Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec 26 2014

Okay so it has been a while and let's just say a TON has happened!! But I will just tell about the main good stuff :) But first off, >Merry Christmas!!! I hope it was super wonderful for everyone. I know it was for me :) It was so fun to talk to you guys and see your beautiful faces :)


So... AMY!! So she was a self-referral and I said a little bit about her last week. But she is seriously a blessing from Heaven. She is a blessing for us missionaries because she makes us more excited and the spirit is just so strong, and a blessing for the Jönköping ward! I am so excited for her. So she will be getting baptized the 10th of January. So that will be so cool!! I can't wait for her because she is so excited! haha We have taught her a few times and she gains a testimony on everything we have talked about like right when she hears it come out of our mouth. She just feels the spirit so strongly. She has such an amazing relationship with God and I feel so blessed to help her learn these things that she has been searching for!! :) She absolutely LOVED church as well. It is super cool because there is a new convert from earlier this year and he is from Kenya as well and she was just so excited. Everything is perfect timing with her. 

Rikki, the 25 year old who was baptized previously this year, we have been meeting with him still and it is pretty fun. He is super funny and so we are all pretty good friends! We had dinner with the Ahlströms and had Rikki come along, so that was super fun! We had korv (sausage) stroganoff, which I have heard before is not good at all, but I actually liked it! Maybe the one who said they didn't like it had it from a bad cook or something. haha

Oh last week (on the 17th) we were out and something fell through so we prayed to figure out what we should do. Then Sister Lindsay felt we should go do a swing by to a less active that lived on this certain street, which was funny because I also felt that we should go contacting down that street. And on our way we ran into a guy and contacted him and then we ended up having an hour lesson with him standing there kind of cold. But we taught him about the whole restoration and the differences between our church and other christian churches, and he said I don't think you guys are going to convince me to change, and we were like, we aren't here to do that, but the spirit is! Can you feel that? Yeah that is the spirit, take this book and you will be able to know for yourself from God! He took the Book of Mormon happily and said he would read it and pray about it. I can't wait to follow up with him (his name is Rikard) but he is in Africa during the Holidays. So when he comes back hopefully we have a new investigator :) It was really cool because we were also definitely blessed with the gift of tongues as we taught him!!

Friday Dec 19 2014 - We had Zone Conference last week as well which was SO GOOD!! Oh my goodness. I wish I had my notes with me right now, but a lot of work was put into it, and it showed! I absolutely loved it :) Came out of there a lot more motivated and with some newly opened eyes. Two parts of it that stand out to me are first, the focus on my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I realized how I need to continually be nurturing it, not because I haven't been studying and serving, etc etc. But I just need to make a more conscious effort as I pray to really poor out my heart to my Father and that I know through the Saviors Atonement I can receive comfort, guidance and support! The spirit was so strong throughout the whole meeting, and I was just super happy about that! Then we had some instructions about inviting people to be baptized. We talked about so many times missionaries get scared to invite people to get baptized! Especially in the first or second lesson, and those are some of the most perfect times! It felt good knowing that I have been doing better about that and I have seen the difference. It was just super motivating to make sure I invite those I meet with to be baptized the first lesson. Not because I am expecting a yes every time, but the Yes is going to come a lot more often than if you didn't ask at all!! And it helps the investigators start pondering that and really focusing the lessons on the goal of baptism and activation in the church!! Also at zone conference we did fun little skits. And our district did The Districtet! haha it was super funny, and yes we are acting in it, it isn't all real, but it is based off a lot of real things that happen in the mission. (other than the pride thing. that was just to be funny.)  
Dear Elders and Sisters,

Below you will find a link to the Dropbox folder that contains all of the Christmas Skits performed at all of the Zone Conferences. From there you will be able to watch and/or download them if you so desire. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy Dropboxing!
MVH,Proselyting Office EldersSweden Stockholm
Note the clip showing the top of the temple is the one with Syster Bolton in it. 

After having some really good lessons with Josef... he dropped us. :( he called and said that he believes we have the wrong way. I am grateful that he does have good beliefs and is a good guy, has a relationship with God, but we think he came across some anti material or something. :(

Wednesday Dec 24 2014 - I guess I will just finish off by telling about our Christmas celebrations! It was super fun :) The members did well taking care of us here! Which I am super grateful for :) But on Christmas Eve (which was seriously like Christmas day here in Sweden. It is super weird, but everyone does Santa n the evening on Christmas eve. plus the big Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.) We had a relaxed morning just studying and then organizing some stuff then we went to the Robayos for the day. They are from Colombia, so we had a Swedish/Colombian Christmas! haha when we first got there we watch kalleanka (which is like donald the duck clips plus other Disney movie clips, and stuff.) but everyone in Sweden watches it for some reason. It is at 3:00 every year on Christmas Eve. It was funny, but kind of weird. haha. Then we had dinner, which was super delicious and visited and such then we ended the night watching the Polar Express! Which was soo fun. It just felt so like Christmas, and I loved it :)

Thursday Dec 25 2014 - Then Christmas day we woke up and got ready quickly and we went to the church and did waffles, bacon and eggs for our Christmas breakfast with the Elders and Marcus ( a YSA ) then went to Marcus´ and watched Frozen (elder Jones hadn't seen it yet. Oh ps. Elder Peter Jones is cousins with the Fagers! He is from Arizona) Then played phase ten (I kicked butt;) haha) Then we headed over to the Hegyesseys, where we watched.... HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2!!! I was of course stoked. Alex did that for me :) I was so happy, and yes it was amazing if anyone was wondering. I loved it!! Then we had a wonderful American Christmas dinner with some super great Swedish desserts :) cant get better than that. Then we kind of had a small testimony meeting on Christ which was super special! Then we headed to the church to Skype :) ah which was super amazing and I am super grateful for you guys!! :) That was so much fun to talk to you and hear you!


Oh PS. so transfers this week! Sister Lindsay is going to Norrköping on Monday! ah I am so sad to say goodbye, but she will do great! Then I get Sister Austin my MTC comp for just one week! then we will see what else happens to me! I don't really know exactly but I know Sister Austin is going back to Malmö after the week of being together, then heck maybe we both will train? maybe not? but we will know by next Thursday which is our next pday! Well I love you guys sooo much and I hope you have a wonderful week :) Happy New Year!!


I LOVE YOU!! Thank you so much for everything :)

Love, Cassie

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