! Sorry!

Monday Nov 3 2014 - We had dinner at the Muhi's, which was super fun! Giant pizza which was delicious :) Then had a lesson on the priesthood with Stefan, the elders were there and bore great testimony. We also talked about his baptism since he has permission!! woot woot! He didn't want to choose a date yet, but he said he would pray about it! (He is so awesome, and seriously knows that this is between him and God!)

Tuesday Nov 4 2014 - We went and visited a few less actives, did the big drive to Töre and visited Laila Lindberg did some family history with her, got her on family search. Then Karin Andersson, then Ingrid Andersson, haha so many something-sons. ha We also hit up Asefa, and had a great lesson with him on a scripture story.

Wednesday Nov 5 2014 - had some strange lessons... the guy with aspergers was kind of touchy feely, and so definitely not meeting with him anymore. Had a great dinner at Marianne Näslunds with the elders and Joel! It was so much fun. We super loved it! I just appreciate Marianne so much! She is a gem.

Thursday Nov 6 2014 - We had district meeting down in Skellefteå, and so that took up a lot of our day, traveling there and traveling back. But district meeting was stellar. Elder Archibald did such a good job going over the zone conference we had, and talking more about unity, and it was just great. I really liked it! I was just watching some good old cardboard TV.

Friday Nov 7 2014 - We met with Chi, and had the Chinese missionary help us, and that was useful, we will meet with her again next week and hopefully she will start progressing more. We are trying to feel out if she just has us come over because she likes friends. But hopefully she will be able to feel the spirit behind how important church attendance is.

Then we met with Henrik and had a good lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is having a hard time getting started with having faith thing! But he committed to coming to church, to continue to pray and read daily, so hopefully is starts to work in him, as long as he softens his heart!

Then we had an hour and a half lesson with Abood, and since he has now read the Book of Mormon in Arabic (yes last week I said in Persian, but that was my bad.) and once in Swedish. He is a super cool guy. Super invested in finding the truth, and I just can't wait for him to find it! He is so close :) He loves the Koran and has shown us some really cool stuff from it, I really respect him. OH! Man, I almost forgot. The coolest part was when he told us about a dream he had! Okay, I don't know what it is but two of my investigators having dreams about missionaries.. SICK. Anyway, his dream was of me and Sister Modersitski, and we were pointing down a road and saying to him that this was the right way. Then he woke up. But he noted it as not a normal dream, but that it had significance. Which is exactly what it was. Totally a sign from God, I wish we had explained more how that is a way God answers prayers are through dreams, I think that is incredible. He talks about finding the right way, Gods way, all the time, which is super cool. He is just so sincere.

We met with Familjen Hu, and went over the Plan of Salvation, the spirit was strong and direct, making them realize that they kind of do need to do something and not be lazy. So we will meet with them again this week.

Saturday Nov 8 2014 - we did weekly planning, picked up a package for Sister Mod which was kind of fun! Arif and Zarina bloasted us a the library, but ran into Dodo, who has told us he is getting baptized now in the church he has been attending the last 7 years of his life... awkward. Won't be meeting with him at all anymore. We visited Birgitta, but she wasn't feeling well, so it was just short. Then we jumped on a bus, and went to Boden for the surströmming fest. IT was quite the fest.. the stench is the worst thing I've ever smelled in my life. They open them outside to try and make it not so bad inside... but its still bad inside. haha like it stinks so bad it is illegal to take on airplanes because it could break because the pressure change, and nobody wants to smell that. It was the stench of death. HAHA. oh boy. But I ate it, only a bite, but I ate it, and I never have to do it again! The party was really fun, and I enjoyed being with the whole ward. Just love those guys!

  • Tasting Surströmming... YUCK. You don't eat too much at a time. You take some of the hard bread, butter it, put potatos and onions on it then surströmming. I had a tiny bit.. and yes it was that bad. But I tried it! Stinkiest fish in the freaking world. seriously though, it reaked.


Sunday Nov 9 2014 - oh my goodness probably one of the best sunday meetings I've been too while I've been here. Henrik, Abood, Stefan, and Johanna were all there. So first we talked with Stefan and after prayer and all, he wants to get baptized on the 15th! WOO :) Yes, that is this Saturday, we are SOO excited. We've been waiting a long time for this one. I just am so excited for him. I love hiimmmmm. Then sacrament meeting talks were stellar for Henrik and Abood, then sunday school was all about faith which couldn't have been better for Henrik and Johanna shared alot about how faith has helped her and Johanna asked questions in relief society and after we set up a time to meet this week. Oh ps. Johanna is Anna Newells friend who has come to church like 4 or 5 times, and we have been patient to not push her at all or not make her feel uncomfortable, but now she wants to meet, and its super good because I've talked to her multiple times before so we are friends, and she will totally feel comfortable. I can't wait! Then we went to the elders apartment in Boden with the Tolley's and the Kohlers (the Kohlers go home to Oregon in like 2 weeks since they are done with their mission), but we had some delicious dinner and just had some great times together!! 

I love the gospel, and I love seeing people understand and find the truth. It has been so special. I love being a missionary for Jesus Christ!! His work is definitely the work of salvation! I love you all! 

Thanks for all the love!!

Syster Bolton
  • Newspaper: a random guy asked us to answer a couple questions for the newspaper. Everyone else is like from different little cities in sweden. Then.. America :) haha (If you understand Swedish, you might be able to read this. LOL)

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