Monday, April 6, 2015

Apr 6 2015

Let's just say this week was quite the craziness!! ahh! 

Well, I am kind of happy to say I have lots of emails- so I don't have so much time today. (so thanks to all you guys.)

But a rundown of this week...

Monday Mar 30 2015 - last Pday in Jönköping! So weird. But we had a bunch of fun together. Went on a little hike adventure with Lasse and the Elders and took some gorgeous photos of the area. Gonna miss this place! Then we had some chicken banana curry pizza with Alex and the elders! Good little party. After some just preparations for the week, and some missionary work, we also were requested at family home evening, where Alex, put on a little surprise birthday cake celebration for me. Super super nice of him. His sister made the cake (since she is pro at that.) and we all had a good time. But just before that we played a game with all the YSA's and rikki came! We did it with flour and a coin. So flour all over our faces by the end! haha it was a great time, and I seriously couldn't say thank you enough to all of them! Plus, Alex's dad gave me a chain and pearl necklace. Seriously, the nicest people ever. I felt very spoiled. It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone!

Tuesday Mar 31 2015 - Well I can't even describe this day in full. Pretty much we said good bye to TON's of people. I love them all and I will DEFINITELY have to be coming back to Jönköping to see all of these people again. AH. I miss them already. But we went on a walk with Stephanie Ahlström, taught a street lesson, visited Jennifer Thörn and said goodbye, visited an old lady, Sonja Lindberg (cutest gal ever.), visited Amy, and she.. ah that was a hard goodbye. She treats me like an angel, but she is the real one. We had dinner with Bishop and Sister Wallgren and said goodbye to them- I have loved working so much with them and will definitely miss them. Then we had an activity with Lasse and Nema where they taught us all how to bake! Super fun. Then we taught Emelie one last time, had an INCREDIBLE lesson with her. She said she will be at church next week and the next. It is no question now, she is back and riding. SO AMAZING. of course there will be other things to repent of as well I am sure, but how cool that she has decided to do it and nothing is holding her back now!

Wednesday Apr 1 2015 - GOODBYE JÖNKÖPING!! Hello Stockholm!! Well that was a sad train ride at the beginning. But then the second train that I switched too I got to color and read with a little girl for like 40 minutes. haha she was the cutest. Good contact with her mother :) 
Anyway, got to Stockholm that afternoon, found a whole bunch of other missionaries that were transferring then we headed home. That night, my first day in Stockholm we taught an investigator, and then went with her to institute. After the introduction of institute, we were actually asked to teach! So we decided to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, out of the blue. It was really neat because my Swedish words just came. I felt like I could speak so well, also Sister DeMille and I taught together great, especially being the second time ever, without ever studying together. So that was a great experience between the Lord leading us to be able to teach together, that my Swedish was very clear, and afterwards one of the YSA's came up to me and thanked me because that was exactly what she needed, and we had no idea! It was really neat how the spirit really worked through the both of us to make that a success :)

Sister DeMille is originally from Monticello Utah (like 2 blocks from the temple), and graduated from Davis High School (only senior year there.), She has also graduated from Utah State with a Pre Vet major, and she is 22. We get a long great! so fun :)

Thursday Apr 2 2015 - We did good missionary work and met some people and talked to some weird people :) haha

Friday Apr 3 2015 - Good stuff as well, taught a few lessons and did weekly planning and split up the Stockholm area between us and two other sets of elders so we hit our area books organizing for a while.

Saturday Apr 4 2015 - Happy birthday to me! :) Sister DeMille made me banana bread that morning, then we stuck a candle on it (yes it says 21.. we didn't have one that said 20! haha) and she sang to me. It was fantastic :) Opened my birthday presents- thank you soooo much!! I absolutely looove them! You guys are wonderful! Oh something really cool is that I was able to SIGN with some deaf people on the subway and it was LEGIT. Although they spoke Swedish sign language, I was able to understand parts, and then use the phone to type something they could read and then they taught me how to sign it in SSL. SOOO Cool. haha what a neat opportunity, and it was pretty cool for them too! Hopefully they will read about the church! Then we went to this amazing family's house and ate, watched conference, and ate cake (I blew out some more candles- so that was fun.) Ah people are amazing here too.

"DELICIOUS cookies from Grandpa Parks :) THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU!!!"

Sunday Apr 5 2015 - We watched lots of conference, ate lots of great food, met some more members, and had a blast! Seriously love General Conference! I really was able to find some answers to my prayers, which I am sooo grateful for. It was amazing to listen to the prophet speak to us. Can't wait until we get to watch the last session as well. But so far, my favorite was the Sunday Morning Session. Oh my AMAZING. 

Well, here is a scripture that I found was neat this week..

Alma 43:20 This is right in the middle of the war chapters, but something I thought was really cool, is that when the Lamanites and the Nephites come to war at this time, that the Nephites are there with a righteous cause, but they are also prepared. They have not only weapons, but armor as well. The Lamanites meet them and they are full of fear for the fact that they realize they have no armor, no protection. And this is because Satan, although he wants you on his team, he doesn't want to help you, and he will not protect you. There is no armor for those on Satan’s team, and that is how it always was and always will be. Satan doesn't love us, and he doesn't care to actually protect us. While our Father in Heaven does. I loved seeing that application, and how true it is here in life!

I love this gospel and I know it is true! Thank you for everything! I love you all!!

Syster Bolton

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