Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26 2015

Tuesday Jan 20 2014 - we met Matts, who was an investigator before I got to Jönköping, but he was on a 2 month long humanitarian trip in the West Indies so we obviously haven't been able to meet with him. It was good, kind of awkward, just because we had no idea where he was at, but he is reading, he is praying, and it is really cool because he didn't used to be believe in God, but the sister before us really helped him come to know that God is there and answers our prayers. So now it is just helping him overcome his fear of coming to church. He said he really wants to because it is a commandment of God, but is just really scared. Then we met with Per and we recommitted him to church every Sunday and it seemed like he was still comfortable with his baptismal date! But we decided to push it back so that he could come to church a lot more first!  We had pancakes for dinner, so that was happy. :)

Street in Jönköping
Wednesday Jan 21 2014 - We visited Anna Greta Malm, who is really old, but her health has been bad so she hasn't been able to come to church. The first two weeks I was here she was here, but it is hard for her right now to see her health go down :/ But we sung some hymns to her, and had a good visit with her. She is so cute. It is amazing how much peace hymns can bring into our hearts. I love singing hymns all the time. I wish my singing voice was a little bit better, but we are working on it :) I love singing. 

Thursday Jan 22 2014 - We taught Amy and did family history with her. Just preparing her to go to the temple! It was so much fun :) I was super happy to be able to help her put in the information on her parents, her husband, and her sister, etc. But we were also also able to print off her husband and sisters names to take to the temple to do their baptisms for the dead :) She is a gem. We had dinner with a member, Bella which was fun, and Elder Archibald was here on splits with Elder Jones, so that was fun to be there all together. He is awesome. Then the proselyting office elders worked some magic for us to work out some weird things, and I was just super grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord!

On the beach in Jönköping

Friday Jan 23 2014 - We had district meeting, which was really good. I love being able to learn from our district leader, and also receive personal revelation for our area during that time. It is also fun to be with other missionaries and talk about the work! I love missionary work :)

Saturday Jan 24 2014 - We woke up at 4 something in the morning and got ready, then met Jennifer Thörn and picked up Amy and headed to the TEMPLE!!! :) It was a four hour drive, and it was such a good day. Ah. On the drive there and back I was able to talk to Jennifer a lot and get to know her better, and can I just say I love her!! She is wonderful!! We had a bunch of fun, singing, talking, laughing, talking about missionary work, and talking some more about missionary work. We also taught Amy along the way to the temple and that was great to invite the spirit in before we went to the house of the Lord! We did baptisms for the dead right as we got there! It was us four, and then another girl from Norrköping ward. They first did the baptism for Amy's husband, and then Amy was baptized for her sister. AH! It was soo cool. Amy was soo happy, and the spirit was so strong. I felt so blessed to be able to witness it. Truly, amazing. We then were able to do about 25 confirmations and baptisms each. So that was a lot of fun. It was so cool to do it in Swedish and understand what they were saying :) haha love love love the temple. It brought so many wonderful memories into my mind. I know that house is the house of God and that His power is truly used inside. We were also then blessed to do an endowment session. A sister from our ward was there receiving her endowment for the first time as well, so it was amazing to be in the room with multiple people from the ward. But because it was the last session of the day, it was in English, but we did part of it in Swedish which was really really cool :) Ah I loved hearing those words, and being able to remember those things. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. Seriously the best place on earth :) After the baptisms and the endowment session we got on the road again and drove back to Jönköping. Tiring travels, but so worth it, and so happy. Amy was so happy. How cool is that? Her husband and sister being able to be baptized just 2 weeks after her. :) 

Day at Stockholm Sweden Temple

Sunday Jan 25 2014 - I love church, we taught primary again, but older kids, so that was fun, and they helped us with our Swedish sometimes :) hehe. But it was good. We had dinner with the Thörn's (Jennifer's parents) and it was delicious and fun! I think they are great :) But yeah that was my week!!

