Monday, December 15, 2014

Dec 15 2014 (6 Months)


Had a pretty good week, again! I love being a missionary, honestly, don't really have bad weeks very often. haha I just love it. But.. 

Tuesday Dec 9 2014 - we taught quite a few people, but the best lesson of the day was with Josef, the really funny one. We got a baptismal date with him!! Woot woot! It is a soft baptismal date, but a baptismal date none the less. January 24th is the goal, he said he will if he feels that it is right. He doesn't have problems with commandments it seems, and so now it is just helping him gain a testimony of the restoration. We also taught Per, someone who has been taught for like the past 4 months? He cancelled on us the first few times we tried to meet with him, because of being sick and then something coming up, but we finally got to meet with him, got to know him a little bit, then tried to understand what is holding him back from baptism. He mostly just wants to learn more, and stuff, he feels like he has gotten part of his answer that it is right, but just wants something more. So we asked if we could pray with him right then. We all knelt down, and he said about a 30 second prayer, then we stayed quiet.. then we all started praying to ourselves. We were kneeling for 20 more minutes, and I could have sworn he was going to stand up and say he needs to be baptized because the spirit was so strong, but then he ended up saying he felt really good, thank you for that, and then checked his phone (because it rang 7 times during us praying and he ignored it every time.) and saw that it was his mother, so he was like, I better run now, thanks! and left.. haha We would have liked to have talked a little more, but that is okay! Hopefully he can start having more faith in the faith and answer he has! But now we will just continue to teach him so that he feels like he understands everything and can be baptized. That night we had dinner with a member, Bella Nilsson, and it was super good and fun. She is a cutie.

Wednesday Dec 10 2014 - HAHAHA okay... well we just LOVE running for buses and such. haha So summary, is that we had district meeting in Borås, and its a 2 hour 15 min bus ride, so we got up and ready and we left our apartment like 5 minutes early, walked to the bus stop, and upon getting there we read it and it was like, oh hey this bus stop has been moved to this street from this date to this date. So we through that address into our phone, and just started booking it, because we couldn't miss this bus. Well we ran all along this street and couldn't find any bus stop, and eventually gave up with the knowledge that we missed it. Kind of dumb, so then we look up other options, find some other bus we can take in an hour, and it is a more direct bus so its like an hour and a half drive, so we got on that bus, and after figuring that out, we got there a half hour late.. and they hadn't started since another companionship wasn't there either. But district meeting was awesome. Seriously loved it. Then after District meeting we went over the skit thing for zone conference this coming week.. We were going to do a nativity thing then figured we wanted to have something more funny, and such... so one of the elder presented this AWESOME other idea.... THE SWEDISH DISTRICT. haha As missionaries we watch the district a bunch through training and stuff, and so we are making one like 5 minutes long, of all these screen cuts that are relatable to the Swedish Stockholm mission, but like copying ideas of things that go on in the district. It is going to be SO funny. Something we will treasure forever. haha So we started filming that through lunch... then got to our bus, and after riding on that bus for 2 and a half hours... then realizing we were not pulling into Jönköping like we should have been... asked the bus driver, and long story short, it was a weird "bus 200" and it went in a CIRCLE!! haha it went half way home... then took a route south and went back to borås. oh boy.. cancelled our dinner appointment, and found another bus. Yes we were on a bus for way too long. Then we got back finally, our whole day gone, so we ate some dinner, since we hadn't eaten since breakfast since we recorded the movie during lunch... haha oh my goodness.. it was just a treat. anyway..

Thursday Dec 11 2014 - HAPPY 6 MONTHS MARK!!! WOOO haha I've been a missionary for officially six months. A third done, how weird! but fun that is for sure! We met with Josef again, committed him to church. Then we went to a less active who... talked a lot. haha she told us like her whole life story. But it was fun. Oh that night we went to LUCIA!! So Lucia is very Swedish, a tradition that is done every year, like everywhere. It is about like a Italian women coming to Sweden with candles, but really just bringing in the light to Sweden which is so dark during the winter and Christmas time. So we went to a Jr. High performance of it with Alex, and it was way fun to see! Didn't understand much of the songs, but then they also just sang some other not Lucia songs, like Christmas songs in English :) haha I love it. It was super fun! Every single one of them had candles. And Lucia is the one in the front who wears a white dress, with a red belt, and has the candles on her head. It was really pretty. They did a good job. Plus there were like 200 girls in white dresses with candles, because they were all around the top banister kind of a thing, I couldn't get a picture of it, but it was really pretty. OH! Plus something super cool was that they had a few girls do the sign language of one of the songs, it was a Swedish song, plus Swedish sign language, so I couldn't follow how close the SL is to ASL, but it was super cool.

Friday Dec 12 2014 - We met with Per again, and another less active, Pauline, and kind of called her to repentance because she isn't coming because she was offended... so we are working on that. We had a YSA activity and we had our new member Rikki teach us all yoga! it was so much fun!! We met with him afterward too, and he is doing alright. I am worried about him though.

Saturday Dec 13 2014 - We taught a couple lessons and did some weekly planning as well, it was a pretty good day! I love weekly planning probably more than a normal one would. but it is fine! haha I just love being able to get organized and call up a bunch of people, and set goals and all that. fun stuff. :)

Sunday Dec 14 2014 - Josef came to church, all three meetings and really enjoyed it! It was super cool :) We had a lesson with him after church and he said he loves all churches, and cant think of any church as being a bad church, after explaining that that is not what we are saying, it still didn't go completely across as well as we would have liked. But it is just really needing him to get a testimony of the restoration. But this week!! He will be listening to the Book of Mormon, so that will help (he has bad eyes and can't read). Then we went to the Hegesseys for dinner, and to help them decorate their Christmas trees! It was fun, plus delicious food. Alex is in that family by the way. PS. Church was incredible. Honestly the spirit was SO strong. I just loved it!! I love Christ, and am so grateful for His atonement.

Monday Dec 15 2014 - today we did the normal Pday stuff, and then we went shopping for some little gifts for the families we will be spending Christmas with, and then for each other. haha it was hilarious, we were trying to hide our stuff from each other, while still being able to see each other. That was an experience. It was fun though. haha Then we are emailing earlier today because the elders in our district are coming to be able to film our DISTRICTET (the district in Swedish) so that will be awesome! Pretty good week!! I don't know, I am just dying over the fact that Christmas is in like 10 days, it seems so unreal!! haha but I am excited! I hope you have a wonderful time! Have a good week and remember the true meaning of this time of year.

Love; Syster Bolton

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