Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 2015

It has been a pretty good week!!

Monday Jan 12 2015 - we taught the YSA FHE lesson, so that was pretty fun. It is good for us to teach members together for practice also, so that is really nice. We did some tracting and swing bys and then a ringstoond. aka just calling people trying to get them to meet with us etc. woot woot!

Tuesday Jan 13 2015 -We got bloasted... again and again. which was a party. So just back ups of finding people. But we ended up teaching Alex and that was really good practice as well. We had a member dinner with familjen Hagman which was fun! And yummy :) haha Then we ended up teaching two more street lessons that evening, so that was good. It always feels good to teach street lessons, but they don't always turn into investigators. Actually most of them don't. But that is okay. That is how we get most of our lessons in the week is just street lessons, they are pretty hard, but they are getting a little easier with time! 

Wednesday Jan 14 2015 - We visited an old lady named Siv, and she is so cute, but she can't hear very well nor remember very well either, plus she couldn't understand our Swedish because of our American accents.. so we were like yelling and she was like oh girls you have horrible Swedish... oh well thanks! I am going to state the fact that she is 97 years old, and can hardly hear... but everyone else understands me for the most part, so I don't think I have horrible Swedish! haha it just made me laugh. The poor lady. We tried. Then we taught Amy and we watched the restoration film with her and taught her more about J.S. and his history. It is so amazing the testimony that she has on him! She has even said, like she has heard bad things about him, but it doesn't even bother her because she is just following the feelings of her heart! What a gem... seriously. She is super close to the spirit. I love her!!

We also taught some Romanians actually, but they can speak Spanish also, so there was a lady in our ward who actually asked us to teach them, and so she translated for us. She is wayy sweet, and is just trying to help them. But they are Romanian beggars, so they ended up just wanting money and not interested in the gospel. But the member made us all dinner, which was super yummy as well. :) 

Then we taught Rikki, and we had a good lesson with him. He is starting to read the Book of Mormon with his own motivation- not sure where it is coming from (other than the spirit!) wooooo!! :) he is such a rock star. It is really cool to help him recognize the spirit more!

Thursday Jan 15 2015- We had some really fun service today! ah it was the BEST!! haha A guy in our ward, Christoffer Rönndaul needed a group of people so that he could apply for a job.. at the gym. So he asked us to come to his boxing class. Just like a work out class, no fighting or anything, just punching bags and sit ups and running, etc. But he asked us to come so that his boss could see him teach or like run it.. whatever. But we went and it was one of the funnest 45 minute exercises I have ever done! I loved it. Dang I wish he needed to apply for that job every week.. but he got it! woo :) So that was really fun! then we visited an old lady, and swung by people, tracted a little, called lots of people. organized some records, and finished with a small member lesson. It was a pretty exhausting day since everything had fallen through, but it was still good!

Friday Jan 16 2015 - we had zone training in Gotebörg, so we had a 2 and a half hour train ride in the morning, and the training was super good! They actually had asked me to read part of the mission call letter and talk about it for 5 minutes, and I realized that a year ago exactly I opened my mission call!! how cool is that? Weird, but so fun!! So the training was really good. I learned some good things, and it gave me some more motivation which I needed. and on the train back we did weekly planning. That night we ended up teaching another street lesson to two guys about prayer. It is crazy how many people don't have any experience with prayer here. Just many do not believe in God. It is really cool to be able to bear testimony on the power that I have received from that in my life! I know prayer works. We all need to be a little bit better about praying more often and with real intent. .

Saturday Jan 17 2015 - We had really good studies, and taught some old ladies. Taught another street lesson, and got bloasted for like everything else, so finding we did, and taught the member who came for one of the lessons. It was good stuff.

Sunday Jan 18 2015 - We had a super good time in church! Okay first off, I love Sundays, because it is really easy to get ready really fast in the mornings (especially when you are fasting) and start your studies early. So I got in about an hour and 45 minutes of personal study and it was just what I needed! It really helped me prepare for the sacrament, and I was able to study some thing I had been wanting to. Ah the scriptures are spiritual food for us literally, and they are the best food I have ever tasted! I just love them so so much. Then during Relief Society, we talked about prayer. Can anyone tell me how many scriptures there are about prayer? holy cow.. I doubt it. Countless I tell you. haha okay maybe not, but seriously there are SO many. And why is that? Because it is SO important to God that we pray to Him daily and sincerely. Prayer works, I promise you.

We had dinner at the Robayo's house with Amy, which was super fun, and really really yummy :) I love food. haha but They are the sweetest. I just love members here. Everyone has been really really good at putting their arms around Amy and making sure that she is taken care of. She fits in really well here!

I also was able to read something this week that I thought was really cool, and I would invite you guys to read, the 1971 Ensign. April and May. There is an article in there, split between the two months, and it is called The King Follett Sermon. and it is an address Joseph Smith gave two months before his death. It is SO cool. Some really neat insights that lead me to some deeper studies and questions, and it was really cool to read and kind of learn Joseph Smiths personality a little bit more! Ah it really is AMAZING!! I can't understand how much that man knew. He was truly filled with the spirit, and I know that He is and was a prophet of God. I am so grateful for His sacrifices for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Good news!!! This Saturday we are.... GOING TO THE TEMPLE!!! with AMY!! ah!! I am sooo excited. It will be a 3 and a half hour drive, so we will wake up quite early, but we will be going to the Stockholm Temple with Amy and with Jennifer Thörn (she is a YSA here, approx. 28?) we are sooo excited!!! :) ahhhhhh!!!

I know that this gospel is true, and I know that the work I am doing is the work of God. It is the work of Salvation. I am blessed to be apart. :) Thank you for all the love and support, it means the world to me. Have a wonderful week, and remember to pray daily!!

Love, Cassie

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