Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb 23 2015

Monday Feb 16 2015 - Well I already told you about last Monday, and the bunch of fun we had. Super grateful for that. :) We met with Adel again that night, and she is super great, but.... she doesn't really want to change.. so that won't necessarily go far. We are going to try and read the book of Mormon with her here and there to help her see how important it is, but in her own words.. she is just kind of lazy. :/

 Tuesday Feb 17 2015 - We taught a man named Vahid on Tuesday and we had a member Robin Biberg (he is a YSA) follow and it was really good. Robin helped me see how I can improve my teaching with teaching from the scriptures rather than more often than not just using the scripture to testify of what I already taught.. Really cool. We met with Amy, visited an old lady Inger, and such. Got to visit and set up a lesson with some less actives when we played volleyball that evening with the relief society. Twas fun. Oh! So last Tuesday... it wasn't just any Tuesday... it was FAT TUESDAY!!! :) So fat Tuesday is the day of the year where everyone eats a semlor. I am the worst because I didn't take a picture with it, and I should have, but we had semlor that evening with the Hegessey family, which was like heaven. But they are sooo rich, so it is hard to eat the whole thing. Good stuff though.

Wednesday Feb 18 2015 - we had a great lesson with a guy named Àrpad with a member Lasse (our old ward mission leader) follow along. It was really cool. He seems super prepared. He comes from Romania, or near there, because he doesn't actually speak Romanian... I don't know.. he explained it but it was really confusing. haha but has been here for 5 years, he works, and knows Swedish decently well, etc. Because of his questions we taught him about prayer, the word of wisdom, and the plan of salvation. He loved it all and felt like he agreed with everything. So that was super great!! He worked Sunday, but he said he would try and change his work schedule for the future! :)

Thursday Feb 19 2015 - We had district meeting on Thursday, and because of transfers we had quite the different district! It was kind of fun! Elder Archibald is training, Sister Sorenson from my MTC group replaced Sister Powell in Borås, Elder Heiner moved, and Elder Farnworth came into Jönköping, and Skövde has a greenie and a trainer, but they had to miss district meeting, but they are both new to the district. It was fun to have a new group, and get to know some new people. Missionaries are fun, and we can make be Americans and it's normal. So that is great. That night we had an activity at the Rönndahls home, and the elders, us, and Farad our new member from last summer came, we played some games, and had some klad kaka. It was good for Farad to feel welcome and loved, and taken care of. We are trying to do activities every week to bring investigators, new members, etc. too so that they can get the friends part. :) Since it is just starting up, we don't have quite as many as we are hoping to show up, but eventually I think we can solidly get 4-5 others who are coming. 

Friday Feb 20 2015 - We had lunch with a lovely older lady in the ward, Gunvor Carlsson, who is just the sweetest thing in the world. We also had an activity at the church with the YSA's and investigators. We had Rikki (new member who we work with) lead us in a yoga workout. oh my goodness i thought yoga was supposed to be peaceful! haha I was soo sore after that!! seriously though. It was a bunch of fun though!! Really good for Rikki to feel so appreciated. 

Saturday Feb 21 2015 - We taught this swede named Sven. Yes. Sven. It made me happy. It was kind of cool, because we saw him twice throughout the day, and the second time we were able to stop him and talk with him and then go into to the church and have a lesson. He actually already knew a lot about the church and he just had questions and questions. It was really cool because he is really willing to investigate the church. We hope that he is sincere, because it seems like he is, and that he will be able to recognize the spirit of the Lord. He already has told us that he read all we told him too and came back with some more questions. We look forward to meeting with him :)

Sunday Feb 22 2015 - was great! Danny came to church again, but Hue wasn't able too. We weren't able to meet them during the week, because they have school during the week, and then it was Asian New Year this past weekend. So we will meet with them on Friday. But church was great, Sunday School was all about the gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, keep the commandments) and Danny followed the lesson for the most part, was confused about baptism since that is a totally new concept, but Christer Rasmusson taught the lesson, and did a great job. We said we could explain baptism more when we meet. He is so positive. I think he will be at church every week for the rest of his time in Sweden. (which will be about 4 months more.) Just super super cool. We were definitely blessed finding them, and it will be a blessing that they found the gospel in a land where they could more easily, and then can take it back to Vietnam. Super cool how the Lord always has a plan for us :)

We had dinner with Anna Stahre and her mother, and it was a lot of fun, plus delicious food. I love members who take care of us! haha :)

A scripture that built my testimony this week was found in Mark 14:32-39 as it talks about the atonement of Christ being performed. I wish I could explain more clearly through my words, but I learned something about prayer as I read this. In this it talks about Christ preparing to undergo the atonement. And what does he do to enter into that powerful process? He prays. The miracle of the atonement was done through prayer and long-suffering. But it hit me of all things to do to undergo that process and most powerful moment in the world, was through prayer. We take for granted the blessing and gift that prayer is for each and every one of us. That God wants to listen to us, and that through this tool which seems so little because it is gifted to all, there is so much power and grace. Prayer should not be done without the energy of heart, it is a time to accept the gift of the atonement and truly come closer to our Creator and Supreme Being. I know that through prayer miracles happen, and that as each of us learn to more fully appreciate that gift, that we will experience the miracle of the atonement working in us as well. Oh how grateful I am to have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ who love me. 

I know the church is true, and the God listens to us! Pray with your heart and you will see a difference in your day, and life. I love you all!!

puss och kram!
love, Syster Bolton

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