Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 3 2014

Monday Oct 27 2014 - We flew to Stockholm!! Woo, it was fun, and we stayed with Sister La Fontane and Sister Hill (Sister Mod's trainer) which was so much fun!! We got to their apartment at like 10 then made dinner ate, and went to sleep! But it was a bunch of fun to get to know them :)

Tuesday Oct 28 2014 - we woke up got ready then went to Gubbangen for the conference. We got there and got to print some stuff off the computers and download some of the pictures from the phone onto a jumpdrive, so now you'll see more! woo :) Right before the conference we also received some amazing news!!! wait for it.... STEFANS MOM GAVE HER PERMISSION!!! :) yayyyyy!!! So that will be planned in the near future.. anyway.. Then conference started and it was just amazing. I loved it. It was nice because it felt like it was really the Beckstrands conference! Because the last ones have been with like Elder Texiera, and Elder Bednar and stuff, which I love also, but it was fun to really get a conference just how the Beckstrands wanted it! I felt like I learned a lot, and had a great time. :) Something that I was reminded of there was the real meaning of sacrifice! I feel like sacrifice has become to have such a bad connotation, but what is the meaning of sacrifice anyway?! Giving up something good for something better!! I'm sacrificing, but it is for something better!! We are all asked to sacrifice worldly things and follow the commandments, but its not a bad thing. The something better is one because it is a happier way to live, and two we get eternal life!! It is something MUCH Better and sometimes we forget that! After the conference we made our way on trains to get to the airport, Then we got home at like 9 that night. So a full fun day in Stockholm!

Wednesday Oct 29 2014 - Pretty good day! Taught a solid amount of lessons, and heart attacked a couple members to make them feel loved :) We went by the Newells to give Anna a Swedish Book of Mormon to give to her friend as we were making our way home to have dinner, but then they invited us in to eat with them!! It was SO nice of them! We had enchiladas, it was for little Lineas birthday, she turned 7 years old :) So we had some delicious cake as well. They are the sweetest family in the world. I just love them. We got to meet with Asefa that night and had a good little lesson with him :)

Thursday Oct 30 2014 - A day of lots of lessons, which was fun, Abood, the muslim who just taught us a lot the last time, was like begging us to meet again. He finished reading the Book of Mormon all the way through, and we just discussed all the questions he had about the book. It was actually really cool, because he loved somethings we explained. We gave him a Swedish Book of Mormon so he could have the whole book (since not all of it is translated into Persian which he had read). Super nice guy though, and really full of faith! So we will see where that goes! That night we taught the Haidari family with Sister Mogjan over the phone translating, and it was really good! The spirit was there, but it was a little rushed. We committed them to coming to church, and continuing reading and praying. Saw some trick or treaters out a day early... awkward ;) haha

Friday Oct 31 2014 - We did some swing bys, taught a couple lessons, but then that night we went to the Näslunds for dinner and a little Halloween party! Swedes are slowly catching onto the Halloween thing. Hence the trick or treaters out a day early. And a couple days after. Haha I honestly saw like 3 trick or treaters was all, but then again we were at a members house who doesn't live close to town for the night. We had a great dinner, then dessert, and then some candy. It was fun, Brother Näslund had called president Beckstrand to get permission to get us home a little late, so we were got home at 10 instead of 9. It was fun :)

Saturday Nov 1 2014 - Like every lesson we planned fell through... we love when people bloast ;p but we did get two even though it was a pretty bad day. It was also all saints day! So everyone here puts lights on the graves, and so we walked by a cemetery and took some pictures (they are on dropbox.) but it was cool because there wasn't like one grave that didn't have a light on it.

Sunday Nov 2 2014 - well there should have been like 10 people coming to church.... and none of them came. :( We called the Haidari's before church to meet them at the bus stop and they “broke up with us” don't really know why, but they said they don't want it anymore :( I was so sad. After church we had branch counsel, which was really productive and great! Then we were invited to the Newells again! Aren't they the bomb?? YES :) I seriously love being in their home. It just reminds me so much of home. Got to love Americans! But we had salmon, and it is slowly getting better. No I don't like it yet, but I also ate my whole piece. Haha! But the rest of the food was fantastic too :) They are just the sweetest. I love rubbing shoulders with them and working with them! It is just so homey and loving there :)

So that was pretty much our week!! Sister Modersitzki is so much fun! We have just been working hard, and she helps me keep going even when I am exhausted ;) haha She is so cute though, and we are becoming really good friends! I just feel super blessed with a great ward and a great companion to be working with! Tonight we are going the the Muhi's (Stefan's family) and he just got back last night, so we are going to figure out his baptism and all! :) Oh this coming week we get the.... wonderful? Opportunity to taste surströmming... gulp. Fermented fish. I might die. So if you don't get an email next week you know what happened. YIKES!

Sounds like you guys are having a blast visiting Austin and Amanda! I'm so jealous. Lots of temple sessions, and just fun!! :) You guys have fun and be safe. I love hearing form you. How was visiting with Lori? and with your cousins? That is way nice of them to offer to babysit for Austin and Amanda. That will be so nice! Well I love you all and I hope everything is going well!! Mission is great :)

Oh and on this coming Thursday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!! :) I hope you guys do something fun on Thursday to celebrate one more year of a beautiful life ;)

Love, Cassie

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