Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23 2015

Monday Feb 16 2015 - Well I already told you about last Monday, and the bunch of fun we had. Super grateful for that. :) We met with Adel again that night, and she is super great, but.... she doesn't really want to change.. so that won't necessarily go far. We are going to try and read the book of Mormon with her here and there to help her see how important it is, but in her own words.. she is just kind of lazy. :/

 Tuesday Feb 17 2015 - We taught a man named Vahid on Tuesday and we had a member Robin Biberg (he is a YSA) follow and it was really good. Robin helped me see how I can improve my teaching with teaching from the scriptures rather than more often than not just using the scripture to testify of what I already taught.. Really cool. We met with Amy, visited an old lady Inger, and such. Got to visit and set up a lesson with some less actives when we played volleyball that evening with the relief society. Twas fun. Oh! So last Tuesday... it wasn't just any Tuesday... it was FAT TUESDAY!!! :) So fat Tuesday is the day of the year where everyone eats a semlor. I am the worst because I didn't take a picture with it, and I should have, but we had semlor that evening with the Hegessey family, which was like heaven. But they are sooo rich, so it is hard to eat the whole thing. Good stuff though.

Wednesday Feb 18 2015 - we had a great lesson with a guy named Àrpad with a member Lasse (our old ward mission leader) follow along. It was really cool. He seems super prepared. He comes from Romania, or near there, because he doesn't actually speak Romanian... I don't know.. he explained it but it was really confusing. haha but has been here for 5 years, he works, and knows Swedish decently well, etc. Because of his questions we taught him about prayer, the word of wisdom, and the plan of salvation. He loved it all and felt like he agreed with everything. So that was super great!! He worked Sunday, but he said he would try and change his work schedule for the future! :)

Thursday Feb 19 2015 - We had district meeting on Thursday, and because of transfers we had quite the different district! It was kind of fun! Elder Archibald is training, Sister Sorenson from my MTC group replaced Sister Powell in Borås, Elder Heiner moved, and Elder Farnworth came into Jönköping, and Skövde has a greenie and a trainer, but they had to miss district meeting, but they are both new to the district. It was fun to have a new group, and get to know some new people. Missionaries are fun, and we can make be Americans and it's normal. So that is great. That night we had an activity at the Rönndahls home, and the elders, us, and Farad our new member from last summer came, we played some games, and had some klad kaka. It was good for Farad to feel welcome and loved, and taken care of. We are trying to do activities every week to bring investigators, new members, etc. too so that they can get the friends part. :) Since it is just starting up, we don't have quite as many as we are hoping to show up, but eventually I think we can solidly get 4-5 others who are coming. 

Friday Feb 20 2015 - We had lunch with a lovely older lady in the ward, Gunvor Carlsson, who is just the sweetest thing in the world. We also had an activity at the church with the YSA's and investigators. We had Rikki (new member who we work with) lead us in a yoga workout. oh my goodness i thought yoga was supposed to be peaceful! haha I was soo sore after that!! seriously though. It was a bunch of fun though!! Really good for Rikki to feel so appreciated. 

Saturday Feb 21 2015 - We taught this swede named Sven. Yes. Sven. It made me happy. It was kind of cool, because we saw him twice throughout the day, and the second time we were able to stop him and talk with him and then go into to the church and have a lesson. He actually already knew a lot about the church and he just had questions and questions. It was really cool because he is really willing to investigate the church. We hope that he is sincere, because it seems like he is, and that he will be able to recognize the spirit of the Lord. He already has told us that he read all we told him too and came back with some more questions. We look forward to meeting with him :)

Sunday Feb 22 2015 - was great! Danny came to church again, but Hue wasn't able too. We weren't able to meet them during the week, because they have school during the week, and then it was Asian New Year this past weekend. So we will meet with them on Friday. But church was great, Sunday School was all about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, keep the commandments) and Danny followed the lesson for the most part, was confused about baptism since that is a totally new concept, but Christer Rasmusson taught the lesson, and did a great job. We said we could explain baptism more when we meet. He is so positive. I think he will be at church every week for the rest of his time in Sweden. (which will be about 4 months more.) Just super super cool. We were definitely blessed finding them, and it will be a blessing that they found the gospel in a land where they could more easily, and then can take it back to Vietnam. Super cool how the Lord always has a plan for us :)

We had dinner with Anna Stahre and her mother, and it was a lot of fun, plus delicious food. I love members who take care of us! haha :)

