Monday, March 23, 2015

Mar 23 2015

Monday Mar 16 2015 - we had a great time last Monday going to Göteborg with the elders and Oscar, a YSA who drove us there. We met up with almost all the missionaries in our zone and played laser tag at the hugest laser tag dome I have ever been to! It was a bunch of fun! Seriously a great release and a party. Oscar, Elder Jones, Elder Farnworth, Sister Gardner and I all also had a picnic in the park. It was a good day, so the pictures of the dinosaur (we are under it in the picture... all four of us), and the ferris wheel, and the laser tag were all during that little road trip.


That evening we went to a less actives home and did a family home evening with them! The dad is active, but the mother and the 5 children are not. So we had a great plan with a funny object lesson, etc. and then we got there... and only Åsa was home! whhhaat. well there goes the lesson and everything. We sat down and talked with her and such, but we both were praying soo hard because we were just a little nervous about it and what exactly we could teach her instead. But we had a great conversation, got to know her better, and teach her according to the spirit. Then what was even better is that two of the children got home and came and talked with us happily. They are super nice. It was Micheala, 17 year old daughter, and Issac 10 year old son. So we did our object lesson, and that is when we got flour all over our faces :) haha So the picture with that is the Lingerfors family, Åsa, Micheala, and Issac. We each had a bowl and we had M&M's at the bottom, then flour on top, and we each wanted to eat the M & M's (joys in life) without getting flour (sin) on our face. And then explained how we all sin, but that is why we have a Savior, who is perfectly clean, so that he can help us be clean, but so that we can also enjoy our M & M's! it was so fun, and a great opportunity to visit them and strengthen them! I hope to continue to be able to do so so that we can help reactivate them!


After that we got the opportunity to teach Emelie a little lesson, and the spirit touched our hearts. It was really special. She is so awesome.

Well we met with Emelie almost every day this week to give her opportunities to keep that feeling and desire of coming back to church. It was sooo good. She is the best. She has short, blond hair, there is a picture of us three. (my hair is braided in it). But anyway, she is really cool. Wants to truly repent and come back to the fold. She is an all-in or all out kind of person, so she is nervous about it, but really feels like it is something she needs and wants! She has been overcome by the spirit of gratitude and hope. She says "ah, I am so grateful for the gospel, it is the best thing in the world." There is a difference between living it and not. But what is so wonderful is that the Lord always wants us to live it, and will forgive us of the times that we didn't/don't, as long as we face our shoulders back towards him, and continue to try and come back. It is a happy way to live :) 

Thursday Mar 19 2015 - Taught Vahid, one of our investigators, the one with the Muslim background, and it went well. The sad thing is that I am not sure that he is seeking truth rather than just information. But we are trying our best to help answer his questions, but to also help him go home and pray and read for himself. If he doesn't start keeping commitments soon, we will have to stop teaching him. We went to a hockey game with a group of members, investigators, and less actives, which was a lot of fun! Sadly we didn't take pictures with everyone, but that is of Alex, and Oscar. Before the hockey game we also had super great dinner of.... SWEDISH TACOS with Alex! soo good. I loove Swedish tacos. it is fine. Anyway, twas a good day.


Friday Mar 20 2015 - Met with Emelie, had a good time! Went to Christer Rasmussons house in the middle of nowhere and helped him clean his windows, then had dinner and a missionary meeting, and a lesson. It was fun! Then we played innebandy that night, which was fun! I thought it would be harder than it was, but it was super fun and we all had a good time. 

Saturday Mar 21 2015 - We taught Amy, and Vahid, and a random guy Daniel who knows some of the members on the street, too bad he wasn't interested in learning more. But it was still a great day! Actually the best part of that day was that we had an activity at the Schelin's house and Victoria our investigator came, Vahid came, Jonas (Oscars really good friend who he has been trying to have us meet for a while) came, and then another member family. So we had a party there! It was super good for everyone to mingle and have an enjoyable time together, our investigators seemed happy and to make more friends and to feel more comfortable. Really good night!

Sunday Mar 22 2015 - Exhausting but soo good!! Sister Gardner was in charge all week, so it was really easy when Sunday came around to give our all, and as one of us would do something, it would give the other energy to do it as well. It was like that more and more throughout the week! (I was super grateful for that :) But we got a ton of things set up with members for the coming week, we also had Victoria come for sacrament meeting! Super cool :) she is great. Sadly Danny and Mats were both sick this week so we didn't get to meet with them! But I am sure we will be able to soon. We also sang in sacrament meeting! Woo! :) It was a lot of fun actually. It was the four missionaries, with Christoffer Rönndahl, and his wife playing the piano. It was the music of Homeward bound, with the words from a Swedish hymn.

Monday Mar 23 2015 - Also this morning we went to the park with Lasse, our old ward mission leader, which was fun, and had a good time talking about the gospel. Pretty much I love being a missionary! I love the work and I love being able to share the gospel, strengthen the members, and help people learn and find truth!

I hope you are all doing well, and that you know that I love you!! Thanks for everything!

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