Monday, March 2, 2015

Mar 2 2015

Congrats to me!!! :) I have a NEW NEPHEW!!! :) :) He is the cutest thing ever. Okay truly congrats to Ty and Abby! Axel Adam Bolton. He is adorable. I love the name Axel. It means shoulder in Swedish :) But it is a name here, and I love it. good job going Swedish ;) remembering the aunt Cassie without probably knowing it ;)  I love hearing about all the exciting news happening at home.

I can't even begin to list it all, but I am grateful that you guys let me know. Yay to my cousin Jordan who is engaged, and happy birthday to every one recently... I know I have been the worst, plus there have been lots of nieces and nephews recently and more coming up and I am not so talented with that, but don't worry I am sad to miss the little parties. I love you guys at home. Seriously you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear from you :)

Pretty much this week was great! I learned more about myself and more about the Savior, which was really cool. I felt the atonement daily working in my life and others. I felt the spirit lead me and others. I felt the love God has for each and everyone of us. I felt the discouragement that the Savior felt when he was rejected and spit upon. I felt the hope that the Father gives. I felt the joy of the gospel. And I felt a greater love for my Savior Jesus Christ. It's not because this is the first time I felt these things, but I don't always say them. I want you to know that these things are real in my life though. That it isn't just something I talk about. But it is the truth. I am grateful for that knowledge and understanding. 

We had a great lunch with a member and investigator last week, which is a highlight. It was the member, Aurora's friend. Her name is Victoria. She is in her 20's , and has a little 18 month girl who is the cutest thing in the world. It was really cool though, because it was the missionary work of Aurora that made this all possible. Victoria explained that she wanted what Aurora has. The perspective and the happiness that she seems to have even when her (Aurora's) life has been absolutely crazy recently. People notice the difference the gospel makes in our lives when we live it. It is our responsibility to help them know what it is that makes that difference. That is what Aurora did. She invited her friend, countless times, and it really gave Victoria a hope. Victoria has no religious background, grew up not at all believing in God. And in the Swedish school system they teach about religion but they teach about it in a way that it makes it all sound like just a story. Because they aren't supposed to preach or anything, but it makes it so many swedes don't believe in anything. But she has such a pure desire to know. She really wants it, and I know that one day, she will be baptized, and find the truth she has been seeking for. I have only met her twice, but it is in her desire. I don't know how long it will take, but oh how much joy truth brings. And how grateful I am that we all can reach that!! :)

Thursday Feb 26 2015 - We had a zone training this week in Göteborg, and it was a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. We are studying one attribute of Christ every transfer this year, and a chapter or two from PMG. So this transfer is HOPE and chaps 9 and 10. Finding people and teaching skills. They really focused on teaching skills. It was great, because president is now wanting us to be more of a practicing mission. In Sweden we don't get half as many lessons as people in the states do. But he wants us to be able to know the lessons when we get to teach people. So he has asked that we teach one of the discussions to a member daily. As a role play, etc. Super cool. Way excited to do that.

We had a great, teach with a less active, Marianne Persson. I have met with her one other time before and she told me like her life story. But that was just before Christmas. But she has come to church twice during February, and I really think she is in a place where she can become active again. She is a super great lady, so so nice, and it just warmed my heart to see her in church. Ah the gospel changes lives :)

Sunday Mar 1 2015 - was great, I always love church. Oh it is great. Sadly no investigators came, which was definitely a huge bummer, but all is well. I feel like I am coming closer to the Lord. We watched the video The Atonement and Missionary Work which I suggest all to watch- especially missionaries. But it really hits home. I feel like the hardness brings me to understand on the tiniest scale what the Savior felt. Which I am truthfully so grateful for. 

I know this church is true and that it is the only way to eternal happiness :) We are all just walking each other home. So let's lift up heads that hang low, and help each other remember the hope that we can have while we are here! :)

I love you!!! 

Love, Cassie

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