The scriptures have really helped me this week. I just finished Matthew and I spend multiple days in the last few chapters of Matthew. It was so special to read about Jesus Christ's atonement and suffering, as well as His resurrection! I love the joyful message of the atonement and resurrection. How we literally would be no where without it. But something new that I learned this week, was in the 27th chapter of Matthew it talks about Christ being nailed to the cross, and they tried to give him vinegar mixed with myrrh, and before I just thought that was another part of the suffering, but after reading a little bit more here and there I learned that it is an anesthetic that was used back then to dull the pain of the suffering. But Jesus refuses it, and it is because he wanted to be conscious through the whole process of the atoning sacrifice, so that he would have that perfect knowledge of our pain and suffering. He knows each and every one of us so perfectly, and can really lift our burdens off our shoulders. I know that to be true, because He did that this week and has many other times. :)

I am looking forward to this next week, we have a special zone training but with the President. It will be good :) But thanks for all the love and support. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of this Gospel. I pray daily that you will have the opportunity to embrace it more and come to know the Saviors love for you more and more. I LOVE YOU!! Have a great week :)

Sister Bolton

Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 2015

It has been a pretty good week!!

Monday Jan 12 2015 - we taught the YSA FHE lesson, so that was pretty fun. It is good for us to teach members together for practice also, so that is really nice. We did some tracting and swing bys and then a ringstoond. aka just calling people trying to get them to meet with us etc. woot woot!

Tuesday Jan 13 2015 -We got bloasted... again and again. which was a party. So just back ups of finding people. But we ended up teaching Alex and that was really good practice as well. We had a member dinner with familjen Hagman which was fun! And yummy :) haha Then we ended up teaching two more street lessons that evening, so that was good. It always feels good to teach street lessons, but they don't always turn into investigators. Actually most of them don't. But that is okay. That is how we get most of our lessons in the week is just street lessons, they are pretty hard, but they are getting a little easier with time! 

Wednesday Jan 14 2015 - We visited an old lady named Siv, and she is so cute, but she can't hear very well nor remember very well either, plus she couldn't understand our Swedish because of our American accents.. so we were like yelling and she was like oh girls you have horrible Swedish... oh well thanks! I am going to state the fact that she is 97 years old, and can hardly hear... but everyone else understands me for the most part, so I don't think I have horrible Swedish! haha it just made me laugh. The poor lady. We tried. Then we taught Amy and we watched the restoration film with her and taught her more about J.S. and his history. It is so amazing the testimony that she has on him! She has even said, like she has heard bad things about him, but it doesn't even bother her because she is just following the feelings of her heart! What a gem... seriously. She is super close to the spirit. I love her!!

We also taught some Romanians actually, but they can speak Spanish also, so there was a lady in our ward who actually asked us to teach them, and so she translated for us. She is wayy sweet, and is just trying to help them. But they are Romanian beggars, so they ended up just wanting money and not interested in the gospel. But the member made us all dinner, which was super yummy as well. :) 

Then we taught Rikki, and we had a good lesson with him. He is starting to read the Book of Mormon with his own motivation- not sure where it is coming from (other than the spirit!) wooooo!! :) he is such a rock star. It is really cool to help him recognize the spirit more!

Thursday Jan 15 2015- We had some really fun service today! ah it was the BEST!! haha A guy in our ward, Christoffer Rönndaul needed a group of people so that he could apply for a job.. at the gym. So he asked us to come to his boxing class. Just like a work out class, no fighting or anything, just punching bags and sit ups and running, etc. But he asked us to come so that his boss could see him teach or like run it.. whatever. But we went and it was one of the funnest 45 minute exercises I have ever done! I loved it. Dang I wish he needed to apply for that job every week.. but he got it! woo :) So that was really fun! then we visited an old lady, and swung by people, tracted a little, called lots of people. organized some records, and finished with a small member lesson. It was a pretty exhausting day since everything had fallen through, but it was still good!

Friday Jan 16 2015 - we had zone training in Gotebörg, so we had a 2 and a half hour train ride in the morning, and the training was super good! They actually had asked me to read part of the mission call letter and talk about it for 5 minutes, and I realized that a year ago exactly I opened my mission call!! how cool is that? Weird, but so fun!! So the training was really good. I learned some good things, and it gave me some more motivation which I needed. and on the train back we did weekly planning. That night we ended up teaching another street lesson to two guys about prayer. It is crazy how many people don't have any experience with prayer here. Just many do not believe in God. It is really cool to be able to bear testimony on the power that I have received from that in my life! I know prayer works. We all need to be a little bit better about praying more often and with real intent. .

