Monday, August 10, 2015

Aug 10 2015

Okay, so this week was super great! We did a ton of work, and I really enjoyed it, although I am seriously exhausted. But it feels good, I just feel like usually we are able to get back up with energy, but like every morning I wake up still so tired! haha I hope it is a sign we are doing something right.

But this week was fun. Had a last P-day and full day of work with Sister Kamauoha and that felt really good. It was weird though, and I felt a little nervous for the transfer, just because I feel like I learned soo much from Sister Kamauoha last transfer, what if I wasn't able to hold on to it. But.. then I got Sister Allred and she is just super great! I had no need to worry!! I love being her companion, and we are having a great time as well. So Sister Allred has been out one less transfer than me, so a year now, she is a stellar missionary! We work really well together, pretty easy to just dive into the work and figure things out together, so that is really nice! She went to BYU before the mission, and she will go back there, so that will be fun to see her. 

Thanks for sharing from Kyle's talk, that is really cool. That makes me crack up, he would take a ton of time in sacrament meeting! haha But it sounds like he did really good, and I am glad he learned a lot. I would imagine that Ukraine would be even harder than Sweden, because at least swedes love Americans, even if they hate/dislike religion. (not all of them do.. just many many who are atheist or agnostic.) And I will say, I have been blessed to be in Södertälje. There are tons of people here from all over, especially from Syria, but what is so funny is that all of our investigators are male Swedish people. Which I would guess that is just because they are surrounded by people who do believe from other countries. So it has been a huge blessing to be here at this time, because we are finding truly prepared people!!

 We taught a ton of lessons again this week, which feels really good, but it has just been insanely hard to get new investigators. They are willing to listen and talk on the street, but they aren't really interested at meeting again. So this past week we set a high goal for new investigators, and daily prayed in faith to find new ones. Well, the Lord didn't answer our prayers in the way we expected. Instead of giving us 5 new investigators which would have been super great, he did give us one. But I will say, one who is very prepared. It wasn't until Sunday when we finally got that new investigator, and his name is Kelly. He is from Nigeria, and he truly is very ready and willing. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I am grateful that he always answers.

Sister Allred and I
The work with Lasse who was just baptized is going well, he will be receiving the Priesthood soon. Rolf, is slowly progressing, but coming to church just about weekly, reading, and loving all the new things he is learning, and praying daily now. It is really good, I am excited to see him baptized in the future. (we don't have a date yet.) and Tor Leif is still on his vacation, but we have daily contact over the phone. He has a little opposition from his family members who he is on vacation with right now, but it seems like when he gets back he is ready to his thing, and do that which he wants, which is be baptized! So he is still on track for the 5th of September. Kelly also has a baptismal date for the 11th of September. So lets just say the Lord is blessing us BIG time, and I feel so just amazed at how great He is. I am grateful for the daily revelation I can receive, and the daily addition I get to my testimony. Life is good, and even when it isn't, we can trust in God that things will work out. That is one thing I know.. things always will work out.

Their apartment complex
Well, that's my week folks. Okay, just kidding, here is a funny story... We were talking to the elders about Mathias (the new member of two months, who is 21) and about having them teaching him, and we just thought it would be good for him to see them since we think it would be really cool for Mathias to go on a mission! And they hold the priesthood, so they could teach him more deeply about that, etc. But it was really funny, because Elder Burgin goes.. "Well, yeah we are used to using the Priesthood, but you guys are used to it being used on you." hahaha we died laughing, and at that moment, I was sitting on the edge of my chair, and leaning kind of weird, but let’s just say I.. slipped. haha I definitely fell of my chair laughing. It was good stuff. Then it all become just funnier and funnier.

Sorry I never share funny stories, but I will say, missions are hilarious, and I write them down in my journal, or try to, but when it comes to the email, they slip my mind. haha Life is good, and I hope you guys feel the same way even though it is a bit chaotic. 

I love you guys, and I know the gospel is true. Just decide to live it and you will find happiness- that is a promise!

Love, Cassie

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