Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11 2015

Talking to you all yesterday was AMAZING. I just love you guy’s soo much! I didn't want to say goodbye, but I am super grateful for technology these days!

Monday May 4 2015 - We taught Tanya and Nikki, and had a great lesson with them! Tanya is getting baptized! The 15th of June! soo exciting :) Tanya is 16 yrs. old, and Nikki is 14 yrs. old. So hopefully Nikki will soon decide she wants that as well. 

Tuesday May 5 2015 - We taught a whole bunch of people, and it was a busy fun day!

District selfie. Sister Hong, S. Allen, S. DeMille, and I. Then Elder Downing, E. Sweat, E. Dickson, E. Smith, E. Kapp, E. Reed, and usually E. Floyd and E. Rassmusson are also there, and Elder and Sis. Wood.
Wednesday May 6 2015 - We met with Felicia which was a lot of fun, and she is progressing. We talked about prophets, and we are just really trying to help her build her testimony, and she is going home with the conference Liahona from last year and reading through it! She was so excited about it as well- so that was super good.

Thursday May 7 2015 - We taught a few people as well. Oh something funny! Well we got on the subway, and we usually sit separately so we can talk to more people, but always pretty close to each other. So I got on the tunnel bana, and I started talking to this guy, and I started teaching him about our beliefs. Because I got into that I kind forgot that we were getting off soon... a few stops later I thought about where we were and then realized I had missed the stop! It was the one before! ah! Well... Sister DeMille was smart and didn't miss the stop! Well it was a good thing we had talked about what we would do if that happens, and so I got on the next tunnel bana that went back and met her there. It was just fine, but really funny. Well I won't be missing my stop any time soon. I am much more aware of that now. haha whoops.

Thursday we also went on exchanges with the Västerhaninge sisters, Sister Poulson and Sister Lund! It was a lot of fun :) I went there with Sister Lund, and they had a sports night, and so we played SOCCER!! It was awesome. It has been a llooonggg time since I have played, but it definitely felt really good. I was happy :) Oh, plus I saw Elder Featherstone from my MTC group which was kind of fun! It was a good time.

Myself, Sister Lund and Elder Featherstone (Soccer Time)

Idi, an investigator in Västerhaninge (on splits.)
Friday May 8 2015 - We taught some awesome investigators of theirs, and it was great. I loved being with Sister Lund, being able to learn from her, and share experiences that I have had. I feel pretty blessed to be a sister training leader and be able to go on exchanges, etc. It is a lot of fun!

Sister Lund and I in front of the Stockholm Sweden Temple
Saturday May 9 2015 - Well transfer calls came out, and Sister DeMille and I were quite nervous about it. She has been here in the area 3 transfers now, so it was pretty likely she would move! BUT she didn't! We get to stay together another transfer! I am so excited! :) We had a good day, but I think the best part was stake conference at the end of the day! There was a member of the seventy there, Elder Boom, from the Netherlands, and he did an awesome job. He focused on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy- Wow it is SO important to do that! And it really opened up my eyes. One promise he made was that if we would keep the Sabbath Day Holy, teach our children how, and we will be a lot more likely to have an eternal family. He made great tips and points of how to do that more. For him he keeps on his Sunday clothes, then he isn't likely to go out and do yard work, or any work. It is a way it keeps his mind on what day it is. etc. It was really awesome, but it really gave me hope for when I raise kids, one of the key things is to help them keep the Sabbath Day Holy.

Sisters Irene and Griffes stayed at our apt. Saturday night for stake conference
Sunday May 10 2015 - Followed with more stake conference, and Sister DeMille and I translated that whole meeting, which was tiring since it is two hours long. But Anil came, Tanya and Nikki were there, and a less active we've been working with came as well! It was really awesome! :) Then we had a wonderful time with the Pence family! They spoil us. But it was great to skype home and see your lovely faces :)

Pence kids in background.  Spoke with family in USA from here.
I am super grateful for the gospel, and I love this wonderful work. I cannot say thank you enough to all of you who support me! But I hope you have a great week :) Remember the Savior loves and knows you personally. 

And Christ hath said: If ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me. -Moroni 7:33

I love you all! Hej då! (Goodbye)
med kärlek (with love), Syster Bolton

Fountain in Stockholm central area

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