Monday, January 5, 2015

Jan 5 2015

Well this week has been great! I am looking forward to what else comes! I am sorry I am not very good at writing. People are distracting, but I hope that you have a great week too!! But here is the news..

Friday Jan 2, 2015 - Finally Amy got back from her long vacation! It was a bit scary because she wasn't replying to us, and I was just freaking out. Friday came and all my prayers were just asking that she would answer our texts or call us back, because I had no idea if something had changed or how we would get her baptized on the 10th. And guess what, Prayer Works!!! She answered and she even invited us over to teach her that night. So we went on over, and we ended up (kind of on accident) teaching her ALL the commandments. Like open up preach my gospel, there are 13 of them that we teach as missionaries. Usually we end up splitting them up and teaching some during the first three lessons, and then teaching the rest in at least 2 or 3 lessons. But she was ready! She was already living all of them, and she even like finished our sentences sometimes- like when we were teaching her the word of wisdom! Ah it was so funny. She is just SO happy and just radiates the light of Christ all the time. She is going to be such a good member missionary. So then we also taught her on Saturday about the laws and ordinances of the gospel- which I was so excited to talk to her about the temple. It was really special. :) Her husband passed away, like I said before, and so talking about the temple and the opportunity she has to have his work done was really cool. She is looking forward to that majorly. 

Sunday Jan 4, 2015 - Was really good! Fast and testimony meeting! I loved it :) We taught primary and Rikki helped again, which was really good. I think it went a little bit better than last time, but dang it has been a while since I have had so much conversation with children. It just doesn't happen as a missionary. But it was fun! I enjoyed it. I bore my short testimony and we fasted for our new companions coming in, because we both remember how hard that was. Then we were invited to dinner with the Hegyessey's which was super nice of them. We had a good time with them. The elders were at someone elses house, and as much as we like them, it was nice to be just with the Hegyessey's and us, because then there were less people we could get to know them better. They are super awesome, and I really appreciate them! 

Monday Jan 5 2015 - Today Sister Austin and I did some exploring and went to the city park which is where we went to watch fireworks, but we didn't go quite as high up as we had for the fireworks. It was a lot of fun. We prepped stuff for the baptism, etc. I am super grateful for Sister Austin and that we could be together. We have been freaking out a little bit together with training coming up, but we are definitely excited! But I will be sad to say goodbye to sister Austin!


Tomorrow - And now the stuff that is coming this week! Well tomorrow night Sister Austin and I will be traveling to Stockholm to be ready to pick up our greenies on Wednesday morning! It will be quite the adventure. I am so excited! I hope that we get along well, and I hope that she is ready to be obedient and work hard. It will be hard I am sure, but I know the Lord will be by my side. I have been praying for her and can't wait to meet her! It will be so much fun! So I am sure I will have more to say next week, and hopefully I am a little bit more focused, and have a little bit more time. But I know that the Lord is with us always. I have felt Him so near to me as I have been a missionary doing His work. He really will not let His work fail, and He qualifies His servants. He has done things through me that I could not have done, and I am amazed daily of the miracles I witness. I am so grateful for this gospel and that I know it is true. Obedience to the commandments is the first step guys. If you aren't obedient to the commandments it is going to be really hard to feel the spirit and get the answers and direction you are searching for. BE OBEDIENT. I promise you the Lord can help you.

I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Love, Sister Bolton

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