Monday, August 17, 2015

Aug 17 2015

Life is great! It feels good to be going, and I am exhausted but so good! :) I love love being with Sister Allred. We have had countless amazing experiences this week, and i just wish I could explain them all. But for now..

This week has been a lot of work. We have been running around talking to everyone, preaching the gospel to all sorts of people, helping our investigators get ready for baptism, speaking Swedish, and just having a lot of fun. At the end of every night, Sister Allred and I just crawl into bed because we are so tired and we have to have energy to keep going the next day. :) 

Tuesday Aug 11 2015 - We had Mission Leadership Council, which is always the best. We learn so much from the assistants and the Beckstrands. I felt really uplifted by that! We learned a lot about preparing ourselves to find the prepared people that God puts in our paths! And then also about leadership, and being Christs hands as we lead the other missionaries in love. It was super great, and the spirit taught us specific things that are needed in our areas for our sisters. I love that. God is great. Sister Allred and I have really been applying that to our work and it has just worked like magic... but really it works because the Lord has really been our #1 support. We came to the conclusion that for the rest of our missions we are going to be diligent in being selfless.

Systers Bolton, Powell, Allred and Kamaouha

We got to teach Rolf twice this week, and let me tell you- he is the cutest old man I ever met. So he is 77 years old, and we've met with him about once a week, and he has come to church 6 times. He is totally progressing though! We taught him with this old couple in our ward, and had lunch with them, then he had a lot of questions out of the Book of Mormon with him, so we just focused on that, and read with him. Then Saturday we met with him, and taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and invited him to be baptized! he stopped us and said, 'I don't think I can be a Mormon....' we paused for a moment and then he continued... ,'Until I know everything I need to.' He thought about it, and said, after I know more. Sister Allred and I smiled and promised him we would help him along the way! We are so excited for him. We set the date as the 17th of October! He got really excited and took out his planner and wrote on the 17th... 'Baptism Mormon' :)

We have also had some other miracles this week from all over the place. In church a man whom we contacted and taught on the street came and afterwards he texted us saying, 'do you know why I came today? I wanted to go to a place I could pray and now I am so happy.'

We also contacted this woman who said that she had read religious works her whole life and finally decided to try being religious for a year. She joined a vegan church and was religious for a whole year. We asked her how it went and she told us it was really hard... but she did it. Then we asked her if she would like to try our religion and she smiled and answered, 'with pleasure.' THE LORD PREPARES PEOPLE! Olga is her name and she downloaded the Book of Mormon in Russian so she can read it on her vacation. :) Seriously amazing. I am so excited to teach her.

Our last one was with this less active man named Johan. Johan has very low self-esteem and really feels unworthy to come to church. He has been working really hard throughout the years and trying hard to come back, but then he falls and can't pick himself up. We like to bring him on lessons because he has such a profound view of the gospel. Anyway one of our investigators cancelled and so we just took the time to teach Johan. We read with him out of Alma 33 and focused on the atonement. The spirit was really strong there while we witnessed about God's love for him. He smiled and said, 'I have never thought about the atonement that way.' He had never realized that the Lord wouldn't help us out just a little bit and then exclude us from salvation. 

I seriously, can't express the joys and exhaustion I have felt this past week. But I know I couldn't do it without the Lord. He is great, and the way I have found the most joy is as I am being diligent at being unselfish. It is my new motto. I have such a strong testimony that God is GREAT. I am so grateful he is using me as his tool and hands to touch other people, because in reality, he is changing me and sculpting me. I have seen miracle after miracle on my mission, and I just wish I could express that to everyone in the world. But for now, it goes to you. I hope you all have a good week! :) 

I love you!! :)
Love, Sister Bolton

They really drive sometimes haha 
And cook too.

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