Monday, February 16, 2015

Feb 16 2015

Monday Feb 9 2015 - We didn't have anything too crazy last Monday night, we had just planned two hours of tracting and then an hour of calling people and trying to set things up... but we got two lessons while tracting! And one of them was really positive! Her name is Adel, she comes from Cameroon, she has been in Sweden for 4 months now, and she is catholic. But we explained the message of the restoration to her and the spirit was SO strong the whole lesson. It was insane. I was just like... dang she is the baptism we have been searching for!! ah!!! And then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! (after some explaining from the bible of the fact that it is okay to be baptized again if the first time wasn't with the authority of God.) and she agreed that she would read and pray, and the spirit was really strong so she was really happy! It was really cool. We set a goal, but then because of the fact that she is going to school right now, she is pretty busy, so it was going to be quick for the last day of February because it was 3 weeks out. But then we decided the 14th of March would maybe be a better goal. Sadly by the end of the week she cancelled the second meet for the week and then said she couldn't come to church this week, because she had former like... arrangements to go to her church because she would be helping out a friend, etc. So hopefully she isn't just bombing out... we will see tonight!

Tuesday Feb 10 2015 - We had a lovely dinner with Familjen Sture and Margaretha Nilsson. He is in the stake presidency, and she in the stake relief society presidency. They are super amazing. They just loved us, asked truly sincere questions about our lives, etc. It was really sweet. I just loved being there, it felt so home-y. Then we figured out that they have some best friends who just happen to live in Layton Utah. super funny. So we talked about them for a while and figured out that we didn't know each other but that we probably knew similar people. But Pres. Nilsson ended up calling them to ask! It was kind of funny.

Wednesday Feb 11 2015 - We had district meeting in Skövde, and the last district meeting of this transfer... so next one will be a whole lot of new people. Weird! haha but it will be fun. District meeting was a blast, and we all made tacos afterwards together before we headed home.

Thursday Feb 12 2015 - We went to Juan Robayo's for dinner with the elders, and that was quite enjoyable. Super grateful for members when they invite us over and take care of us. Feels good. We also ate brunch at IKEA with the Hegesseys Saturday and they also invited us for dinner Sunday since we had nowhere else to go. Aren't they so sweet? Seriously though. The members take good care of us.

Friday Feb 13 2015 - We did quite a few swing bys but not much success to them, until we were headed home to do some dinner and weekly planning for the rest of the night until we contacted someone and we started talking to her, and hey she is from America! But she invited us to dinner, and it was really great. Her, her husband, and their little 2 year old daughter. Lets just say adorable. But they had a really strong faith, so that was awesome. But it was hard to not to offend them in any way as they asked more about our beliefs and about if they were saved, etc. it wasn't a bad job done, but it wasn't the best either I would say. Super amazing family, but they seemed content with what they have.

Saturday Feb 14 2015 - After brunch we went to an old investigator.. who also ended up being American! We never found a record on her.. just had her number.. so we had called, and we asked if we could come and serve her and she was like, actually, yes I really need help! So we vacuumed and mopped for her. She made us cookies, and was just super sweet. She knew all about Mormons already, but she was also content with where she was, but it was a great service opportunity, and helped bring her closer to the Lord. We taught Amy after that about the priesthood and how we can be blessed by the priesthood. It was something she hadn't fully understood, so it was really good to go over it with her. We hope to teach her about patriarchal blessings sometime in the near future as well. Then we had a good lesson with Rikki, going over basics, and talking about what he really believes and understands. Mom I liked your thought, well Brad Christensen's thought.. about explaining an engineering concept to someone.. you can't do it unless they have the basic calculus, etc. Just the same with the gospel, you can't explain the deep stuff without them first understanding the basics. It goes to show us ALL that we better understand the basics completely then, eh?

Sunday Feb 15 2015 -  Was a miracle. It was a blessing, and it was wonderful. AH! We had two potential investigators come to church, ones that we had tracted into earlier in the week. They are from Vietnam, Hue and Danny. They are just friends. We had met Hue and some of her roommates who said they would also come, but they got busy. But then we met Danny for the first time at church. They came right before Sunday School, and we actually ended up teaching the Gospel Doctrine class and they asked us right away if we could just introduce church to them and God. We asked the other members of the class if it was alright if we did something simpler, and they were fine with it. So we taught simply about God. But it was so cool, because we had prepared the lesson on the Holy Ghost, and then the Holy Ghost truly help us teach a lesson that they could understand, because they had never really learned about God before, had no idea, and was able to learn and come to have a faith in Him. Right there during that class. We then had sacrament meeting and had English translation for them. After we talked with them and they just loved it. They were happy to have church every week, and to meet with us to learn more. They had questions but were very understanding about the fact that we couldn't just tell everything right then, and we got them the gospel library app on their phones so they can read in Vietnamese and English. Just super promising wonderful people. They are probably 20 years old. They have been in Sweden for a month, and they are studying here, but so cool to see how enlightened they felt. It made me realize how much we all take for granted our understanding and knowledge about God. These people had never been taught before so they wouldn't have the opportunity to believe. So many of us are blessed with that opportunity, growing up and we take it for granted, and don't appreciate what that knowledge really gives us. It was definitely a special Sunday. The Lord is blessing us to have the opportunity to see the gospel bless their lives.

Monday Feb 16 2015 - Today we went to an island in the middle of the giant lake that is above us. It was really fun. We went with a member, Marcus, and went and saw the castle, and such. We also went to the town where the FIRST CANDY CANE WAS EVER MADE. Okay, yeah it was legit. So we had a blast, so I took pictures on the ferry across, and of the island, etc. so just a fun day :)


Town where the first candy cane was made
I love being able to do the work of the Lord, so grateful for the opportunity, and I know it is true!! This gospel is really where we will find true joy in this life. Nowhere else can provide such great eternal joy as this. I know it.


Love, Sister Bolton

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