Monday, July 20, 2015

Jul 20 2015

Okay.. I have no pictures this week... we forgot the phone cord at home.. and there is no way to download them. :( But I'll tell you a little bit about our week. And next week you will get a lot of awesome photos! hahaha and they are some good ones.

But Sister Kamauoha has been healed! From the Priesthood power!! Seriously AMAZING. She has had bad allergies her whole life, and Sweden has just made them worse. It was really sad to watch her suffer so much. But she asked for a Priesthood blessing because it was actually slowing the work down a bit because she felt like she couldn't think straight, and her sinuses were no fun. But she asked for a blessing, and they promised her that she would be feeling better soon, and the next day it was better, and the next day it was practically gone. We've been outside a bunch, and she would have had some pretty bad reactions while we were doing service, etc, but she didn't because God healed her! Seriously amazing to see the miracles God performs in our lives!!

We taught a lot of people this week, but sadly not too many that are progressing. We gave out a lot of Book of Mormons, and love having it as our focus. It really invites the spirit so much stronger into every lesson and contact. 

Thursday Jul 16 2015 - We went on exchanges this week with the sisters in Norrköping and we had a great time! I was with Sister Johanson in Södertälje! We were able to do lots of hard work, and able to talk about a few things of how we can become better missionaries. I love being able to cheer them on and watch these sisters grow. I seriously just love them sooo soo much. 

Friday Jul 17 2015 - We had a specialized zone training which means it was just our zone, and then President and Sister Beckstrand, and the assistants did most of the teaching and directing. But Sister Kam and I were also able to take a small role in that, as well as before the training started, all the District leaders, our zone leaders, and us had a leadership training meeting with the assistants and Beckstrands, and the spirit was really strong and taught each of us specific things we can do! It was so fun :)

Saturday Jul 18 2015 - We did service for a family who lives a bit away, but we went with the elders and Mathias and I was able to drive! ah it was so fun :) I miss driving. But we had a great time there! haha we did some crazy service activities. Including cutting down some trees and doing the timber thing, etc. haha craziness. Next week you will get some good pictures! :) It was great fun! Then we did some yard work, and started cutting the tree up to haul it out. Then we carried their boat down to the water. haha Some service that they really needed more hands for, and that we were more than happy to give! :) We also sat down by the lake after carrying the boat down and read from the scriptures together. It was so cool to be in the nature talking about God and His love for us. The Wesemeyer family is awesome!

I feel like I learned a lot this week. Honestly I do every week, but it is so hard to explain. I am just trying to at least stay caught up in my journal daily of everything I learned because everyday the spirit touches me in some way. Friday night as I was contemplating the conference and our exchanges, my heart was just filled with LOVE! It was absolutely indescribable, but I am so touched by it. I will never understand how much God loves each of us truly, but I feel like I am grasping a tiny idea of it as I feel this. It truly is Christ's love that is entering my heart for each and everyone of my brothers and sisters here on earth. I see how important it is that I am serving every single person around me all the time. If it be someone who is clearly not interested, or another missionary. Those are the people we don't focus on as much. Or that I guess I don't always focus on, but I realize how important it is to focus on them. I feel like as I have been a sister training leader, and had the opportunity to pray and study and just seek inspiration for these sisters, my heart has just grown so much to love them a lot more perfectly than I used to. And on Friday I just felt like that is how it needs to be with everyone. But it feels good. :) I love being a missionary, and I love being a sister training leader, even if I am not the most fit for the job, or anything like that, I know I am learning and loving so so much. :)

I honestly am so happy, and am grateful I am not even close to coming home, because I got a whole lot more time to go on this thing. It feels good and it makes me so happy! :) I would choose no other place to be right now in the world than Sweden as a full time missionary representing my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!! :)

I have to give you a big thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your love and support.

Love, Sister Bolton

Monday, July 13, 2015

Jul 13 2015

It was a great week! I am doing well! haha okay, let’s be honest, this week was a struggle just a bit for Sister Kamauoha and I, because we were both pretty sick. With colds, and she has allergies, etc. etc. But we lived through it and we still did some great work!! :)

Thursday Jul 9 2015 - We went on exchanges with the Hägersten sisters, and I was with Sister Crawford, which was a bunch of fun. We taught a lot of people, and I was able to help her a bit. It was a great exchange :) I love being able to go on exchanges and help the sisters in so many ways. Good stuff.

We have two progressing investigators, Essam, he is from Syria, and he is reading in the Book of Mormon, and he is loving it! Then Tor Leif and he is from Sweden, old, wants to stop smoking, and has a faith in Christ already, but searching for more. He is a funny old man.

Friday Jul 10 2015 - We had delicious food from some great members the Nylunds, with great dessert :) haha plus best of all, great company, and the spirit as well.

Saturday Jul 11 2015 - The best part of the week, was Saturday! WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! I seriously loved it!! It was soo what I needed. But it was also so neat, because we went with Mathias who was baptized like a month ago, and he took some family names, etc. So he was stoked to be there, and we were stoked to be there, and the spirit was strong and peaceful, and to make it all even better, tons of people from Jönköping ward were there! It was their temple week. It was seriously amazing :) I know the temple is the house of God, and it is where we can come closest to his presence while we are here on earth. :) GO OFTEN! and if you aren't worthy, GET worthy! It seriously will make such a big difference in your life :)

I love you all, and I hope you have a good week! Thanks for everything!

Love, Cassie

Monday, July 6, 2015

Jul 6 2015

Hey Family!

