Monday, February 2, 2015

Feb 2, 2015

Life is good! Life is great! Sorry this will be a shorter email!

Pretty much our week was a good week of missionary work, with lots of lessons, and lots of bloasts and lots of contacting, but a good week :) We had some good lessons really, and that would mostly be Wednesday's lessons with Mats and with Mariette. Both of them we had a member present, and it was just super good. Mats is the one who was in the West Indies for 2 months, and he had met with the missionaries before multiple times and had built a faith in God. We had a lesson about Jesus Christ and His role in our lives. We focused on why Christ is important, what the atonement really implies, and how we can apply that to our own lives. It opened it up so we could review part of the plan of salvation with him, and review a part of the restoration. Then we really focused on Moroni 7:33." And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me." Which was so good for him. Ah, just the spirit that was in that room the WHOLE lesson through, especially because it was so centered on Christ. It was so special to see how it changed in him as well. We were all able to bear strong witness behind that scripture and all that we were talking about because each of us has come to that point where we relied on Christ's strength to be able to whatever we need to do. Especially when it comes to following the commandments and choosing the right. Sometimes it is hard, but Christ has PROMISED that He will give us power to do those things as long as we have faith in Him.

Then the other lesson with Mariette was good, we taught the restoration, this was our first time meeting with her, but we had contacted her on the street a couple weeks ago, and it was so cool to see how we were led to her through the spirit and then she was so positive. She has been to many different churches in her life, and she knows without a doubt that she is daughter of God (which is way cool because not very many swedes believe that they are children of God) and she just ended up being a very neat lady, I am excited to continue to meet with her. She was excited to have a Book of Mormon and to be able to read it, she is really busy, so it might slow down the conversion process, but I totally feel like it will happen!

Thursday Jan 29 2015 - We actually had exchanges which was fun! I went to Göteborg (west coast of Sweden) with Sister Christison. But Sister Spencer came here with Sister Gardner. Sister Gardner did great leading the area, etc. And Sister Christison and I had a really fun time. That girl is hilarious, just quirky and fun. It was nice to just let her lead, and me follow. I taught a really cool lesson on the bus to someone while we were there. And we found some really positive potential investigators! It was really fun :) 

Friday Jan 30 2015 - We had our special zone training, which meant it was just our zone, but that the Beckstrands and the Assistants were there. It was a really good meeting. I felt like I learned some new things, got some new ideas, and we got to watch Meet the Mormons at the end of it as well! So that was kind of fun :) It wasn't what I expected, but it was good! 

In Kungsbaka (where we had the zone training.)

Frozen Mobile with Elsa (hahaha)

Cold but happy!!!

Sunday Feb 1 2015 -  was a really nice day of church. I love sacrament meeting. Oh, how much the sacrament should mean to each of us. It was fast and testimony meeting as well, and I had the opportunity to share my testimony as well. I love the spirit that can be with us, especially during that meeting!

Well I love you guys soo much and I am grateful for your support. Jag älskar er  (I love you)! Hoppas ni ha en bra vecka (Hope you have a good week) :)

Hej då! (Goodbye)

Med kärlek (with love), Syster Bolton

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