Monday, January 12, 2015

Jan 12 2015

Holy Cow!! Well this week has just been a bit crazy and a half!! I have been so excited to write home about all that has happened though!! I'll just hit what comes into my thoughts..

Had a few last days with Sister Austin <3 ah LOVE HER. It was such a blessing to be with her for 10 days. Like who gets to do that with their MTC companion? not very many. But we definitely had fun together and it was some energy before training!

Tuesday Jan 6 2015 - We helped clean again.. yay! haha it is actually a good thing I like service :) usually we don't do as much as we did last week, but that is okay! We taught Amy, and it was just going over the baptismal interview questions before her actual interview, which consisted a lot of just sharing testimony, which was super amazing. Then we also covered missionary work! But what was so funny is that right as we walked in, before we like said anything, she was like, guess what!! I have talked to my sons (who live in Kenya) a little bit, and I told them that I was going to send missionaries to them! So she put their stuff into the computer (the same way she did hers) and sent in their information! Well I was like... our job is done, I guess we can go now! haha but it was just super super cool! How amazing this ladies testimony is. The spirit has worked in her for years and years and brought her to this place where she could accept the gospel. She is amazing! Then Sister Austin and I made our way to the train station and traveled for about 7 hours... it was supposed to be about 4 hours, but because of train delays, etc. It ended up being much longer. yuck. But so is life! We made it to Stockholm safely! and we even took a harry potter train and everything. it was legit :) haha We stayed with the Stockholm STL's which was Sister Stuart (Sister Lindsay's first trainer) and Sister Demille (who was in my district just barely, plus in the MTC together.) so that was fun.

We helped clean Sister Wiklöf's (on the right next to me) husbands new apartment at the old folks home
Sister Austin studying during train ride to Stockholm

Sister Austin and I enjoyed the escalator when we had an hour wait between trains

Wednesday Jan 7 2015 - we made our hour travel to Täby chapel where we would both pick up our greenies!! wooo!! we were excited! A little nervous, but excited!! I was grateful to be with her during all of that, instead of by myself. But then we were there for a while waiting for the greenies to get there. I got to visit with Adam Elinkowski, so that was really fun! Because he is training now as well, then I got to know some other missionaries I hadn't ever met before, so that was cool. Then it was time.... we were first taught by President, and that was really really good. It was so cool to receive direction just to us, in a small cozy room with the other trainers and President and Sister Beckstrand. He talked a lot about being obedient and being an example. So it made me feel reassured that I won't have to strain out of what I am doing since I am trying to be exactly obedient already. So I re-promised that I would be exactly obedient for the rest of my mission, no excuses that I have seen other missionaries use so I maybe thought it wouldn't do any harm. None of that, and it felt good. Then we got them! We went into the room with the greenies, received some direction, and then they opened their envelopes and I got Sister Gardner!! woot woot!! :) I was soo excited!! She is the cutest, and I am super excited to be with her!! We ate and such and it was all a little crazy, I was exhausted since we had gotten in so late the night before, but we lived. We traveled back to Jönköping, and I called a bagillion members to invite them to the baptism and set everything up, and she slept a little bit and we talked and planned, and taught someone, so it was fun! She is from Phoenix Arizona!

5 of 6 Sister missionaries that are training this transfer

Sister Gardner and I pointing to Jönköping

Heading back to Jönköping

Thursday Jan 8 2015 - Holy cow, there is so much new to tell. Pretty much Thursday was super awesome! We had district meeting- and guess who is our new district leader? Elder ARCHIBALD!! haha I was stoked. We are twins, and super good friends, so that will be sick to work with him again. He is a really good missionary. I learned a lot from district meeting, and had some distinct impressions of the spirit to lead me, which was really cool. Then we got lunch all together as a district, and Sister Powell is also in my district now, so that was SO fun to get to talk to her. We are both training a new one this transfer as well, she has already been there done that once, so it was fun to talk to her about her experiences. She is so funny. Then Amy had her baptismal interview with Elder Archibald, and she passed with flying colors of course, then we had a small lesson with her covering the baptism stuff, etc. Then we had a lesson with Per again! Finally he could meet and not be sick. So we met, and he finished the Book of Mormon! We had a great lesson about temples and doing baptisms for the dead, and he finally accepted a baptismal date! February 7th! It is a soft date, because he still wants an answer on the date, but it was super super good lesson! Let's just say, we couldn't start sister Gardner off with a better first few days of lessons! haha it was super cool!! ( hopefully she doesn't get disappointed when other lessons in the future don't go quite as well.. haha but maybe they won't?? meaning we will just baptize all of Sweden! yyaaayyy!!! ;) haha) But we finished off the night with dinner with the Ahlströms and Oscar Wallgren, some of my favorite people! ah Love them, it was a lot of fun. I am grateful for members!! 

Friday/Saturday Jan 9-10 2015- We did a bunch of baptismal prep, and calling people, and had lunch with the Rönndahls on Friday and lunch with the Nilssons and Amy on Saturday before her baptism. It was a little crazy trying to explain things that Sister Gardner could do, and still do everything. ahha but it was fun, and it all went beautifully!! We had Amy's baptism and it was absolutely a BEAUTIFUL SERVICE!! ah I loved it. There were plenty of members there to welcome her in, and it was just so exciting for us all. Then we had a potential investigator get lost trying to find the church and he went to the catholic church instead when he was trying to come to the baptism... yeah we was angry we couldn't come out and get him, but it was just kind of not possible to leave a baptismal service that we were over, and so afterwards the elders were so kind to run and grab him, and then we talked with him. But he was really cool, a guy a met on the bus a week ago and I felt very prompted to talk to him. He is from Nigeria, and we ended up having a lesson with him, and he is super close to God, and he believes what we said, and loves anything good, and said he would be baptized, but that he must pray and make sure first, but we committed him to the 14th of Feb. It was seriously amazing!! The spirit was so strong. The Lord is putting miracles in our path because of the obedience (yes I know I talk about it every week, but I see the evidence every week. I love it!!)  Plus we are blessed with wonderful ward and elders who helped clean up all the baptism while we taught Henry. I owe it to them, they are rockstars. We made it though!! yaya!!!! :) it was sooo good. I love the Lord and I love His work. Seriously.

Amy's baptism

Sunday Jan 11 2015 - Sister Gardner's first Sunday!! She did soo good! I am so impressed! Seriously, she did great with the ward, and it was a lot of fun. Sadly Per slept and didn't come to church. he is the one who sleeps all day and awake all night. Then Henry was traveling south for a few days so he couldn't come either, but next week. and I am just praying Per starts getting to church or that baptism will not be happening. But still a really good, exhausting, fun, exciting week!! I feel so blessed, and happy to be here as a missionary!!

Monday Jan 12 2015 - Today was pretty chill, but so good!! I love relaxing a bit more on Pdays and just doing the things we need to do. I have been reading one chapter in the book of mormon each day as part of my personal studies, as well as some other stuff in the NT, etc.  But I have been able to apply something daily from my personal study to take it with me throughout the day, which has been really cool, because it seems to apply to that day, and I see myself thinking about it and pondering that, and working on being better in the way that I learned from the scriptures that I need to be aware of. Those things are GREAT!!

I love you guys soooooo much and am SOO grateful for all you do. I love hearing from you- and hopefully you guys can bear to read all my emails ;) hehe I put a lot of stuff in there. Never as much as I would wish ;) sorry they are probably a little bit jobbikt. But I love you!!!! Have a wonderful week!!! :)

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