Well, I'll be honest, this week was kind of long, but it was SO GOOD. Seriously, an amazing week!! I learned sooo much and we were able to teach sooo many people. I have never gotten so many lessons in one week as we did this past week. Sister Kamauoha is such an incredible missionary, and she is lifting me up. The spirit has been so strong and we've been very motivated.

Tuesday Jun 30 2015 - Well Tuesday we were so lucky to have Mission Leadership Council, which was held at the mission home, and directed by President and Sister Beckstrand, along with the three assistants, Elder Noso, Elder Sahlin, and Elder Rasmusson. We studied the Book of Mormon and how we can use it more effectively in the mission. The spirit was very strong, and directed us to learn a lot. We have been taking the Book of Mormon too lightly. It is the most powerful resource we have for missionary work. And for our day to day lives for guidance and direction. It is the word of God and it truly helps guide us through the storm if we will take the time to study its words. 

Concerning this record the Prophet Joseph Smith said: “I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book.” (Introduction to the Book of Mormon) 

We really need to take that into our lives. Use the Book of Mormon to come closer to God! Therefore, if we as members find peace and direction by this book, we want to help investigators experience this change as well! We need them to read the Book of Mormon!

Sister Training Leaders for the mission
Sister Kamauoha and I set some goals of how we can really refocus this work onto using the Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ. I know that as each of us become better at feasting upon the words of Christ, we will truly understand how we can be disciples of Christ our who life through. President Beckstrand actually extended a challenge to each of us as missionaries. He invited us each to study 2 Nephi 9 and/or Enos every day for 30 days so that we would truly learn how to feast upon the words of Christ. It came with the promise that our lives would change. So I want to extend that challenge to each of you if you would like to take it. You can alternate which chapter you read each day, but yes that means at least re reading it 15 times within the next 30 days. But I have already seen the difference in my studies, I am learning something new almost every day from studying it. You should do it with me!! :)

We taught sooo many people this week, it is soo fun! They are progressing, and we gave out a bunch of Book of Mormons! Just think, that many more people with the fullness of the gospel in their hands and in their homes if they decide to open it! I love the gospel and am so grateful that we have a way to be happy through any struggle that we face in life. The gospel will provide the peace and comfort that we need, as well as direction so we can keep going!

Friday Jul 3 2015 - We had Zone Training on Friday, and it was actually really cool, because Sister Kamauoha and I got the opportunity to teach with the Zone Leaders. The spirit was very strong. :) 

Saturday Jul 4 2015 - We had a little 4th of July party/Mathias' birthday party at the church which was great fun. 

Sunday Jul 5 2015 - Fast and Testimony meeting is always great, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to share my testimony! I love this gospel and I know it is true. If you are having a hard time, dig yourself into the Book of Mormon seeking answers and you will find them.

"Peace is not the absence of troubles, but the presence of Christ"

Come to know Christ through the Book of Mormon and Bible.

I am so grateful for all the love and support that I receive from each of you at home. I wish I could be alongside you to help you carry the load of life, but I find peace knowing that Christ is there, you just have to open your eyes. I love each of you and pray for each of you.

Love, Cassie

PS: "Life moves all too fast. When you feel weak, discouraged, depressed, or afraid, open the Book of Mormon and read. Do not let too much time pass before reading a verse, a thought, or a chapter." - President Boyd K. Packer

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jun 29 2015

Well to explain this week shortly... I am TIRED! But Happy!! :)

Monday Jun 22 2015 - It was an amazing week, full of sad goodbyes, but some good new hellos. I am happy and exhausted. We had a GREAT time with the Pences last Monday for P-day when we went to the skansen, its like a zoo/this is the place monument/ thing. I don't even know, but it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of things to see and some fun games to play. They are the greatest for taking us there. I had soo much fun :) But it made me kind of sad to know I would have to say bye. They are like my younger siblings that I never had. So that is fun :) (except we don't annoy each other like normal siblings since we don't live together. haha)

Monday night we said goodbye to the Strauss family as well who we just love. Okay, we love them all. haha I have been spoiled to be in such a great ward. But then we ended up saying like bye bye for reals that night to the Pences for like 5 minutes, and it was really sad. :(

Tuesday Jun 23 2015 - We said bye to Cathy, and to the Woods (the YSA center missionary couple), and to the Brittons (the couple who work in the archives that are in our ward). It was nice to be able to meet with each of them and spend some time with them, but so sad to say bye.

Wednesday morning Jun 24 2015 - We transferred, and I headed to Södertälje! I was a little nervous, but excited. I know that it is where I am supposed to go, and that the Lord has a work for me to do here. Sister Kamauoha is my new companion, and she is great! She is from Hawaii, she is the nicest person you will ever meet, and she just has a heart full of love. As we have worked this week we have both learned some great things from each other, and we love being together! At least I love being with her. haha But we visited a less active, Raphaela, who I actually have met before on exchanges when I have been here. It was two transfers ago, and I was with Sister Taylor. But it is really cool to see how much progress she is making. :) We taught some other great people, and contacted some awesome people.

Thursday Jun 25 2015 - We had district meeting, and we met with an investigator, that I had actually contacted, and started teaching in Stockholm until we found out he lives in their area! So that was really cool. His name is Kelvin.

Pretty much we have had an awesome time together, taught an insane amount of lessons to people, and had a great great time. One thing that we do really well together is contacting and contacting people with the spirit. It has been amazing. We have found some awesome people already! I will have to tell you about Andreas next week. We are meeting with him tonight, so best of luck with that. Ah, it is so cool to see people be touched by the truthfulness of the gospel!!! :) I love you guys!! have a great week :)

Love, Sister Bolton

PS. I will try and send a picture of me and my companion... we just forgot the phone cord.. so we will see if we have time later today to send you one. Did not make it.  Will add one next week.