Saturday Jan 17 2015 - We had really good studies, and taught some old ladies. Taught another street lesson, and got bloasted for like everything else, so finding we did, and taught the member who came for one of the lessons. It was good stuff.

Sunday Jan 18 2015 - We had a super good time in church! Okay first off, I love Sundays, because it is really easy to get ready really fast in the mornings (especially when you are fasting) and start your studies early. So I got in about an hour and 45 minutes of personal study and it was just what I needed! It really helped me prepare for the sacrament, and I was able to study some thing I had been wanting to. Ah the scriptures are spiritual food for us literally, and they are the best food I have ever tasted! I just love them so so much. Then during Relief Society, we talked about prayer. Can anyone tell me how many scriptures there are about prayer? holy cow.. I doubt it. Countless I tell you. haha okay maybe not, but seriously there are SO many. And why is that? Because it is SO important to God that we pray to Him daily and sincerely. Prayer works, I promise you.

We had dinner at the Robayo's house with Amy, which was super fun, and really really yummy :) I love food. haha but They are the sweetest. I just love members here. Everyone has been really really good at putting their arms around Amy and making sure that she is taken care of. She fits in really well here!

I also was able to read something this week that I thought was really cool, and I would invite you guys to read, the 1971 Ensign. April and May. There is an article in there, split between the two months, and it is called The King Follett Sermon. and it is an address Joseph Smith gave two months before his death. It is SO cool. Some really neat insights that lead me to some deeper studies and questions, and it was really cool to read and kind of learn Joseph Smiths personality a little bit more! Ah it really is AMAZING!! I can't understand how much that man knew. He was truly filled with the spirit, and I know that He is and was a prophet of God. I am so grateful for His sacrifices for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Good news!!! This Saturday we are.... GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!! with AMY!! ah!! I am sooo excited. It will be a 3 and a half hour drive, so we will wake up quite early, but we will be going to the Stockholm Temple with Amy and with Jennifer Thörn (she is a YSA here, approx. 28?) we are sooo excited!!! :) ahhhhhh!!!

I know that this gospel is true, and I know that the work I am doing is the work of God. It is the work of Salvation. I am blessed to be apart. :) Thank you for all the love and support, it means the world to me. Have a wonderful week, and remember to pray daily!!

Love, Cassie

Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12 2015

Holy Cow!! Well this week has just been a bit crazy and a half!! I have been so excited to write home about all that has happened though!! I'll just hit what comes into my thoughts..

Had a few last days with Sister Austin <3 ah LOVE HER. It was such a blessing to be with her for 10 days. Like who gets to do that with their MTC companion? not very many. But we definitely had fun together and it was some energy before training!

Tuesday Jan 6 2015 - We helped clean again.. yay! haha it is actually a good thing I like service :) usually we don't do as much as we did last week, but that is okay! We taught Amy, and it was just going over the baptismal interview questions before her actual interview, which consisted a lot of just sharing testimony, which was super amazing. Then we also covered missionary work! But what was so funny is that right as we walked in, before we like said anything, she was like, guess what!! I have talked to my sons (who live in Kenya) a little bit, and I told them that I was going to send missionaries to them! So she put their stuff into the computer (the same way she did hers) and sent in their information! Well I was like... our job is done, I guess we can go now! haha but it was just super super cool! How amazing this ladies testimony is. The spirit has worked in her for years and years and brought her to this place where she could accept the gospel. She is amazing! Then Sister Austin and I made our way to the train station and traveled for about 7 hours... it was supposed to be about 4 hours, but because of train delays, etc. It ended up being much longer. yuck. But so is life! We made it to Stockholm safely! and we even took a harry potter train and everything. it was legit :) haha We stayed with the Stockholm STL's which was Sister Stuart (Sister Lindsay's first trainer) and Sister Demille (who was in my district just barely, plus in the MTC together.) so that was fun.

