Monday, April 13, 2015

Apr 13 2015

Monday Apr 6 2015 - We went to an American family to have dinner and family home evening with them. It was great fun :) it seemed like we had a little American Easter vacation Saturday Sunday and Monday since we spent so much time with the American families watching conference and all. Haha but for the FHE we did a fun little object lesson with a boiled egg. They have 3 girls and a boy all teenagers, plus one boy on a mission. So it was a lot of fun. They actually just moved here about a month and a half ago from Richmond Utah. We will be doing the translating on Sunday's for them- and all the other American families. Haha

Tuesday Apr 7 2015 - We had MLC (mission leaders counsel) which was AMAZING. Seriously it is great being a sister training leader to just have the opportunity to go to those things! :) of course there will be a lot of other great things as well I am sure, but that was one of the first things. We learned a lot from president and sister Beckstrand, and then the assistants, Elder Noso (Finnish) and Elder Sahlin (Swedish). It was a great meeting, held at the mission home.They talked a lot about our study time, and how during those two hours we go into God's classroom to learn, and we need to decide what kind of student we will be. (will we fall asleep? will we take notes? will we ask questions?) It was soo good, and really motivating to everyone to focus their studies, and then how those focused studies will help us explain things in a simple manner. it was great and I loved that the spirit taught right alongside them. (picture: all of us sisters after MLC / some others that we ran into) (picture: Elder Elinkowski and Elder Tanner- the LAYTON TOWN kids! ah so much fun.) 

Wednesday Apr 8 2015 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!! (hopefully school wasn't a killer that day. But hope it was great!) we sadly got bloasted on a few times, but we were able to teach some street lessons which were great! And they are potential investigators! We talked to a bunch of people and organized a list of less actives to swing by.

Thursday Apr 9 2015 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHELSEY!! (I hope it was wonderful :) you are old. ;)) we swung by lots of the less actives, and none of them were home but we left and invitation and a note to an Easter concert that we had Sunday night. But swing bys also means talking to lots of people on the street as we travel in between :) we also got to visit some members that needed some strengthening which was nice to stop walking for a while to be able to actually teach! 

Friday Apr 10 2015 - We had zone training! And the zone leaders taught what we learned at MLC on Tuesday, but in a little different way, so that was fun too. We have a lot of senior couples in our zone as well like all the ones in the archives and everything, so there were lots of people there! After we did more swing bys ( surprise! ) then taught a less active, then went out to dinner with a member (Eda) to TGI Fridays! Which was super fun! I had ribs! That was definitely the first and probably the last time I will have ribs here in Sweden, but dang it was super good. She definitely spoiled us! Oh and actual good story- I got a text from someone during zone training... and guess who it was? Emelie Marias! The less active that I worked with in Jönköping! The one I was suuuppperrr sad to leave. But I asked president if it was okay to have a conversation with her and he said go for it! So I was able to talk to her, and she actually asked some questions about doctrine, regarding the plan of salvation and her family! That night I was able to call her and we talked and I was able to testify of the beauty of the plan of salvation! The perfectness that the plan is. How her family will have another chance to accept the gospel, and that she will be able to see them again even though they aren't members of the church here and now. She was crying, and the spirit was really strong. Whenever I have taught that girl the spirit just grows HUGE inside both of us.. like I have never felt before. It is just so much happiness. I feel so blessed to have seen her come back and embrace the gospel, because it is truly the way to true and everlasting JOY! :) love love love her.

Saturday Apr 11 2015 = miracle day. This was an insane day, just how many people God put into our hands. From teaching a couple really spiritual lessons on the street to getting multiple potential investigators even by simply saying do you want to learn more about God? (To an atheist.. I've got to say no one has ever said to me "jätte gärna" after asking if they want to "learn more about our belief in God because we know it can help everyone.") and an old investigator willing to meet that day when we called him, so we met up and had an incredible lesson with him. He met with missionaries about 2 years ago, learned a lot, but has actually been studying even more online and has grown a lot in his testimony! He had deep questions and wanting to understand more, so we are excited to teach him. But the spirit was so strong with us throughout the whole day- and I think that is because we worked our tails off, and the Lord blessed us abundantly! It was crazy :) His hand is really in this work and I am so grateful for it! :) (ps. we have tons of missionaries here that are in my group, and they called it to my attention that we have hit 10 months. sheesh I could swear they are trunky ;) just kidding. it is just weird it is going faster.)

Sunday Apr 12 2015 - Church was great! It was super fun to meet all the members and everything! We taught a lesson and finished weekly planning, and went to the Easter conference with a less active and an investigator. Oh all of our investigators were out of town this past week because of Easter holiday. So that is why we just did a bunch of swing by's this week. But as we have planned for the coming week... we don't know how we are going to fit everyone in now :) (as long as they follow through as well..) But we are very excited!

I have been studying about Charity, and I decided to read about the stripling warriors, and the attributes of Christ that they had. I noticed is how truly charitable they are. In verse 47 of chapter 56 of Alma it talks about how they "thought more on the liberty of their fathers than on their own lives." Which I think is pretty amazing. True charity is the pure love of Christ, no selfishness, but willing to do anything for another. I am trying to apply that in my life, to really give my talents and abilities to those around me at all times, and to just love them as Christ would! To put them before myself, and it feels so good!

Sister DeMille is stupendous! We work great together, and I love being here in Stockholm it is new, but fun. Sister DeMille and I have set some big goals, and we put a little pressure on each other to fulfill them, so it is super helpful! We also are running every morning, and it feels sooo nice to run again! ah. I love it. I am so exhausted every day, but somehow I can get back up and go again all because I love the Lord!

Well I love you guys sooo much! I hope I don't bore you too much with my emails. But thanks for listening anyways! I love you dearly! Have a great week, and remember to review conference!

LOVE, Cassie

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