Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jun 22 2015

Thank you for the package! I look forward to it :) You guys are soo sweet! now you don't need to send me anymore! :) hahah

I love all the details of the week that you gave me, sorry I don't have time to reply to each thing, but sounds like a good crazy week! I will keep those people in my prayers. Thank you for telling me. 

Okay- so the big news!! I am TRANSFERRING! and so is Sister DeMille! So we are doubling out of Stockholm!! What!! Ah I was so sad, yet I am also very excited for what is ahead! I will be opening a new sister training leader area, in Södertälje with Sister Kamaouha! She has been there 3 transfers already, but I will be teaching her how to be an STL and such. It will be super fun! We will be over  the same sisters we have been while I've been here in Stockholm, we will just be closer to them, which means less time for our travel, and we will see them more often! YAY! :) I am very excited!

Yet, I am pretty sad to be leaving Stockholm so soon. I just love these people, and it feels weird to leave already. This week was a whole lot of fun though, so  pretty good way to end Stockholm. 

Monday Jun 15 2015 - We went down to Handen with a whole bunch of other missionaries. We had a BBQ at the park, played ultimate, played volleyball, and just had a good time. After volleyball all the sisters ran over to the dock to put our feet in the water and wash them off from the sand, and it was really funny because a lot of them ran down toward the end, and Sister Gardner sat down and had her feet in, and then when others came it started to sink! haha so her whole butt got all wet. poor girl. But it was funny :)

We met with Cathy a few times this week, and we taught her the law of chastity and GOOD NEWS!!! SHE and LI are MARRIED!! not just boyfriend girlfriend! hahahah but we thought that would be a challenge because Cathy says that Li is her boyfriend! So after figuring that out, we asked why she calls him that, and its because they haven't had the wedding party yet, so a lot of their friends don't know the other one, so they just kind of call each other that. haha so funny. but we were really excited to know they were married! haha :) The Lord truly does prepare people, and Cathy is dang prepared! She reads and prays everyday, and she wants her faith to come, and I am grateful for the knowledge that it WORKS. If we truly desire to have a testimony, and we show God that by our actions, I know he will give it to us. He wants to help us all know. And I know that Cathy will come to that same knowledge as well. :) It has been such a blessing teaching her!! 

Friday Jun 19 2015 and half of Saturday Jun 20 2015 - Were non-proselyting days for us because its the biggest holiday of the year here in Sweden!! It was Midsommar!! (mid-summer!) So all day Friday there were festivities that we enjoyed, but sadly it poured rain the whole day!! Yet we had a lot of fun! We spent it with a whole lot of missionaries, and the Pence family. It was a great time :) haha we danced around the may pole that is decorated with the tree branches and flowers! And the saddest thing happened! haha while they were lifting the may pole.. It BROKE in half!! I asked a swede, and they said they had never seen that happen before! haha so we chopped off the bottom half where it broke and then put the rest in. So it was just a very short may pole! haha :)

After that we went to the Pences and warmed up and had some dinner with them (aren't they the greatest? let me answer that question... YES!!) Then we went to the Gubbängen chapel and played games with a bunch of missionaries. They did an 'Olympics' kind of thing. They did a great job at putting it together. It made for an awesome midsommar. :)

Saturday Jun 20 2015 - Spent some time with the Täby sisters and went and played soccer with our ward! It was sooo much fun. I loved it :) I love soccer, although I am not very good at it any more at all! yikes. haha But we had a good time. Sister DeMille and i were traveling home from that and I got really sick.. :/ But after some help home from some strangers ( because it was really really bad I couldn't walk..) We got home and the elders and the Pences came and gave me a blessing. 2 hours of really bad pain, and then I was healed with a priesthood blessing. It was literally a miracle. The power of prayer and the priesthood is true. When we have faith we can be healed, because I was healed. I am so grateful for the Lord and His love for me!! Saturday we spent some more time with the Pences, then we went to Mira's baptism!! Ah it was wonderful (she has the purple flowers in her hands in the picture.) I felt so happy to be there. I am really grateful I had the opportunity to teach her along the way as she realized she did want to be baptized. It was a great experience. I am so happy for her :) She is in the Gubbängen ward, which is just a tiny bit south of us, but I would always see her at the institute center, and that is when I got the chance to teach her here and there as well as her being taught by the Gubbängen sisters. :)

Sunday Jun 21 2015 - was hard to say bye to people! Ah. How can I already be leaving? But it was okay. It was a great last Sunday! We taught Sunday school and Relief society. But more like I taught Sunday school, and Sister DeMille taught Relief Society and I translated for relief society. haha crazy day. But it was great.

We then had a great dinner with the Pences ( I don't know how they aren't sick of us yet! haha) But its so sad to say bye. But good thing we are spending our Pday today with them!! :) haha

Then we had interviews with president which was fun! We made cupcakes with Sister Beckstrand while the other was interviewed, and switched. haha Good stuff. Love those people. We are taken care of well here. I am excited for changes, but sad to leave. It will be really good though, I feel that this is what is supposed to happen. I know a lot of prayer went into this change, and that the Lord directs his work!

Well, I hope you have a great week, and remember to study the scriptures, they will be of most worth unto you. I love you!!

Love, Cassie 

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