Monday, April 20, 2015

Apr 20 2015

Monday Apr 13 2015 - We had a great pday! We went around Gamla Stan, which was BEAUTIFUL!! I bought a couple small souvenirs :) hehe but we mostly just took lots of gorgeous pictures. The kings palace is there, and the tons of gorgeous old old buildings with small cobblestone streets, and we had a lot of fun. Took some pictures with the guards, they were really nice, and then that night we had the FHE lesson. We have four sets of missionaries at the YSA center. The senior couple, the Woods, who just got here as I transferred to Stockholm, then the other sets of elders that are in our ward and us. We taught FHE about sharing the gospel, and it was really good actually. They seemed to really enjoy it, and it motivated people to set some good goals to go out and rescue those less active YSA's that are in the stake.

Tuesday Apr 14 2015 - We had district meeting, so that was super early in the week, and kind of through us off, so it felt like this week was really long actually. But we taught lots of lessons, and it was a good day! We also had our Ben and Jerry's adventure for free cone day! This week we thought about you Matthew!

Okay but his story is amazing (free cone day at his house since there is no longer a Ben and Jerry's in Utah). I love my uncle. He is my claim to fame. But..

The sad this is... we went to this free cone day... and then ...
CLOSED! because there were TOO MANY PEOPLE and the police came and closed it for the day! :(

We were sad.... so instead..

We bought some other ice cream to eat. Love free cone day. Lets just say it was a great way to spend our dinner. We were a little sad, and the store owners were quite disappointed, but we love Ben and Jerry's none the less. and it just makes me more excited for next year when I can come to Mathew's home for a free scoop :)

Wednesday Apr 15 2015 - Happy Tax Day everyone! :P haha how could I forget dad? The 15th of April. But we had a great day, taught Felicia again, which is one our slightly progressing investigators, but had a great time with her and a less active, Honest at institute. I love being with the YSA's I feel like I can help a lot there. I just can easily connect with them (obviously I am just a tiny bit younger than them) so it makes it easier, but it is really neat to have the opportunity to strengthen them as well. That night we had Sister GARDNER ( my baby) and Sister Sandelin, Sister Stougten and Sister Sorenson stay the night with us because Thursday brought..... Sisters conference!! But that night we had a BUNCH of fun catching up, they told me all about my favorite place called Jönköping and all my favorite people that are there! Guess what! Victoria, the one with the 18 month old, she went with Marina ( a member) to the temple on Wednesday and the sisters there got to take her on a tour and talk with her outside as Marina went in the temple. HOW COOL IS THAT?!? That girl will get baptized eventually, and I am soo excited for her.

Thursday Apr 16 2015 - SISTERs CONFERENCE!!! We had a blast with sister Beckstrand, who themed it all after Wizard of OZ! it was soo cute, and we learned great things. I loved being there and learning about charity, knowledge, and courage specifically. But also our journey home, and how we get to help others along that path and find the 'yellow brick road'. They did a great job. I loved it. It was SO much fun to see all the sister together and meet all the newer ones. But most of all to talk with my old companions was AWESOME. Especially Sister Austin and Sister Lindsay <3 LOVE THEM. It was a great time. Plus we took TOONS of pictures, we are just waiting for them to send them out to us.. But I will get them sent to you once we get them. They did a cute photo booth and everything. It was so fun, and really spiritually uplifting. 


After that we went on splits with the Södertälje sisters, Sister Taylor and Sister Kamaouaha. They are super great. I went with Sister Taylor (she's been out 7 weeks now.) to Södertälje, and we had a great time getting to know each other. She was so happy to learn from me, and ask lots of questions, and open to improvement. The days of a greenie, are very humbling, and the time where you learn SO much. It made me think about how I could learn and grow just as much every day, but in the deeper more refined things... but we had a great lesson with a family, and we invited their friend on the lesson, and got him as a new investigator, soon to be with a baptismal date.

Friday Apr 17 2015 - we taught some super great lessons and it was honestly a blast! They were amazing, we got to go to serve a less active mother of four boys, who is married to a nonmember, and we actually got to teach both her and her husband at the end. They both committed to church, (I don't know if they actually went.. but I really think they would have, and if not they will go soon!). But it was just a super cool spirit with them, I feel that the gospel is what they really need in their lives right now, and it will bless and strengthen their family! Then we taught one of their progressing investigators with a baptismal date, Annm, and I was able to super connect with her over one of her concerns, and share an experience in my life, which seemed to really help her. Super cool people they have to work with, and I loved being with Sister Taylor for that time. She is such a cute girl, and a great missionary. Sweden has the best of the sister missionaries ;) hehe. But successful day!

Saturday Apr 18 2015 - we taught some good lessons, and weekly planned, and had a great time. I love being with Sister DeMille, we work our tails off, and we are exhausted afterwards!

Sunday Apr 19 2015 - great day in church, had Felicia and a potential investigator, Anil come, which was cool! I love partaking of the sacrament and that we have that opportunity every week! I am sooo grateful for that! :)

Well I love this church. This gospel really. I love being a missionary. And I am happy that the Lord is willing to use me to do His work. I love you all at home and hope you guys have a marvelous week. Don't worry Sweden is treating me great :)

Love, Sister Bolton

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