We helped clean Sister Wiklöf's (on the right next to me) husbands new apartment at the old folks home
Sister Austin studying during train ride to Stockholm

Sister Austin and I enjoyed the escalator when we had an hour wait between trains

Wednesday Jan 7 2015 - we made our hour travel to Täby chapel where we would both pick up our greenies!! wooo!! we were excited! A little nervous, but excited!! I was grateful to be with her during all of that, instead of by myself. But then we were there for a while waiting for the greenies to get there. I got to visit with Adam Elinkowski, so that was really fun! Because he is training now as well, then I got to know some other missionaries I hadn't ever met before, so that was cool. Then it was time.... we were first taught by President, and that was really really good. It was so cool to receive direction just to us, in a small cozy room with the other trainers and President and Sister Beckstrand. He talked a lot about being obedient and being an example. So it made me feel reassured that I won't have to strain out of what I am doing since I am trying to be exactly obedient already. So I re-promised that I would be exactly obedient for the rest of my mission, no excuses that I have seen other missionaries use so I maybe thought it wouldn't do any harm. None of that, and it felt good. Then we got them! We went into the room with the greenies, received some direction, and then they opened their envelopes and I got Sister Gardner!! woot woot!! :) I was soo excited!! She is the cutest, and I am super excited to be with her!! We ate and such and it was all a little crazy, I was exhausted since we had gotten in so late the night before, but we lived. We traveled back to Jönköping, and I called a bagillion members to invite them to the baptism and set everything up, and she slept a little bit and we talked and planned, and taught someone, so it was fun! She is from Phoenix Arizona!

5 of 6 Sister missionaries that are training this transfer

Sister Gardner and I pointing to Jönköping

Heading back to Jönköping

Thursday Jan 8 2015 - Holy cow, there is so much new to tell. Pretty much Thursday was super awesome! We had district meeting- and guess who is our new district leader? Elder ARCHIBALD!! haha I was stoked. We are twins, and super good friends, so that will be sick to work with him again. He is a really good missionary. I learned a lot from district meeting, and had some distinct impressions of the spirit to lead me, which was really cool. Then we got lunch all together as a district, and Sister Powell is also in my district now, so that was SO fun to get to talk to her. We are both training a new one this transfer as well, she has already been there done that once, so it was fun to talk to her about her experiences. She is so funny. Then Amy had her baptismal interview with Elder Archibald, and she passed with flying colors of course, then we had a small lesson with her covering the baptism stuff, etc. Then we had a lesson with Per again! Finally he could meet and not be sick. So we met, and he finished the Book of Mormon! We had a great lesson about temples and doing baptisms for the dead, and he finally accepted a baptismal date! February 7th! It is a soft date, because he still wants an answer on the date, but it was super super good lesson! Let's just say, we couldn't start sister Gardner off with a better first few days of lessons! haha it was super cool!! ( hopefully she doesn't get disappointed when other lessons in the future don't go quite as well.. haha but maybe they won't?? meaning we will just baptize all of Sweden! yyaaayyy!!! ;) haha) But we finished off the night with dinner with the Ahlströms and Oscar Wallgren, some of my favorite people! ah Love them, it was a lot of fun. I am grateful for members!! 

Friday/Saturday Jan 9-10 2015- We did a bunch of baptismal prep, and calling people, and had lunch with the Rönndahls on Friday and lunch with the Nilssons and Amy on Saturday before her baptism. It was a little crazy trying to explain things that Sister Gardner could do, and still do everything. ahha but it was fun, and it all went beautifully!! We had Amy's baptism and it was absolutely a BEAUTIFUL SERVICE!! ah I loved it. There were plenty of members there to welcome her in, and it was just so exciting for us all. Then we had a potential investigator get lost trying to find the church and he went to the catholic church instead when he was trying to come to the baptism... yeah we was angry we couldn't come out and get him, but it was just kind of not possible to leave a baptismal service that we were over, and so afterwards the elders were so kind to run and grab him, and then we talked with him. But he was really cool, a guy a met on the bus a week ago and I felt very prompted to talk to him. He is from Nigeria, and we ended up having a lesson with him, and he is super close to God, and he believes what we said, and loves anything good, and said he would be baptized, but that he must pray and make sure first, but we committed him to the 14th of Feb. It was seriously amazing!! The spirit was so strong. The Lord is putting miracles in our path because of the obedience (yes I know I talk about it every week, but I see the evidence every week. I love it!!)  Plus we are blessed with wonderful ward and elders who helped clean up all the baptism while we taught Henry. I owe it to them, they are rockstars. We made it though!! yaya!!!! :) it was sooo good. I love the Lord and I love His work. Seriously.

