Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4 2015

AH! I can't believe you guys found out! Well, yep! I cut off my hair!! wooo!! I took about 10-12 inches off, but it feels super nice. I have been wanting to do it for a while, and had the opportunity so I took it! Sister Hong cut it, because she went to beauty school before her mission. Super nice :) But I was going to keep it a secret, and surprise you on mother’s day, but then we took tons of pictures all the week through, and others took pictures with us, etc. haha But there is some fun news :)

Monday Apr 27 2015 - We had a sister’s party at the Tolley's house. They are going to be going home this transfer which we are really sad about :( They are the best ever. We just love them. They are like the second parents of the mission. haha They just have been able to work with a lot of missionaries and such because they are the apartment couple, so they travel all over Sweden. But we had a good time there. (That is also where sister Hong cut my hair.)

Tuesday Apr 28 2015 - We went on splits with the Örebro sisters, which included me sitting on a train for 4 hours.. but that is okay. I was able to stay in Stockholm with Sister Irene, and it was a bunch of fun. She just got done being trained. (she was in Sister Gardners group.) but we had a really good time getting to know each other, etc. Exchanges are great, and I feel like I can learn something from each sister. It is really cool to see how we all do the same missionary work, but it is all a little bit different because of our talents and strengths of what we focus on. But I hope that I can be well rounded and take from all these girls and become better! It was really cool because I was also able to teach sis. Irene some stuff, and just give her a little boost. She is the sweetest though.

Thursday Apr 30 2015 - We had lunch with Jensyn and Kimberly Pence (daughter 18yrs old, and her mother.) because Jensyn is leaving the US for a month and Sister DeMille might not be here when she gets back. But we love them :) They are kind of our adopted family. haha :) 

We also had an AWESOME teach with this guy named Don. He is catholic, but the spirit was amazingly strong as we taught him the restoration. It was the first time we had met him, missionaries contacted him a long time ago, and then he was really hard to get in touch with. But it was crazy cool, and he is praying about the church, about the Book of Mormon and about baptism. Just really down to earth, and of course African. haha :)

On Thursday was also Valborgafton. so Valborg eve. Which pretty much celebrates the end of winter. So it was non-proselyting time. So we went to the Karlssons for dinner and had a great feast, then we went down to a huge bonfire. They do them in all the neighborhoods pretty much. Everyone brings old wood and branches and such throughout the week to this huge pile, then as the evening of the 30th comes, they march down the little hill with torches, then surround the pile of wood and then throw them in. It was really windy, so maybe a little worrisome, especially because the pile was like 5 meters by 5 meters. So it was huge. haha but we had a great time with the members, and we saw quite a few other members there as well. It was a blast! Yay for the end of winter!!

Friday May 1 2015 - We also go to have dinner with the Tolley's, which was so much fun! We will also be moving into their apartment in a couple of weeks because our apartment bathroom is being renovated for like a month, so it won't be usable. So that will be fun. There's is the basement of a house, so it is pretty nice. It is a little bit out of our area, so that is a bummer, but it will work for the month or so! :)

Saturday May 2 2015 - We got bloasted a lot, and it was kind of a struggle. We were both sooo exhausted from the week, and it was kind of depressing. But we kept working, and then a member that we were going to help with her Swedish and then teach her, got sick, so she also cancelled but then she asked if she could get a priesthood blessing from the elders, so we still met her with the elders, and they gave her a blessing, then as they were doing that I felt prompted to ask for one as well. It was kind of out of the blue. But it was just what I needed. A good blessing of counsel and comfort. I was very grateful for it :) We then taught Anil, the guy from Nepal who came to church two weeks ago. It was really cool, he committed to praying every day for a month because he really wants to know. I feel like he is really ready for this message. 

Sunday May 3 2015 - Anil came to church and he didn't drink the night before because we told him not to! haha He went to a party and everyone else was drinking, but he said his juice was good and it was funny to watch everyone else. hahaha whatever works. But church went well, and then we actually went to the Wimmer's house with Anil for lunch. It was SO good. Brother Wimmer talked with Anil a ton, and just made him feel very comfortable, then we taught a lesson, and Anil is full of faith. It was really great to hear the testimonies of the family, and have them help Anil feel the spirit as well. :) So that is really positive.

Sadly the twins, Laura and Anna couldn't come to church because of too much homework. But we are meeting with them this coming week. We are also meeting with Tanya and Nikki, two sisters that really need to be baptized, they just have been cancelling on us recently, but they are still going to church and everything.

Being a missionary is awesome. You have funny times, and sad times. But there are just great times that are irreplaceable, and I appreciate that the Lord really makes them great. He brings us down sometimes so that he can lift us higher! The plan of salvation is perfect. I know that is true. It brings me comfort and happiness!

Well I love you all and I can't wait to talk to you on mother’s day! It seems a little unreal :) haha but it will be mighty fun I am sure! I hope you have a great week and remember to keep praying :)

Love, Syster Bolton

Package from G & G McLaughlin - Thanks!!!

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