Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24 2914

Note from Parents: Cassie's pday was switched to Saturday Nov 22 2014 and since they did not know the library closed early they only got 1 hour to send an e-mail. So below is part 2 of Week 17 in Luleå Sweden.

Sunday Nov 23 2014 - Well, the last Sunday in Luleå!! It was so weird, but it was fun! We contacted a TON of people before church, then during church none of our investigators came... again. :/ But I was asked to bear my testimony since I would be leaving, so I was able to do that. It was cool to stand up there and remember how I did it my first Sunday here, and see the difference. Now I could say what I wanted to say for the most part, now I stood up there and saw all these faces and they all meant something to me, now I said thank you and goodbye. It was weird, but special. I hugged just about everyone and said goodbye. We had Ward Council after church, which was weird for me just because none of the things they were talking about would effect me anymore! But it was fun! Then we went to the Wirtalas for dinner AGAIN!! :)

They invited us over even though we were just there last Sunday, and it was so much fun. We got there and they said it was a Christmas dinner! It was mostly for Elder Allsop because he had only had one Christmas in Sweden (the other was in the MTC). So we got there and we decorated their Christmas Tree, then ate the traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner (which was a little random/weird- I'll explain more later.)

Then watched a tiny bit of Pippi's Christmas (allowed by mission president) (like pippi longstocking. it is originally Swedish.) Then sang some Christmas songs and then they gave us each a present, which we unwrapped and it was a Kex candy bar!

They are just the sweetest things ever!! Seriously though, it was soo much fun! It felt like Christmas, and although I wasn't home with family, I was with people who loved me and I love them, so it was so special! So I guess I will get two Christmas' in Sweden too! haha one yesterday, and one this Christmas! Craziness :)

After we left, they called and said I forgot my camera there, so we swung around and got it, luckily we hadn't gone far! But after retrieving my camera, and finally looking at it, I found all these beautiful selfies of the Wirtala family!! :) hahaha I love them so much! I will miss them! Ah!! But it was pretty wonderful time.


I love the Lord, and I love the people he puts in our lives. He really knows what He's doing, doesn't He?



P.S. Oh Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!! I am so so grateful for you. Mom and Dad you have been the best gift from the Lord, and I am forever grateful. Bro's and Sisters, thanks for all you do, and for loving me, and always having fun with me! Friends, thanks for the love support and fun times! I love you and am SO GRATEFUL for YOU!!!

So I will be moving tomorrow! I fly to Stockholm then take a train to Jönköping! I think it will be like a 4 or 5 hour train ride! So I will get there tomorrow night about 8.00. 

I am wayy excited to serve with Sister Jessica Lindsay! She's a doll :)


Syster Bolton and Syster Modersitzki

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