Amy's baptism

Sunday Jan 11 2015 - Sister Gardner's first Sunday!! She did soo good! I am so impressed! Seriously, she did great with the ward, and it was a lot of fun. Sadly Per slept and didn't come to church. he is the one who sleeps all day and awake all night. Then Henry was traveling south for a few days so he couldn't come either, but next week. and I am just praying Per starts getting to church or that baptism will not be happening. But still a really good, exhausting, fun, exciting week!! I feel so blessed, and happy to be here as a missionary!!

Monday Jan 12 2015 - Today was pretty chill, but so good!! I love relaxing a bit more on Pdays and just doing the things we need to do. I have been reading one chapter in the book of mormon each day as part of my personal studies, as well as some other stuff in the NT, etc.  But I have been able to apply something daily from my personal study to take it with me throughout the day, which has been really cool, because it seems to apply to that day, and I see myself thinking about it and pondering that, and working on being better in the way that I learned from the scriptures that I need to be aware of. Those things are GREAT!!

I love you guys soooooo much and am SOO grateful for all you do. I love hearing from you- and hopefully you guys can bear to read all my emails ;) hehe I put a lot of stuff in there. Never as much as I would wish ;) sorry they are probably a little bit jobbikt. But I love you!!!! Have a wonderful week!!! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5 2015

Well this week has been great! I am looking forward to what else comes! I am sorry I am not very good at writing. People are distracting, but I hope that you have a great week too!! But here is the news..

Friday Jan 2, 2015 - Finally Amy got back from her long vacation! It was a bit scary because she wasn't replying to us, and I was just freaking out. Friday came and all my prayers were just asking that she would answer our texts or call us back, because I had no idea if something had changed or how we would get her baptized on the 10th. And guess what, Prayer Works!!! She answered and she even invited us over to teach her that night. So we went on over, and we ended up (kind of on accident) teaching her ALL the commandments. Like open up preach my gospel, there are 13 of them that we teach as missionaries. Usually we end up splitting them up and teaching some during the first three lessons, and then teaching the rest in at least 2 or 3 lessons. But she was ready! She was already living all of them, and she even like finished our sentences sometimes- like when we were teaching her the word of wisdom! Ah it was so funny. She is just SO happy and just radiates the light of Christ all the time. She is going to be such a good member missionary. So then we also taught her on Saturday about the laws and ordinances of the gospel- which I was so excited to talk to her about the temple. It was really special. :) Her husband passed away, like I said before, and so talking about the temple and the opportunity she has to have his work done was really cool. She is looking forward to that majorly. 

Sunday Jan 4, 2015 - Was really good! Fast and testimony meeting! I loved it :) We taught primary and Rikki helped again, which was really good. I think it went a little bit better than last time, but dang it has been a while since I have had so much conversation with children. It just doesn't happen as a missionary. But it was fun! I enjoyed it. I bore my short testimony and we fasted for our new companions coming in, because we both remember how hard that was. Then we were invited to dinner with the Hegyessey's which was super nice of them. We had a good time with them. The elders were at someone elses house, and as much as we like them, it was nice to be just with the Hegyessey's and us, because then there were less people we could get to know them better. They are super awesome, and I really appreciate them! 

Monday Jan 5 2015 - Today Sister Austin and I did some exploring and went to the city park which is where we went to watch fireworks, but we didn't go quite as high up as we had for the fireworks. It was a lot of fun. We prepped stuff for the baptism, etc. I am super grateful for Sister Austin and that we could be together. We have been freaking out a little bit together with training coming up, but we are definitely excited! But I will be sad to say goodbye to sister Austin!


