Monday, June 15, 2015

Jun 15 2015

Well, pretty much, it's been a good week and we are going to have a great week! I don't really know what to write about... we are super happy to be together, Sis. DeMille and I are a great team. We've had a lot of good times .. and low times, but we have worked really hard together! But this next week is probably our last full week together. Because Sis. DeMille has been here in Stockholm for 6 months. So we'll have a good time together.

Monday Jun 8 2015 - Last Monday for Pday we went to a butterfly house/aquarium with the Pences, and had an awesome time! Ah it was soo fun! It was Sis. Pence, Jensyn, and Jen's aunt Bobbi. So we took lots of pictures, and had a great time! :) Love them. They are seriously the sweetest, and spoil us a lot. 

We did a TON of swing by's to less actives. It is crazy! My legs were quite tired. It was good stuff. We had a little miracle while we went by one. We had actually the wrong house number the first day we went, and so we obviously didn't find it, but when we checked on the computer, it was just a different house number, so we went back the next day, and luckily, she was home for the one hour that she would be home that day! what? okay God leads us. She wasn't actually interested, but we were talking to her at her door, and it wasn't a loss of testimony, it was because of members that she felt uncomfortable coming (which made me really sad.) but just not the best situation years ago, and now she doesn't want to come while that person is still there. But we got to come in for 15 minutes and talk about the scriptures, and really strengthen her. Although she isn't coming back to church yet, I still felt like it was just what she needed. We committed her to reading the Book of Mormon everyday to receive more strength from God. It was a pretty cool experience. Just that 15 minutes getting to know her.. but I left will a heart full of love and compassion for that sister. Christ's love really is pure and perfect to everyone of us.

We had a good lesson with Cathy, and I really enjoyed that. Of course. I seriously just love her. She is the best. The spirit is there. We taught her about the Sabbath day and obedience and reviewed some things. She is really growing in faith. I love teaching her. Its kind of fun, because we have to speak simple English, and clearly, and I used to have to speak slowly, but now she understands me even when I speak fast. She is really improving. 

Thursday Jun 11 2015 - Was the one and only... YEAR MARK!!! wooo!! I was super excited! It feels good :) ha-ha and we were spoiled with dinner from the Pence family! They had balloons, and everything. They also gave us a little thing of delicious smelling lotion and chap stick! We were very excited :) Ahh. I will miss them whenever I have to leave this place. Hopefully it isn't any time soon!! But we had a BBQ outside, which was something I haven't had in FOREVER. So that was super awesome. They make great food and best of all great company. :) They are a funny bunch. Oh, we are always laughing. They remind me of you crazy family ;) love it.

Friday Jun 12 2015 - We went on exchanges with the Västerhaninge sisters, and I was with sister Irene again! She was in Örebro last transfer when I went with her, but I got to be with her again and it was a blast!! I just love that girl. We get along really well. I felt like we had some good training, and good pump up to go out and do better missionary work! :) That night we got bloasted quite a few times.. but it was okay because we got led to this YSA age Swedish guy that we ended up talking to on the street for TWO HOURS. Literally. We taught him the whole restoration and plan of salvation with TONS of details. He asked sooo many questions, and huge questions. He is super prepared. He said he was going to go home and read the Book of Mormon. It was really cool. Tender mercy from the Lord. :)

Saturday Jun 13 2015 - Was AWESOME! It was Fumi's baptism!! This little 14 year old African girl that the elders have been teaching. She is the cutest. It was a beautiful service, and it made me super happy. I just felt so grateful for the peace and happiness that the gospel brings. Too many of us act like it is a BURDEN. BUT ITS NOT. It is our wings. It is how we let go of the burdens that are on us. Thanks to our Savior Jesus Christ. :)

Sunday Jun 14 2015 - Cathy came to church and it was awesome. She is keeping the Sabbath day holy, and we reviewed that we don't shop on Sundays and she was like oh okay, I shouldn't do that starting now, huh? Yes! ha-ha it was great :) We also had dinner with the Pences which was super great. They are like our second family here. They just take care of us, because there isn't really anyone else that we've gone too. It is really sweet of them. We always have a good time with them. :) Then we hit it off with some weekly planning! it was awesome :)

I love the Lord and his work! good luck to all my friends on missions who are going home! Have fun and be safe :)

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