Monday, March 9, 2015

Mar 9 2015

Yay hump day is this Wednesday!! I am excited, but it is a little weird. But fun. 9 months down! 9 months to go!! 

Tuesday Mar 3 2015 - Was a great day of missionary work! We worked hard and we reaped the rewards... of feeling good :) haha our time was used effectively, got Jennifer Thörn, a member to follow with to swing by some people and we got a lesson which was good, but pretty short. It was just a solid day of missionary work. ah yeah. That is something we needed to get us running again.

The Thorns had me put on a jacket so I was dressed like them

Wednesday Mar 4 2015 - Was super awesome! ah we woke up at 5 in the morning and didn’t go to bed until about 12:45 the next morning... ah! haha We woke up early because we had a mission tour and we had to get to Göteborg by 9. We got there and it was an AMAZING conference. I just wish I could tell you every detail.. or if you could have just been there.. but neither of those are possible. So I am just going to say it was definitely a need and more than a blessing. I got to see my cute sister Austin, which was lovely, plus a whole bunch in my MTC group. We learned from President and sister Beckstrand at the beginning, then the assistants; Elder Noso (my dad... aka first district leader in Luleå, he trained elder Archibald, and he is Finnish.) and Elder Lambson, and that was super good. They ended up using me in a role-play which at first I was not super excited about as they volunteered me, but it was so good for me, because I learned a lot. What a neat experience. They are super great teachers and it helped me learn :) Ah the spirit was sooo strong during this meeting, so I learned a lot from the Lord. I am really grateful for that. We also heard from Elder and Sister Donaldson, who is of the Seventy. They were soo great. We had interviews with president after the conference, but then the whole reason of us getting home at midnight was because we had a crazy ride home when the conductor of our train was missing! As soon as the train was to leave, a voice comes and say that when he is found we will depart. We ended up on a bus pulling into Jönköping at about Midnight. Those are the nights to remember, right? 

Elders and Sisters who were in the MTC with me and Sister Beckstrand

Something I learned from Elder Donaldson was to "Minister to the one in front of you!" sometimes it is easy to look past my companion, the elders, and even some of the members, but the Lord has them right in front of us for a reason! To minister unto them!! It really hit me, and made me understand a balance between it all that I have been searching for. It is always easy to look past serving your family, or your roommates, and to serve the random stranger instead. Not because that isn't good, but we must not forget who is the most important, and that it is our responsibility to take care of them!! 

Thursday Mar 5 2015 -  There was a relief society activity for those who are free during the day, and so we invited our investigator Victoria, and she enjoyed it a lot. It was perfect for her to be able to make some more friends, etc. Really cool. We really think she will progress in the gospel soon. It is totally what she is seeking in her life, it just is baby steps :)

Friday Mar 6 2015 - Was a boxing/work out activity, taught by Christoffer Rönndahl. It was a bunch of fun. We just died because it was super intense work out but those are good. Rikki had a great time there and we had a good little lesson with him afterwards as well. Before we started the activity we had a lesson with an investigator named Beze, he came thinking we were doing Book of Mormon study... haha so we just ran and taught him more about the Book of Mormon. It was really cool, he said he knows the Book of Mormon is true, and we talked about the Holy Ghost, but he just said he didn't know if he could keep all the commandments and follow it. It will be a work in progress, because he used to be Christian then walked away from it because of commandments. Really interesting, but hopefully he will have the strength to live them because it is SO WORTH IT.

Saturday Mar 7 2015 - Was some waffles and volleyball and we taught Amy, etc. It was good and fun. Nice to prepare ourselves a little for Sunday also. 

Sunday Mar 8 2015 - Was super good. We were a little worried because we were asked to teach young women, and then that morning we got word that the two active girls wouldn't be there today... but that an inactive girl Olivia would! Ah, it was her first time in a year or so, so we were a little nervous, super didn't want to ruin it and make it really awkward for her, but it ended up going really well! We had a lot of fun and the lesson went well. She is so cute, I really hope that she recognized the spirit that was there and will want to continue to come. Danny showed up to Sunday School! The Vietnamese. We have had a really hard time getting ahold of him, so we were worried he wouldn't be there, but in he came! super cool :) He is still planning on always coming, plus we figured out his phone wasn't working. After church we had Swedish tacos at the Rönndahl's house for dinner, and they were delicious. That is something I could never get old of. Swedish tacos. yum. yes I am telling you to put cucumber on your tacos. it is normal. haha :)

Jönköping Ward Council
I pretty much love being a missionary, and this week was great. I feel happy, and that the Lord is happy. I know there are so many ways that I can improve, and I know the atonement can help me change. I know that the happiest way to live is to live the commandments. It makes life easier, because more good consequences come. Life is full of choices which lead to consequences... why not choose the GOOD ones. it makes it all the better :)

Well I love you guys sooo much. Thank you for your love and support! Have a great week, and remember... on Wednesday, it is all downhill from here :)


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