Tomorrow - And now the stuff that is coming this week! Well tomorrow night Sister Austin and I will be traveling to Stockholm to be ready to pick up our greenies on Wednesday morning! It will be quite the adventure. I am so excited! I hope that we get along well, and I hope that she is ready to be obedient and work hard. It will be hard I am sure, but I know the Lord will be by my side. I have been praying for her and can't wait to meet her! It will be so much fun! So I am sure I will have more to say next week, and hopefully I am a little bit more focused, and have a little bit more time. But I know that the Lord is with us always. I have felt Him so near to me as I have been a missionary doing His work. He really will not let His work fail, and He qualifies His servants. He has done things through me that I could not have done, and I am amazed daily of the miracles I witness. I am so grateful for this gospel and that I know it is true. Obedience to the commandments is the first step guys. If you aren't obedient to the commandments it is going to be really hard to feel the spirit and get the answers and direction you are searching for. BE OBEDIENT. I promise you the Lord can help you.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Love, Sister Bolton

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1 2015

Happy New Year!! Woooo!!! :)

So pretty much I feel like not too much has happened, but then again maybe yes? I don`t know what exactly to say..

Friday Dec 26 2014 - Oh on the 26th, because it was Boxing Day as they celebrate in England and Canada and such, we celebrated at the Strömbergs home with quite a few other families from the ward! So that was kind of fun! I got to know Tanui (a new convert from this past year) a little better, and he is hilarious. He is from Kenya so he was the one that Amy went and talked to for a while and such. So that was really cool! He is super funny.

Sunday Dec 28 2014 - But on Sunday we taught primary, and it was Sister Lindsays last Sunday. So we also had Rikki come and help us for a service opportunity and because he is super good with kids. Like REALLY good. So that was kind of funny. They were a little shy, and our Swedish was great ;) haha just kidding, it went well and it was the first time any of us had done that!

We had to pick up Sister Austin on Sunday night from the train station, and then Sister Lindsay would be leaving Monday morning, so we were a little threesome for a few hours. It was kind of weird since I had never done that before, but it was fun! 

Monday Dec 29 2014 - It was really weird to say goodbye to Sister Lindsay, shed a few tears, but it was good. I will miss that girl dearly!! She is such a gem! She will have a lot of fun in Norrköping though, I am excited for her :)


Pretty much we did a whole lot of area book work and called a bagillion of people the past few days. But yesterday is where the good stuff is! For New Years Eve!! Woo :)

Wednesday Dec 31 2014 - So we were allowed to stay out until 12:30 AM if a member could drive us home. So we couldn't proselyte after 5 PM, so we were invited to the Ahlströms for dinner and some games, and we went there at 6. We had some yummy pizza, (side note, Swedish pizza isn't the same as American pizza. they put like bananas on it, tunafish on it, etc. Random weird things you wouldn't expect to be good but they are.), and we talked a lot. My Swedish is coming along! At least it felt like it was with them. I could pretty much say anything I wanted too and understand them. Not because that is always the case, but it feels good to have those really good days. We had a bunch of fun! Then we played..... make your guess.. that is right, my favorite game, Ticket To Ride!!! :) I was stoked. I came in second by only being two points behind! haha It was an absolute blast. :) haha They are sooo much fun!!

Then we went to Lasses and Nemas, and that was a lot of fun. We had some delicious cake (Lasse is super good at baking things.) Then after visiting and stuff we went to the city park and there is this big part overlooking the whole city. So we drove up there and watched fireworks. It was a BLAST!! I have never seen so many fireworks probably. We could see all of them through the whole city, I wish I could have caught it on camera, but it was stunning! :) We had some sparkling cider even to kick off the New Year!! (the picture of me Sister Austin and them with the two boys,- sorry it is kind of blurry.) but I seriously love them. I was blessed to spend new years with some of my favorite people here in Jönköping! (obviously not all, but still some dang good ones!!)

But then the NEWS!!! I am "pregnant"! haha in missionary terms that is! I will be training a new greenie this next week. So will Sister Austin and she will be going back to Malmö with her greenie. Next Wednesday we will travel to Stockholm and pick up the new kids :) haha I am excited!! I am a little nervous, but I hope that I can make her feel comfortable and that we get along well! I have been praying for her, and I am excited for her!! It is going to be a great opportunity to grow and I can't wait!!

Well that is pretty much it, I am happy to be a missionary, and hope to have a great new year of even better missionary work. I love you all and I know the Lord loves each and every one of us. I am grateful for His gospel and all that I have. 

Have a wonderful week :) I love you!!

Sister Bolton