Monday, May 18, 2015

May 18 2015

Monday May 11 2015 - Well somehow lots of missionary work got done even through the crazy week that we had! haha But last Monday we went to Hagaparken and that is where we took all the beautiful green photos! It was super nice out and just amazing. They had the weird circus tent looking building there.. don't ask me why. But the princess Victoria lives in that park, and oh my goodness it’s stunning. Really fun to be able to just go and enjoy it. 

That night we had FHE with the Pences! They had set that up a long time ago, so that it would be just before transfers so they could say goodbye to any missionaries that would leave. Elder Downing (our district leader) and his companion, Elder Sweat got doubled out, which was surprising! But we had a great time with the Pences and they made their own title of liberty (the shirt that Cash is wearing that is all written on.) I just love that family. It is really cool to strengthen members, and I especially think it will have a good influence on their kids. I can just imagine being a teenager and having fun missionaries come over often, it has got to be a good influence and strength, so I am super grateful we can do that :)

Tuesday May 12 2015 - We helped the Tolley's clean their apartment, we were going to move in there, but with the surprise of the elders doubling out, we ended up moving into the elders place since it is in town. Really nice. But had a great time with the Tolleys. Pretty sad to say good bye to them. But they are awesome. Then we helped Sister Wood with lunch for all the new missionaries! Had lunch with them, there were only two sisters and two elders! But we got to go out and contact with them. It was great fun. Really neat too, I went with a sister that is actually half Swedish, and she has lived here before, so she is fluent, but contacting and teaching a few street lessons with her was AWESOME. It made me remember the spiritual pump up of contacting. It was a great experience for me, and her. We then ran home and packed a bit, then went and visited Sabine, an active YSA, who has actually been really sick the last 6 months, and it just is getting worse, and they don't know what is wrong :( but it was really good to visit her and strengthen her, especially because she hasn't had the strength to come to church recently.

Wednesday May 13 2015 - Was a fun day of MOVING! woo!! so we met the elders at Stockholm central and they gave us our keys. We went expecting to clean for a while, but we went and it wasn't bad at all! Those elders are awesome and did a great job!! It was crazy! haha but then we went back home and packed and cleaned until Sister Pence came and picked us up. We loaded her car with everything, including all of our food, cleaning supplies, and missionary supplies, and hauled it over to the elder’s old apartment. Boy were we grateful we didn't have to take all the Book of Mormons and everything. haha. But it went well, and let’s just say Sister Pence was an angel, and spoiled us as well! She brought us great American food, like mac and cheese, brownie mix, and ranch dressing!! It was so sweet of her. Plus they later gave us a huge jar of peanut butter. It was our 'house warming gift.' haha But that night we taught Felicia and had a great time with the spirit! ah it was great! Then institute, and I was able to teach Mira, an investigator from Gubbangen, but she just was asking me questions about prophets and was able to really help her. She will be baptized soon :) ah so cool

Thursday May 14 2015 - We got to go to lunch with KINSEY EBORN! say what! Yeah, my mission mom, haha it was so fun to see her. Her and her mother treated us to lunch, and we had a great time catching up. She is a sweet girl. Then we taught Janice, an investigator that is sometimes hard to schedule with but really positive and Chinese! It was a good day of a few other teaches, and some cancellations by people :( But we got to teach some others as well.

Friday May 15 2015 - We had mission leadership counsel at the president’s home and it was AWESOME. I love learning from President and Sister Beckstrand and the assistants Elder Noso and Elder Sahlin. They are just all super awesome and great teachers! I learned a lot. It was soo nice because I really felt like I needed some renewed motivation. So that was really cool! 

Saturday & Sunday May 16 & 17 2015 - Were both great days, got some good missionary work done, had some good spiritual teaches, and all. Church is great and I love the ward. We went to the Pences again after church, and I swear they are going to get sick of us, but really they love it and we love it. haha its our second home for the time being.

One thing that really helps me stay motivated and have the energy to keep going would be reading the scriptures! Ah I love the Book of Mormon and I feel like I learn so much. In the MTC last year I started reading in a new copy of the Book of Mormon, and had a question and a certain way to mark it as I find certain things that apply to that. Well I am still going at it reading that Book of Mormon, as I have read just a tiny bit each day, but I am getting closer to the end, and my testimony has grown so much! I know that book is true and really holds the word of God. Which can help us in whatever we are going through in life. It is amazing! Ah I feel so blessed! :)

I love you guys and I hope you have a great week!! Thanks for all the support and remember to read the scriptures daily!

Love, Sister Bolton

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