A scripture that built my testimony this week was found in Mark 14:32-39 as it talks about the atonement of Christ being performed. I wish I could explain more clearly through my words, but I learned something about prayer as I read this. In this it talks about Christ preparing to undergo the atonement. And what does he do to enter into that powerful process? He prays. The miracle of the atonement was done through prayer and long-suffering. But it hit me of all things to do to undergo that process and most powerful moment in the world, was through prayer. We take for granted the blessing and gift that prayer is for each and every one of us. That God wants to listen to us, and that through this tool which seems so little because it is gifted to all, there is so much power and grace. Prayer should not be done without the energy of heart, it is a time to accept the gift of the atonement and truly come closer to our Creator and Supreme Being. I know that through prayer miracles happen, and that as each of us learn to more fully appreciate that gift, that we will experience the miracle of the atonement working in us as well. Oh how grateful I am to have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ who love me. 

I know the church is true, and the God listens to us! Pray with your heart and you will see a difference in your day, and life. I love you all!!

puss och kram!
love, Syster Bolton

Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 2015

Monday Feb 9 2015 - We didn't have anything too crazy last Monday night, we had just planned two hours of tracting and then an hour of calling people and trying to set things up... but we got two lessons while tracting! And one of them was really positive! Her name is Adel, she comes from Cameroon, she has been in Sweden for 4 months now, and she is catholic. But we explained the message of the restoration to her and the spirit was SO strong the whole lesson. It was insane. I was just like... dang she is the baptism we have been searching for!! ah!!! And then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! (after some explaining from the bible of the fact that it is okay to be baptized again if the first time wasn't with the authority of God.) and she agreed that she would read and pray, and the spirit was really strong so she was really happy! It was really cool. We set a goal, but then because of the fact that she is going to school right now, she is pretty busy, so it was going to be quick for the last day of February because it was 3 weeks out. But then we decided the 14th of March would maybe be a better goal. Sadly by the end of the week she cancelled the second meet for the week and then said she couldn't come to church this week, because she had former like... arrangements to go to her church because she would be helping out a friend, etc. So hopefully she isn't just bombing out... we will see tonight!

Tuesday Feb 10 2015 - We had a lovely dinner with Familjen Sture and Margaretha Nilsson. He is in the stake presidency, and she in the stake relief society presidency. They are super amazing. They just loved us, asked truly sincere questions about our lives, etc. It was really sweet. I just loved being there, it felt so home-y. Then we figured out that they have some best friends who just happen to live in Layton Utah. super funny. So we talked about them for a while and figured out that we didn't know each other but that we probably knew similar people. But Pres. Nilsson ended up calling them to ask! It was kind of funny.

Wednesday Feb 11 2015 - We had district meeting in Skövde, and the last district meeting of this transfer... so next one will be a whole lot of new people. Weird! haha but it will be fun. District meeting was a blast, and we all made tacos afterwards together before we headed home.

Thursday Feb 12 2015 - We went to Juan Robayo's for dinner with the elders, and that was quite enjoyable. Super grateful for members when they invite us over and take care of us. Feels good. We also ate brunch at IKEA with the Hegesseys Saturday and they also invited us for dinner Sunday since we had nowhere else to go. Aren't they so sweet? Seriously though. The members take good care of us.

Friday Feb 13 2015 - We did quite a few swing bys but not much success to them, until we were headed home to do some dinner and weekly planning for the rest of the night until we contacted someone and we started talking to her, and hey she is from America! But she invited us to dinner, and it was really great. Her, her husband, and their little 2 year old daughter. Lets just say adorable. But they had a really strong faith, so that was awesome. But it was hard to not to offend them in any way as they asked more about our beliefs and about if they were saved, etc. it wasn't a bad job done, but it wasn't the best either I would say. Super amazing family, but they seemed content with what they have.

Saturday Feb 14 2015 - After brunch we went to an old investigator.. who also ended up being American! We never found a record on her.. just had her number.. so we had called, and we asked if we could come and serve her and she was like, actually, yes I really need help! So we vacuumed and mopped for her. She made us cookies, and was just super sweet. She knew all about Mormons already, but she was also content with where she was, but it was a great service opportunity, and helped bring her closer to the Lord. We taught Amy after that about the priesthood and how we can be blessed by the priesthood. It was something she hadn't fully understood, so it was really good to go over it with her. We hope to teach her about patriarchal blessings sometime in the near future as well. Then we had a good lesson with Rikki, going over basics, and talking about what he really believes and understands. Mom I liked your thought, well Brad Christensen's thought.. about explaining an engineering concept to someone.. you can't do it unless they have the basic calculus, etc. Just the same with the gospel, you can't explain the deep stuff without them first understanding the basics. It goes to show us ALL that we better understand the basics completely then, eh?

