Monday, March 30, 2015

Mar 30 2015

Monday Mar 23 2015 - Last Monday was super fun! We had an opportunity to go on a walk with Lasse to the city park which also has a gorgeous view of Jönköping, plus animals, etc, but not all of them are out this time of year-soon though! But it was a good time. We also got to go and have family home evening with the De Lima's and they are adorable. It was on Easter :) so much fun. 

My experiences with improving my teaching- we have been asked to study chapter 10 of PMG on teaching skills this past transfer, and I've decided to focus on certain parts. I have noticed the more and more I strive after using the scriptures, I have been better at remembering them, etc. but mostly that my teaching is improving. Rather that the spirit is really the teacher. I know personally I don't know how to always apply the scripture to have a strong effect on them, but when I plan on explaining and applying the scripture the spirit leads me and it is more powerful than I could have said myself. 

Little about the people we've met who are actually progressing in the gospel:

  • Mats - he is a swede, middle aged man, he is sometimes progressing and sometimes not. But I believe that he is progressing because he is holding the small commitments and his faith and love for the gospel is definitely growing. He was agnostic, but now believes in God and prays, we text him scriptures daily and he loves that and feels the spirit when he reads them. We are hoping to get him to general conference. 
  • Victoria - she is amazing! It is so awesome, because we have a good YSA group here, and she has clicked with quite a few of them, they are hanging out or doing something with each other almost every day. She came to all three hours of church and was in primary with one of the YSA's and she just seems to really enjoy it. We've taught her 3 times the past week, and we hope to continue doing so. She is building her faith, really has a desire to believe, but it all is really new for her. Between prayer and reading and church, etc. but she said she is getting used to it and that it isn't so much of a pain as it was at the beginning (mostly with prayer). Haha single mother, agnostic. I totally see her getting baptized especially because she has the friends! It's just our job to give her the nourishment and help her understand. :) 
  • Emelie - (less active) we've been meeting with her every other day to help her feel the spirit and recognize what God is telling her to do (repent!) and guess what! SHE CAME TO CHURCH!!! It seemed like that was the big first obstacle and I of course know that there will be more to come with repentance but that she faced her biggest fear of coming back, and now it will just be continuing forward for her! I am very excited for her. :) 
  • Danny - he has been sick, so we haven't been able to see him the past two weeks :( but he says he is reading and praying still! We will just probably move his baptism date back so that he can receive all the lessons first.
At district meeting in Goteborg
Friday Mar 27 2015 - Fun Activity- we had Oscar's friend; Jonas, come and teach everyone the Lindy hop for an activity. It was awesome! Victoria came and met a lot of people, and the ward members loved it, so it was a blast. Sister Gardner and I were able to dance as long as we danced together. Hahaha super fun though. :) 

TRANSFER NEWS!!! I am moving to STOCKHOLM INNERSTAD. So the very middle of Stockholm will be my proselyting area, and I will live in Solna. I am really excited for Stockholm! Although a little nervous and a bit unqualified, I feel like that is where I am supposed to go. It is quite odd because my heart is in with all these progressing investigators, and less actives, and members and I am excited for them. But I felt a very reassuring feeling that the Lord wants me in Stockholm now. I will be sister training leader there, so it will be a great opportunity to go on splits every week and learn from other sisters, and hopefully help them in their work as well. What a fun opportunity! I will also be with sister DeMille- we came together:) the long blonde hair from the MTC. I think it will be a lot of fun. Everyone says I will work well there because it is a lot of stress and I can handle that- that there is always something to do and the city is just moving really fast. It will be a lot of fun to be able to learn Stockholm (so when I come back and visit;) haha) but really! I am super sad to leave Jönköping, I thought there was a solid chance of me staying here, but I trust that Sister Gardner and Sister Sandelin will be able to do a great job at taking care of all these people here! Now it is time to pack..

BIG THANK YOU's for all the birthday wishes!!! It will be a great day and a great year I am sure :) can't believe I will really be turning 20- the time has flown by. Grandpa Parks- thank you for the big box of cookies :) we plan on enjoying those altogether today. Woo :) also thank you mom and dad for my package! Plus Chelsey and Andre for whatever it is that I haven't opened yet, haha plus thank you for all the birthday emails- you guys are so sweet. Siblings - isn't it weird your little sister is 20? That means you are getting OLD!! Haha Love you all!! :) 

Birthday Cookies in the mail
Picture with Jonkoping in the background. Heads to Stockholm this week
Have a great week :)

Love, Cassie or Syster Bolton

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