Thursday, January 1, 2015

Jan 1 2015

Happy New Year!! Woooo!!! :)

So pretty much I feel like not too much has happened, but then again maybe yes? I don`t know what exactly to say..

Friday Dec 26 2014 - Oh on the 26th, because it was Boxing Day as they celebrate in England and Canada and such, we celebrated at the Strömbergs home with quite a few other families from the ward! So that was kind of fun! I got to know Tanui (a new convert from this past year) a little better, and he is hilarious. He is from Kenya so he was the one that Amy went and talked to for a while and such. So that was really cool! He is super funny.

Sunday Dec 28 2014 - But on Sunday we taught primary, and it was Sister Lindsays last Sunday. So we also had Rikki come and help us for a service opportunity and because he is super good with kids. Like REALLY good. So that was kind of funny. They were a little shy, and our Swedish was great ;) haha just kidding, it went well and it was the first time any of us had done that!

We had to pick up Sister Austin on Sunday night from the train station, and then Sister Lindsay would be leaving Monday morning, so we were a little threesome for a few hours. It was kind of weird since I had never done that before, but it was fun! 

Monday Dec 29 2014 - It was really weird to say goodbye to Sister Lindsay, shed a few tears, but it was good. I will miss that girl dearly!! She is such a gem! She will have a lot of fun in Norrköping though, I am excited for her :)


Pretty much we did a whole lot of area book work and called a bagillion of people the past few days. But yesterday is where the good stuff is! For New Years Eve!! Woo :)

Wednesday Dec 31 2014 - So we were allowed to stay out until 12:30 AM if a member could drive us home. So we couldn't proselyte after 5 PM, so we were invited to the Ahlströms for dinner and some games, and we went there at 6. We had some yummy pizza, (side note, Swedish pizza isn't the same as American pizza. they put like bananas on it, tunafish on it, etc. Random weird things you wouldn't expect to be good but they are.), and we talked a lot. My Swedish is coming along! At least it felt like it was with them. I could pretty much say anything I wanted too and understand them. Not because that is always the case, but it feels good to have those really good days. We had a bunch of fun! Then we played..... make your guess.. that is right, my favorite game, Ticket To Ride!!! :) I was stoked. I came in second by only being two points behind! haha It was an absolute blast. :) haha They are sooo much fun!!

Then we went to Lasses and Nemas, and that was a lot of fun. We had some delicious cake (Lasse is super good at baking things.) Then after visiting and stuff we went to the city park and there is this big part overlooking the whole city. So we drove up there and watched fireworks. It was a BLAST!! I have never seen so many fireworks probably. We could see all of them through the whole city, I wish I could have caught it on camera, but it was stunning! :) We had some sparkling cider even to kick off the New Year!! (the picture of me Sister Austin and them with the two boys,- sorry it is kind of blurry.) but I seriously love them. I was blessed to spend new years with some of my favorite people here in Jönköping! (obviously not all, but still some dang good ones!!)

But then the NEWS!!! I am "pregnant"! haha in missionary terms that is! I will be training a new greenie this next week. So will Sister Austin and she will be going back to Malmö with her greenie. Next Wednesday we will travel to Stockholm and pick up the new kids :) haha I am excited!! I am a little nervous, but I hope that I can make her feel comfortable and that we get along well! I have been praying for her, and I am excited for her!! It is going to be a great opportunity to grow and I can't wait!!

Well that is pretty much it, I am happy to be a missionary, and hope to have a great new year of even better missionary work. I love you all and I know the Lord loves each and every one of us. I am grateful for His gospel and all that I have. 

Have a wonderful week :) I love you!!

Sister Bolton

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