Monday, August 24, 2015

Aug 24 2015

Well, this week has been good, but it was long. It was one to endure, because every day I woke up more tired than I was when I laid down to sleep. But we ran a mile and a half almost every day, and we worked all day long everyday. Trying to be diligent as we can!

Yet during this week, I did get to re-learn the "don't run faster than you have strength. but be diligent" because I have been kind of doing that first part. But I'm trying to keep a balance, so to keep being diligent yet still being able to renew my strength!

Monday Aug 17 2015 - We went berry picking with Rolf, and it was super enjoyable :) It is fun to be able to pick the berries from the forest and pop them in your mouth. plus they are delicious. :) And I will say, being in the forest, and picking berries, it just helps you see how incredible of a Creator God is. Each little berry, bush, or flower. In its own unique form, but each serving its purpose. I love God and am grateful for his many creations. :)

Tuesday Aug 18 2015 - We had District meeting in Katrineholm, which was really good. Then had exchanges with the Norrköping sisters. I was with Sister Sandelin here in Södertälje. But it was super fun. She came in to Sweden with my group, but she is actually Swedish, so she went to the MTC in England. She is super funny, and a great missionary. It was fun to encourage her, and help her work harder. :) We have started reading the Book of Mormon with Lasse from the beginning. Or, going over the story with him, and then sending him home to read it. It is fun, and we meet him twice a week.

Systers Bolton, Sandelin, Johansen and Allred

Rolf, well we had another lesson with him at Håkan and Gertie's house, an old couple who does the most missionary work ever - they are amazing! - and it was good, a lot of review, and Rolf said he would keep thinking about it all, and trying to live it. He is super good at reading and coming with questions. But the Saturday morning we called him to see how things were going and see if he would be coming to church, and he actually ended up telling us that he feels like it isn't for him. :o :( well we asked if he prayed about it, and he said no.. he doesn't feel very confident in his praying when it comes to asking things. But he said we can talk next week, and he will continue to think about it and he might try to pray about it. At least he is still willing to act. He said he would keep reading as well. Oh, I was so sad to hear this, but I still have faith in him. He has felt the spirit, it just may be some pressure from his son, and uncertainty. But we will still have contact with him! 

I feel like we have some of the most prepared people ever... and then they drop off. Tor Leif isn't positive at all anymore, so we don't have contact with him. Kelly is super African and blåsts us a ton now. And then Rolf... BUT it is okay. We will find the prepared, and because Rolf is still willing to act, I believe he will come around! :)

The Lord blesses us, even though sometimes it is at the last minute. But it always comes before its too much for us to handle. I was really exhausted, plus there was a festival in centrum, so it ruined our usual finding efforts there. Which that is where we usually spend our weekends.. so that was hard, but the Lord inspired us to go to this new area Sunday evening, and we found a lot of people to teach in just the little time we were there! So I am excited to start teaching them, and see how it goes.

Our hotdog with mashed potatoes on top. Yay for a festival!
This week we studied a talk every day as a zone. It was 

The Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R. McConkie. He gave this talk two weeks before he passed away. It is super strong. I want to invite you to read, study, listen to it, etc. Because it is truly amazing. Something he says in it that hit me is when he says 'the atonement is the most basic and central doctrine, yet it is the least understood of all revealed truths.’.. Which means that we need to study and understand the atonement! Each and every one of us. Don't ever think you have done enough, or know enough, because if we want to 'have faith like Enoch and Elijah we must believe what they believed, know what they knew, and live as they lived.'

I also know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I hope each of us can continue to learn and study Christ's sacrifice and triumph for us!

I love this gospel, and I am so very grateful for all your love and support! Have a wonderful week! :)

Love, Syster Bolton

Tracting.. and finding funny stickers. (Jehovah Witnesses; NO, thank you.) 
People with weird decorated hats. pretty sure it is to start school, but there were like 50-100 students on that train with different weird hats. haha

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