Monday, August 3, 2015

Aug 3 2015

Okay, so this transfer has gone by WAYY too fast. Sister Kamauoha will be transferring up to Uppsala, which is a bit north of Stockholm. Not very far, but she will be an STL, and be with Sister Powell- she will do awesome, but I will definitely miss her. :/ But the good news is that I get to stay in the promised land of Södertälje and be companions with Sister Allred!! I don't know her super well, but she has been an STL the same amount of time as I have, and she has been in Göteborg. I know she is really great and nice, and an awesome missionary, so I am excited to work with her!! :)

Well this transfer has been full of miracles, and a lot of learning. I have probably not had a more full, and happier transfer on my mission. I just feel like I have an idea of what I am doing, and so does my companion, and God is seriously in this work, and we are letting him lead it more than we ever have before. It feels super good.

Tuesday Jul 28 2015 - A huge miracle we witnessed has to do with Tor Leif. As I said last week, he had started to stop smoking.. he made it about 2 days and then gave in again. But he said he wasn't giving up, but he would wait until the next Friday when he would go on vacation with his brother (who wouldn't allow him to smoke) to quit again. Well, instead on Tuesday.. we actually had a really good lesson with him, and had two Melchizedek Priesthood holders from the ward, come and give him a blessing. Well, the spirit was SUPER strong, and right after they finished, Tor Leif said he felt a physical difference. He said, okay, I am going to stop today! He got really excited, and he said I need to crush these!! So he pulled everything he had out, and crushed his cigarettes, and threw them in the toilet!!! ahh!! it was soo cool! We were so proud of him, and his decision. Plus- he has STUCK TO IT!! He hasn't smoked one cigarette since Tuesday, and he has stopped drinking coffee and tea as well!! It is amazing!! :) He feels happier, and we have been so blessed to be a support to him while he is quitting! Plus he is very much looking forward to his baptism! He will be on vacation with his brother for 3 weeks, so we will have contact with him over the phone, but we have more to teach before his baptism. But he felt the power of the Priesthood. He has smoked for 55 years of his life, he has tried to quit multiple times, and the power of God is what does it for him. He is also full of faith. He knows it is God, and he is super happy! :) I know that God can help us with any problem or difficulty we face in this life. Hand it over to Him, and He will help as you have faith!


Thursday Jul 30 2015 - I was also super blessed to see my best friends, the Pence family! They came and visited us in Södertälje and took us out to dinner. They truly spoil us too much. But I love them :).


Also, we went and visited a less active, Raphaela, and it was such a spiritual time together. I felt super happy to be there. They have been coming back to church, and she loves the Book of Mormon, we usually visit her and her family every week. They are super cool, and also have a big desire to come back! :)

Saturday Aug 1 2015 - Lasse was baptized which is another huge miracle and we are soo soo happy for him! The baptism was small, but very peaceful and spiritual. Lasse was happy, and we were super happy for him. He will be a great member. We have taught him soo many times, and we know that he was truly prepared for this day. It was about 2 weeks before his baptism that we saw the change. The light turned on, and it is all because the spirit. :) I felt to blessed to help Lasse take these steps, and when it comes down to it.. it is because of his study in the Book of Mormon of why he is so happy and a new member in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! :)

Well, I love being a missionary and I know I am spoiled out of my mind. I have been so blessed, and I am grateful that the Lord is shaping me! It feels good to be exhausted after a week of hard work. This is the Lord's work, and He is all powerful and all knowing. Pray to him, because he listens and he answers prayers- even for the smallest things. I sadly don't have time to tell those stories. But daily my prayers were answered, even when it was just the smallest thing of being able to find one more person who will take a Book of Mormon and read it. :) Amazing. :)

Thank you so much for everything! I love you all and hope you have a good week!! :)

Love, Cassie

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