Sunday Feb 15 2015 -  Was a miracle. It was a blessing, and it was wonderful. AH! We had two potential investigators come to church, ones that we had tracted into earlier in the week. They are from Vietnam, Hue and Danny. They are just friends. We had met Hue and some of her roommates who said they would also come, but they got busy. But then we met Danny for the first time at church. They came right before Sunday School, and we actually ended up teaching the Gospel Doctrine class and they asked us right away if we could just introduce church to them and God. We asked the other members of the class if it was alright if we did something simpler, and they were fine with it. So we taught simply about God. But it was so cool, because we had prepared the lesson on the Holy Ghost, and then the Holy Ghost truly help us teach a lesson that they could understand, because they had never really learned about God before, had no idea, and was able to learn and come to have a faith in Him. Right there during that class. We then had sacrament meeting and had English translation for them. After we talked with them and they just loved it. They were happy to have church every week, and to meet with us to learn more. They had questions but were very understanding about the fact that we couldn't just tell everything right then, and we got them the gospel library app on their phones so they can read in Vietnamese and English. Just super promising wonderful people. They are probably 20 years old. They have been in Sweden for a month, and they are studying here, but so cool to see how enlightened they felt. It made me realize how much we all take for granted our understanding and knowledge about God. These people had never been taught before so they wouldn't have the opportunity to believe. So many of us are blessed with that opportunity, growing up and we take it for granted, and don't appreciate what that knowledge really gives us. It was definitely a special Sunday. The Lord is blessing us to have the opportunity to see the gospel bless their lives.

Monday Feb 16 2015 - Today we went to an island in the middle of the giant lake that is above us. It was really fun. We went with a member, Marcus, and went and saw the castle, and such. We also went to the town where the FIRST CANDY CANE WAS EVER MADE. Okay, yeah it was legit. So we had a blast, so I took pictures on the ferry across, and of the island, etc. so just a fun day :)


Town where the first candy cane was made
I love being able to do the work of the Lord, so grateful for the opportunity, and I know it is true!! This gospel is really where we will find true joy in this life. Nowhere else can provide such great eternal joy as this. I know it.


Love, Sister Bolton

Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9 2015

This week has been great!! :) well in some ways yes and in some ways no! haha but isn't it like that every week? But I am grateful I can feel good each week because I know I worked hard and did everything I could! 

Monday Feb 2 2015 - Last Monday we went bowling, which was fun! I was the one with 112 or whatever. the only one who broke 100 ;) (I was T- in the picture.) But real music was playing there... weird. oh how I miss music. That is one thing I am definitely looking forward to. haha Last Monday night wasn't too exciting, tracting and calling, but we did get three short lessons along the way! Kind of fun when that happens. That actually happened a lot this week. The Lord blessed us with a lot of short lessons with random people since none of our investigators could meet with us this week :/ But sadly none of them turned into new investigators either. 


Wednesday Feb 4 2015 - We had district meeting on Wednesday in Borås, which was fun! I enjoy being able to learn from other missionaries. Especially Elder Archibald, he is a boss. He is like a brother to me, haha. We are way good friends, so it is fun to see him again since we both were in the north together. But then we had a good lesson with a less active family this week! It was great to be able to be there, and get to know them a little better. I don't know if they took in the lesson very much, but it made it so we can come back again another time. So hopefully we can work up to it. Plus the father is very active, so if we can just get the rest coming again ;)


We had dinner and a lesson with Farad a new member from last summer, and it was good. The language barrier is kind of there, because his first language is Persian, but it is really fun to be able to get to know him better, and his Swedish is getting better and better every time. We went to IKEA and had dinner there. Yes, it was delicious. We are definitely going to IKEA more now. That was my first time in one while I have been in Sweden! But it was great! :)

We had a good lesson with Rikki about the restoration, and it has been so good that we are just sticking to the basics. I think he is a pretty logical thinker, and so he asks all these random deeper questions without first understanding the basics, but now he is getting the basics, so I think it will start coming together better for him. Plus he came to Sunday school and sacrament meeting on Sunday, so that was really great!! He really liked the Sunday school lesson (got to love gospel principles- the simpler stuff.) which is making it more likely that he will come more consistently to it since he liked it! :)

