Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jun 29 2015

Well to explain this week shortly... I am TIRED! But Happy!! :)

Monday Jun 22 2015 - It was an amazing week, full of sad goodbyes, but some good new hellos. I am happy and exhausted. We had a GREAT time with the Pences last Monday for P-day when we went to the skansen, its like a zoo/this is the place monument/ thing. I don't even know, but it was a lot of fun. There were a lot of things to see and some fun games to play. They are the greatest for taking us there. I had soo much fun :) But it made me kind of sad to know I would have to say bye. They are like my younger siblings that I never had. So that is fun :) (except we don't annoy each other like normal siblings since we don't live together. haha)

Monday night we said goodbye to the Strauss family as well who we just love. Okay, we love them all. haha I have been spoiled to be in such a great ward. But then we ended up saying like bye bye for reals that night to the Pences for like 5 minutes, and it was really sad. :(

Tuesday Jun 23 2015 - We said bye to Cathy, and to the Woods (the YSA center missionary couple), and to the Brittons (the couple who work in the archives that are in our ward). It was nice to be able to meet with each of them and spend some time with them, but so sad to say bye.

Wednesday morning Jun 24 2015 - We transferred, and I headed to Södertälje! I was a little nervous, but excited. I know that it is where I am supposed to go, and that the Lord has a work for me to do here. Sister Kamauoha is my new companion, and she is great! She is from Hawaii, she is the nicest person you will ever meet, and she just has a heart full of love. As we have worked this week we have both learned some great things from each other, and we love being together! At least I love being with her. haha But we visited a less active, Raphaela, who I actually have met before on exchanges when I have been here. It was two transfers ago, and I was with Sister Taylor. But it is really cool to see how much progress she is making. :) We taught some other great people, and contacted some awesome people.

Thursday Jun 25 2015 - We had district meeting, and we met with an investigator, that I had actually contacted, and started teaching in Stockholm until we found out he lives in their area! So that was really cool. His name is Kelvin.

Pretty much we have had an awesome time together, taught an insane amount of lessons to people, and had a great great time. One thing that we do really well together is contacting and contacting people with the spirit. It has been amazing. We have found some awesome people already! I will have to tell you about Andreas next week. We are meeting with him tonight, so best of luck with that. Ah, it is so cool to see people be touched by the truthfulness of the gospel!!! :) I love you guys!! have a great week :)

Love, Sister Bolton

PS. I will try and send a picture of me and my companion... we just forgot the phone cord.. so we will see if we have time later today to send you one. Did not make it.  Will add one next week.

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