Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov 22 2014

Because it is Saturday, we didn't realize the library would close early, so we only have an hour today, then on Monday we will get on for an hour as well. Just take one hour from today and use it for proselyting. But anyway, this week has been stellar! Short because I just emailed 5 days ago, but it's fine. Well there isn't too much to tell, sadly I feel like I write these really similar to what I write in my journal. And my journal was lots of details this week, but I'll just summarize and then talk :) haha

Monday Nov 17 2014 - Super great pday just felt more productive than usual. Then we met Asefa and talked with him about the Melchizedek Priesthood so he will probably be receiving that in 4 to 5 months because he wants to finish the Book of Mormon first. (not because he has too, he just feels like that is super important.)

Tuesday Nov 18 2014 - Taught Abood who is now reading the bible all the way through. Dude this guy is really doing his research. I can't wait for him to feel the difference. Then we taught Jocke again and he is pretty cool, not like super into it still, but still interested. Taught Henrik but he was hung over... yeah teaching him the word of wisdom last week went over great... hahaha oh boy. Then President Beckstrand called us.... and Sister Modersitzki is training!! He told me that I am leaving Luleå but I just have to wait until Friday to find out where! But Mod will be a great trainer :) To celebrate we went to McDonalds during dinner and got a Diam McFlurry, then went home and had real dinner. Then we taught a guy on the street for 15 minutes in -15 degrees Celsius weather. oh my goodness we could NOT feel our toes by the end of it. The guy was super cool though. But man it was FREEZING.

Wednesday Nov 19 2014 - We went to a lot of less actives, we walked across the frozen ocean. (OH MY GOODNESS. ) maybe that isn't that big of a deal, but I definitely had never done it so I was stoked! haha Then we had dinner at the Danells which was fun, and we taught their friend that they have staying with them for a couple months. Then we took the car to the elders in Boden and then walked to our bus.. it was -17 degrees Celsius. we were dying walking then waiting. 

Thursday Nov 20 2014 - We had district meeting over the phone, which was great! Then we met Joel and had a good lesson with him- dang I'm going to miss him! He is awesome. Then we visited another less active. Then we met this guy named Martin that we had contacted on the street last week. He read the chapter we gave him, and was just thrilled to meet. Yes this is a Swede I am talking about. We were worried he was high or something, but nope, he wasn't. But he is totally prepared. He said himself, a couple years ago he would have told us we were crazy, but his life has changed and he feels like he has a relationship with God. He said we were a sign to an answer to his prayers. He was praying and walking as we contacted him, and he was pretty amazed. We almost got him a baptismal date, but he wants to feel an answer from God first. But soon it will come, and he committed to church tomorrow! It will be way cool.

Friday Nov 21 2014 - Yesterday well boy was a good day!! TRANSFER CALLS came out!! we found out at like 8:45 and drum role.... I am going to Jönköping!!! It is like in the dead middle of the bottom half of Sweden. AND I will be finishing the training of Sister Lindsay!! Wow, what? haha yeah, she has been out 6 weeks, so I will finish her training. I've met her once and the sisters conference, and she is darling. I am soo excited to be with her!!!

But we took the car and drove up north, and visited some new less actives! We visited the Gustaffsons, which I have been there twice before. Then we went to Haparanda and visited with Stig, a cute 57 year old man who I don't know if he is all there, but he was darling. We met him at the library, and tons of the books were in Finnish, so that was weird! but that is because we were seriously 2 minutes away from the Finnish border!!

We also visited an 86 year old lady there who was really sweet. We are going to try and get the Finnish missionaries in Kemi (which is like a 30 minute drive from Haparanda) to visit them because both of them can speak a little English/Finnish. So that would be super cool. Then we drove to Finland for a second! It was super fun :) So I have officially been to Finland as well!!! woo :) Then on the way home we visited Karin Anderson, which was good and we invited her to church and she seemed like she was going to come as long as she feels well tomorrow!! :) . 

Then we got home taught the Hu's (the Chinese family) who I think will start progressing a lot more after Christmas, they are just so busy right now, but it was still a good lesson

Then we met with Asefa which was fun, and probably my last time to actually meet with him! Weird!! But it was a pretty fun day!!! :)

So I started packing my bags on Wednesday night, and I've got two of my three bags packed! So it won't be too bad. I am really excited to go to Jönköping! I've heard it is a pretty sweet place, and like the most Christian city in Sweden (which isn't saying a lot- but is still saying something!) haha I am SO excited :) I am sad to leave Sister Mod, because she has just been a treat. Like so chill and fun, and we work similarly, so it has just been really nice. But I'm excited for a new ward to work in, even though I will miss my cute Luleå branch, they will always be dear to me! Well, I just love the Lord and love the work!! Sorry Not so much time today, so no replies to anyone else! :/ But I love you all and am so grateful for the love and support!! 

Love, Sister Bolton

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