Sunday Feb 8 2015 - Church was great, and something that I learned/thought was great was during Relief Society. We talked about free agency, and someone compared our free agency to fire. We can choose to use it in good ways, that give us great things, for example light, or to cook, etc. Fire can be a wonder, and it definitely has brought a lot more into the world because we have fire. But it also can be something very harmful if not used correctly, we can be burned, it can destroy, etc. Just like our free agency, if used in the correct way, we can receive so much more than we had without it, but if used in the wrong way we can be injured, and bad things can happen. And that is when we use ointment or suave for a burn, just like the atonement to heal the pain from the incorrect use of our agency. I know that Christ wants to heal us, because sometimes we are handling fire in a good way, and we still get just a few little burns, because we are not perfect. But I testify that the atonement can heal us, and can help us learn how to use our free agency in better ways. I am grateful for all that God has given us, including our gift of free agency. It is now our time of trial to use it correctly. I invite you to use it how Christ would use it. Be grateful for it, and choose to follow God, and when you make a mistake, let Christ heal you.

Thank you for the love and support. I hope you have a lovely week!! :)

Love, Syster Bolton

Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

Life is good! Life is great! Sorry this will be a shorter email!

Pretty much our week was a good week of missionary work, with lots of lessons, and lots of bloasts and lots of contacting, but a good week :) We had some good lessons really, and that would mostly be Wednesday's lessons with Mats and with Mariette. Both of them we had a member present, and it was just super good. Mats is the one who was in the West Indies for 2 months, and he had met with the missionaries before multiple times and had built a faith in God. We had a lesson about Jesus Christ and His role in our lives. We focused on why Christ is important, what the atonement really implies, and how we can apply that to our own lives. It opened it up so we could review part of the plan of salvation with him, and review a part of the restoration. Then we really focused on Moroni 7:33." And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." Which was so good for him. Ah, just the spirit that was in that room the WHOLE lesson through, especially because it was so centered on Christ. It was so special to see how it changed in him as well. We were all able to bear strong witness behind that scripture and all that we were talking about because each of us has come to that point where we relied on Christ's strength to be able to whatever we need to do. Especially when it comes to following the commandments and choosing the right. Sometimes it is hard, but Christ has PROMISED that He will give us power to do those things as long as we have faith in Him.

Then the other lesson with Mariette was good, we taught the restoration, this was our first time meeting with her, but we had contacted her on the street a couple weeks ago, and it was so cool to see how we were led to her through the spirit and then she was so positive. She has been to many different churches in her life, and she knows without a doubt that she is daughter of God (which is way cool because not very many swedes believe that they are children of God) and she just ended up being a very neat lady, I am excited to continue to meet with her. She was excited to have a Book of Mormon and to be able to read it, she is really busy, so it might slow down the conversion process, but I totally feel like it will happen!

Thursday Jan 29 2015 - We actually had exchanges which was fun! I went to Göteborg (west coast of Sweden) with Sister Christison. But Sister Spencer came here with Sister Gardner. Sister Gardner did great leading the area, etc. And Sister Christison and I had a really fun time. That girl is hilarious, just quirky and fun. It was nice to just let her lead, and me follow. I taught a really cool lesson on the bus to someone while we were there. And we found some really positive potential investigators! It was really fun :) 

Friday Jan 30 2015 - We had our special zone training, which meant it was just our zone, but that the Beckstrands and the Assistants were there. It was a really good meeting. I felt like I learned some new things, got some new ideas, and we got to watch Meet the Mormons at the end of it as well! So that was kind of fun :) It wasn't what I expected, but it was good! 

In Kungsbaka (where we had the zone training.)

Frozen Mobile with Elsa (hahaha)

Cold but happy!!!

Sunday Feb 1 2015 -  was a really nice day of church. I love sacrament meeting. Oh, how much the sacrament should mean to each of us. It was fast and testimony meeting as well, and I had the opportunity to share my testimony as well. I love the spirit that can be with us, especially during that meeting!

Well I love you guys soo much and I am grateful for your support. Jag älskar er  (I love you)! Hoppas ni ha en bra vecka (Hope you have a good week) :)

Hej då! (Goodbye)

Med kärlek (with love), Syster Bolton