Monday, February 9, 2015

Feb 9 2015

This week has been great!! :) well in some ways yes and in some ways no! haha but isn't it like that every week? But I am grateful I can feel good each week because I know I worked hard and did everything I could! 

Monday Feb 2 2015 - Last Monday we went bowling, which was fun! I was the one with 112 or whatever. the only one who broke 100 ;) (I was T- in the picture.) But real music was playing there... weird. oh how I miss music. That is one thing I am definitely looking forward to. haha Last Monday night wasn't too exciting, tracting and calling, but we did get three short lessons along the way! Kind of fun when that happens. That actually happened a lot this week. The Lord blessed us with a lot of short lessons with random people since none of our investigators could meet with us this week :/ But sadly none of them turned into new investigators either. 


Wednesday Feb 4 2015 - We had district meeting on Wednesday in Borås, which was fun! I enjoy being able to learn from other missionaries. Especially Elder Archibald, he is a boss. He is like a brother to me, haha. We are way good friends, so it is fun to see him again since we both were in the north together. But then we had a good lesson with a less active family this week! It was great to be able to be there, and get to know them a little better. I don't know if they took in the lesson very much, but it made it so we can come back again another time. So hopefully we can work up to it. Plus the father is very active, so if we can just get the rest coming again ;)


We had dinner and a lesson with Farad a new member from last summer, and it was good. The language barrier is kind of there, because his first language is Persian, but it is really fun to be able to get to know him better, and his Swedish is getting better and better every time. We went to IKEA and had dinner there. Yes, it was delicious. We are definitely going to IKEA more now. That was my first time in one while I have been in Sweden! But it was great! :)

We had a good lesson with Rikki about the restoration, and it has been so good that we are just sticking to the basics. I think he is a pretty logical thinker, and so he asks all these random deeper questions without first understanding the basics, but now he is getting the basics, so I think it will start coming together better for him. Plus he came to Sunday school and sacrament meeting on Sunday, so that was really great!! He really liked the Sunday school lesson (got to love gospel principles- the simpler stuff.) which is making it more likely that he will come more consistently to it since he liked it! :)

Sunday Feb 8 2015 - Church was great, and something that I learned/thought was great was during Relief Society. We talked about free agency, and someone compared our free agency to fire. We can choose to use it in good ways, that give us great things, for example light, or to cook, etc. Fire can be a wonder, and it definitely has brought a lot more into the world because we have fire. But it also can be something very harmful if not used correctly, we can be burned, it can destroy, etc. Just like our free agency, if used in the correct way, we can receive so much more than we had without it, but if used in the wrong way we can be injured, and bad things can happen. And that is when we use ointment or suave for a burn, just like the atonement to heal the pain from the incorrect use of our agency. I know that Christ wants to heal us, because sometimes we are handling fire in a good way, and we still get just a few little burns, because we are not perfect. But I testify that the atonement can heal us, and can help us learn how to use our free agency in better ways. I am grateful for all that God has given us, including our gift of free agency. It is now our time of trial to use it correctly. I invite you to use it how Christ would use it. Be grateful for it, and choose to follow God, and when you make a mistake, let Christ heal you.

Thank you for the love and support. I hope you have a lovely week!! :)

Love, Syster Bolton

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