Monday, January 26, 2015

Jan 26 2015

Tuesday Jan 20 2014 - we met Matts, who was an investigator before I got to Jönköping, but he was on a 2 month long humanitarian trip in the West Indies so we obviously haven't been able to meet with him. It was good, kind of awkward, just because we had no idea where he was at, but he is reading, he is praying, and it is really cool because he didn't used to be believe in God, but the sister before us really helped him come to know that God is there and answers our prayers. So now it is just helping him overcome his fear of coming to church. He said he really wants to because it is a commandment of God, but is just really scared. Then we met with Per and we recommitted him to church every Sunday and it seemed like he was still comfortable with his baptismal date! But we decided to push it back so that he could come to church a lot more first!  We had pancakes for dinner, so that was happy. :)

Street in Jönköping
Wednesday Jan 21 2014 - We visited Anna Greta Malm, who is really old, but her health has been bad so she hasn't been able to come to church. The first two weeks I was here she was here, but it is hard for her right now to see her health go down :/ But we sung some hymns to her, and had a good visit with her. She is so cute. It is amazing how much peace hymns can bring into our hearts. I love singing hymns all the time. I wish my singing voice was a little bit better, but we are working on it :) I love singing. 

Thursday Jan 22 2014 - We taught Amy and did family history with her. Just preparing her to go to the temple! It was so much fun :) I was super happy to be able to help her put in the information on her parents, her husband, and her sister, etc. But we were also also able to print off her husband and sisters names to take to the temple to do their baptisms for the dead :) She is a gem. We had dinner with a member, Bella which was fun, and Elder Archibald was here on splits with Elder Jones, so that was fun to be there all together. He is awesome. Then the proselyting office elders worked some magic for us to work out some weird things, and I was just super grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord!

On the beach in Jönköping

Friday Jan 23 2014 - We had district meeting, which was really good. I love being able to learn from our district leader, and also receive personal revelation for our area during that time. It is also fun to be with other missionaries and talk about the work! I love missionary work :)

Saturday Jan 24 2014 - We woke up at 4 something in the morning and got ready, then met Jennifer Thörn and picked up Amy and headed to the TEMPLE!!! :) It was a four hour drive, and it was such a good day. Ah. On the drive there and back I was able to talk to Jennifer a lot and get to know her better, and can I just say I love her!! She is wonderful!! We had a bunch of fun, singing, talking, laughing, talking about missionary work, and talking some more about missionary work. We also taught Amy along the way to the temple and that was great to invite the spirit in before we went to the house of the Lord! We did baptisms for the dead right as we got there! It was us four, and then another girl from Norrköping ward. They first did the baptism for Amy's husband, and then Amy was baptized for her sister. AH! It was soo cool. Amy was soo happy, and the spirit was so strong. I felt so blessed to be able to witness it. Truly, amazing. We then were able to do about 25 confirmations and baptisms each. So that was a lot of fun. It was so cool to do it in Swedish and understand what they were saying :) haha love love love the temple. It brought so many wonderful memories into my mind. I know that house is the house of God and that His power is truly used inside. We were also then blessed to do an endowment session. A sister from our ward was there receiving her endowment for the first time as well, so it was amazing to be in the room with multiple people from the ward. But because it was the last session of the day, it was in English, but we did part of it in Swedish which was really really cool :) Ah I loved hearing those words, and being able to remember those things. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. Seriously the best place on earth :) After the baptisms and the endowment session we got on the road again and drove back to Jönköping. Tiring travels, but so worth it, and so happy. Amy was so happy. How cool is that? Her husband and sister being able to be baptized just 2 weeks after her. :) 

Day at Stockholm Sweden Temple

Sunday Jan 25 2014 - I love church, we taught primary again, but older kids, so that was fun, and they helped us with our Swedish sometimes :) hehe. But it was good. We had dinner with the Thörn's (Jennifer's parents) and it was delicious and fun! I think they are great :) But yeah that was my week!!

The scriptures have really helped me this week. I just finished Matthew and I spend multiple days in the last few chapters of Matthew. It was so special to read about Jesus Christ's atonement and suffering, as well as His resurrection! I love the joyful message of the atonement and resurrection. How we literally would be no where without it. But something new that I learned this week, was in the 27th chapter of Matthew it talks about Christ being nailed to the cross, and they tried to give him vinegar mixed with myrrh, and before I just thought that was another part of the suffering, but after reading a little bit more here and there I learned that it is an anesthetic that was used back then to dull the pain of the suffering. But Jesus refuses it, and it is because he wanted to be conscious through the whole process of the atoning sacrifice, so that he would have that perfect knowledge of our pain and suffering. He knows each and every one of us so perfectly, and can really lift our burdens off our shoulders. I know that to be true, because He did that this week and has many other times. :)

I am looking forward to this next week, we have a special zone training but with the President. It will be good :) But thanks for all the love and support. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of this Gospel. I pray daily that you will have the opportunity to embrace it more and come to know the Saviors love for you more and more. I LOVE YOU!! Have a great week :)

Sister Bolton

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