Monday, December 8, 2014

Dec 8 2014

Monday Dec 1 2014 - We taught a new convert, Rikki, which was fun, he is like 25, pretty chill, from China, but having lots of doubts :/ We had a good lesson with him, helping him understand that it is a sin not to come to church, and obviously he has a reverence to the Lord because that really caught his attention and he made up for it by coming to church!! :) So hopefully he can continue to do the big three (read, pray, and church) to build up his testimony and help him become truly converted!

Tuesday Dec 2 2014 - Well we had Anna, who the other sisters met with before. It was my first time meeting her and lets just say... it was an experience. She came in and just talked about doing a dancing number with us and asked if I could sing and stuff, and I was like okay... can we talk about the gospel? But that wasn't going to happen until we "practiced this dance" with her that she had made up so that we could perform it at a restaurant with her! hahaha oh my goodness, the poor girl was more than heart broken, which I felt way bad about but I definitely wasn't going to do that. Especially because this "restaurant" was definitely a bar. I felt really bad that she wanted to so badly, but after she finally realized we were not changing our minds she... screamed. Yes she literally screamed at the top of her lungs. We were in the Church and we were both appalled. Then she started crying, and then we tried to bring in Christ and how we can find real, lasting joy through Him. She didn't listen for very long until she stormed out. Oh man, I felt so bad for her. She just really doesn't know the purpose of life here on earth, and it just made me so much more grateful for that knowledge, but it also made my heart just ache for her.

On a funnier note, Sister Lindsay was praying in Swedish for us, and she said something wrong, so tried to fix it, then said it wrong again, tried to fix it, then was like "dang it!" hahaha it was hilarious. :) lightened the mood I guess.

We also had a little bit of time that evening because all of our lessons bloasted, so we decided to do a little thing with the He is the Gift initiative. You know how around Halloween people "Boo" each other and leave a little ghost with a plate of treats then you put the ghost in the window and you have to pass it along? So we did that! But Christmas style, hoping it goes around the ward, and hopefully non-members get it as well!

Wednesday Dec 3 2014 - we taught an investigator named Josef, and it was a lot of fun. We had to be pretty bold with him, so that is probably why it was a lot of fun :) It is really cool, because the spirit just builds up inside me, and I just realize how much I know it is true. Josef is so funny though. He is 31, from Iran or Iraq, and has a Christian background, but doesn't know why he needs to be baptized again, and doesn't believe in Joseph Smith at all- But! The bold lesson made him realize he can't say that "there can't be prophets today" because he doesn't know! It was really good because we committed him to read pray and church and told him it would take time, etc.

Thursday Dec 4 2014 - We had dinner with a member Juan (the one with the old Swedish Military outfit on in the pictures) he is hilarious, and loves old things, he is planning on investing in it when its all worth even more money. It was fun, the elders, us and Juan. He is great. He was like, of course I can feed the missionaries, the Lord has blessed me with so much, that I can give His missionaries some food, easy! He has an awesome testimony too!


Friday Dec 5 2014 - we had a district meeting, which was kind of funny. Way different than past ones, but it was fun. We have a district of 5 companionships, 3 sets of elders, 2 of sisters. So Sister Demille from my MTC group is in my district now!

We met with an old investigator to go teach her friend. She is like 60 years old, crazy, but hilarious. She doesn't believe it herself, but like while we were on the bus, she like introduces us to random people and explained what we do as missionaries and stuff. It was so funny, but hey cool! 

Then we taught this potential investigator who is now a new investigator! :) He doesn't remember meeting missionaries, and didn't know like anything about it, but when we called him and set up the appointment he was like sure! So we met, and he had a bagillion questions, and it was super fun to teach him! He isn't necessarily seeking right now, but hopefully he will begin- His name is Navid.

Saturday Dec 6 2014 - We taught Josef again, and softened his heart about being baptized again, and so now he is also praying about that! He is so funny, because he is kind of like a child, as I called to confirm and asked if he could still come, he was like, oh no I can't and then after being like what? he's like, I'm just kidding! He did that with stuff as I followed up on prayer, etc. So now I just know he is always lying to me. haha

Sunday Dec 7 2014 - Kind of disappointing, no investigators came. We called Josef and he said he just can't today, tried to remind him it is a commandment, and it will help him find his answer, but he said it himself that he was just being lazy. :/ But Rikki came and we had a good lesson with him after church! Helped us understand more where he is at (he is the recent convert), then we had dinner at the De Lima's - she is from Sweden and her mom is Linnea Dannell (from Lulea!! haha) and he is from Brazil. They are super awesome, we had fun with them, and they have three cute crazy children! It was great :)

Monday Dec 8 2014 - Today! We went bowling with the elders, which was super fun!! I hit 162, so that was fun!! haha Not too bad considering my high score in my life is 167! But we had a lot of fun, plus we got 3 games in in one hour! 

This week was super good, I still love my companion more than anything, and I love the work! Weird realization of the day was that in 2 weeks it will be 3 days away from Christmas... WEIRD!! haha I will be talking with you all very soon :) Exciting, but weird as anything, that is FOR sure!!! haha

Swedish Fun fact- Swedes like to wear black. Like all black, all the time. It is kind of funny. Plus most missionaries blend in well when you wear a black skirt, and then like everyone has a black coat except me.... bright blue! haha I guess I will stand out :) But it is fun! I love Sweden :)

I love you sooo much!! Have a wonderful week! The Lord loves you and hears you!!!

Love, Sister Bolton

Christmas from home (Tree, Stockings and fun stuff)

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