Monday, August 31, 2015

Aug 31 2015


Another adventurous week in the land of Sweden filled with running 2 miles daily, eating lots of knäke bröd (Crispbread) and butter, and people wanting to chat on the street. 

No crispbread here, just a waffle cone with ice cream from Ben & Jerry's, Yum in Stockholm

Chalk activity in Stockholm on Aug 24 with Pence Family and others
BYU shirt from home
I honestly don't remember this week very well, I made a new planner, so I have that one with me, and not last weeks with me. But we had a tough week in just things not working out super well, but that is okay. We figured out our problem, and it was just that we didn't take enough time to plan well last week. We know how to plan well, just didn't have enough time to do so. And boy it had a big effect on our week. I am grateful that we can continue to learn and grow and see our faults and improve on them.

Thursday Aug 28 2015 - We went on exchanges with Hägersten and I was with Sister Mecham. We had a good day together, and it was really cool because we taught some AWESOME people on the street. Sadly we didn't get their phone numbers, because they weren't that interested in meeting yet. But they have a Book of Mormon and have a desire to read it! It was an answer to many prayers, because at the beginning of the week we just had a lot of not positive or not friendly people, and I have been spoiled here in Södertälje for a while, so a few days without positive street lessons, really pulls ya down. But, the weekend was really good and helped a bunch! :)

Systers Bolton and Mecham
As for a funny story: This week we stopped a ward member family because we had a half hour to fill. They were really excited to see the missionaries and instantly started running to and from to show us this and that they were working on, and getting us this sort of food and that sort of food. This family comes from Chile and so Spanish was flying to and from and I was just not even trying to guess what they were saying because I definitely never learned Spanish. tyvärr. (unfortunately) Anyway, Italo turns to us and says, 'I killed a man.' we look at him like, 'Should we run away?' he giggles and then pulls out this giant something covered in a cheese cloth. It looked pretty suspicious. Italo pulled of the cheese cloth and revealed a WHOLE PIG LEG. I have never been in South America, but this was probably the closest thing to is. Italo took a giant knife and started carving off little bits of ham for us to taste. It tasted pretty good and I highly recommend it. :) haha

Some good stuff from the week:
  • I contacted an old investigator on the bus and he took us out to McDonalds where we discussed our beliefs in God and my all-time favorite quote from him was, 'You cannot buy life. You can only celebrate it every day.'
  • Our investigator Rolf, the one who doesn't want to be baptized anymore, came to church and stayed all throughout sacrament. :)
  • We met the prettiest girl on the street and I was terrified to talk to her, but she was actually interested in meeting and became a new investigator. Lesson learned: even pretty people can be prepared. hahha...

I feel super grateful to learn from the scriptures daily, and from the prophets words, all in all. We studied the talk "You Are My Hands" from Pres. Uchdorf this week, and it was SO good. I know that each of us have that opportunity to be his hands, to help others, and when we do that, we feel the love that God has for each of his children, including ourselves. It inspires me to keep going, keep preaching, and keep smiling, even as the sun starts setting earlier, and the clouds are rolling in. But it makes me happy when I can help others understand that God exists. That we can pray. That he truly will do miracles in our lives, especially when we ask him.

I love the gospel, because that is my true and eternal source of happiness! I love you guys and hope you have a great week! :)

puss o kram, (kisses and hugs)
Love, Syster Bolton

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