Monday, June 1, 2015

Jun 1 2015

To answer all your questions.. yeah you definitely get all sorts of emotions and obstacles. So sometimes its overwhelming, boring, frustrating, but what is great is that it is really a lot easier to get over those things because you constantly get refilled with energy from the Lord, and He helps a lot as we face those things. I have grown because of them. We cook a lot for ourselves. We usually get fed once or twice a week. But we cook a lot of rice and veggies and chicken. Recently we have been doing chicken salad with ranch ;) haha its the besttt. But we mix it up with other things as well. And it depends on the members and such, but they feed us whatever. haha I've had very American dishes to Swedish to Persian to Chinese to African to Peruvian. It is fun to try so many different kinds of food! I love doing splits each week, it is one of my favorite things because I get to teach other missionaries and learn from other missionaries, and it is just great because our sisters are amazing. People in Stockholm... are BUSY. There is a ton of hustle and bustle. But we definitely find people who will at least stop and talk for 5 minutes. It has been hard finding investigators though. So in some ways it is harder than the other cities because there are so many people to talk to but none of them will listen to you. But you get to at least ask a whole lot more people. So I don't know which I like better. They are all great areas :) haha

Good luck with your MRI! and thanks for all the updates. I love hearing about everyone. This week was good, not to many unusual things, but I would say it was a harder week of recent. But still trooping, and having a good time! 

One of my favorite investigators we have is named Cathy, she is from China (she's the one in the green coat in the pictures.) But she has never learned about God, and it has been amazing to see her build faith in him! We actually were teaching her English, and then we started teaching her the gospel and her English has improved a TON. Evidence of God and His love. It is really neat to hear her pray and she asks tons of questions. She is from China, so she reads the gospel principles manual in both Chinese and English and then we've been discussing it, and she has both basic and deep questions, and she is getting it! Awe. It is really neat. :) I love Asians. haha But she believes in God now and is so kind. 

On Friday we had a fun time with a group of missionaries as we chalked a picture of a globe and contacted around it. It was pretty cool. The banner says "The meaning of life?" then underneath it. I colored in all of Africa. haha but as I was rubbing my hand over the chalk to spread it, a piece of glass slid into my hand. ouch, but it was a lot of fun. haha and it was great because people were coming up to us asking what we were doing, and then we were able to teach a lot of people and find some new potential investigators. Really effective, and all thanks to our artist Sister Sorenson! (She came in my group) But it was a bunch of fun. :)

We went on exchanges this week with the Södertälje sisters, which is a tripan right now, and we had a great time! Sister Kamaouha came to Stockholm with me, and Sister Demille went there with Sister Taylor and Sister Lindsay. Sister Kamaouha is such a sweet heart, so I loved that. I learned from her, and was able to offer suggestions and ideas of how to maybe help certain parts of the tri-panionship. But we had a great time together. :) 

Life is good, God is better. Loving it! :)

I love you soo very much and thank you for your support. I hope you have a good week.

Love, Cassie 

Cassie and Syster Demille heart attacked the Pence family door and mailbox to welcome them back to Sweden from Utah. 

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